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Mon 17th Dec 2012

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SaintSinner commented on Review: Monopoly Streets (Wii):

@Yellowhare91 I had the PC Monopoly years ago as a young teen. I wish I still did, it disappeared on me without a trace as a great many of my things and clothing tend to. I enjoyed it a great deal.

I now have this game for the wii, and I enjoy it as well. The 3D city graphics, the different ways the characters move/utilize their tokens, ability to use your miis instead of the characters and Mr. Monopoly's humorous comments about your luck on certain rolls make for a more exciting experience but I also agree with the negative aspects of it which are described in this article. For a version that is stressing a new 3D city experience to the game, it doesn't provide nearly enough boards using this design. I could not last but a few minutes trying to play the classic board styles because it just was not as interesting. I might as well be playing the physical board game.

I also wish more of the classic tokens were provided, such as the horse which was my childhood favorite.

Other than the interesting token movement which I like, the characters are pretty annoying. The dances and cheers they do before making their move can be an unwanted lag in the progress in the game. The one time I played with my mom, she got quite annoyed with the stupid dance the dog woman does before she gets on with the move. Being new to the wii she didn't understand that she could press a button to fast forward it. The Burglar is the best designed in this aspect because his reactions are very quick so they don't hold up his move and are cool. This is why I like using his token with my Mii the best.

The sounds they make can also get on one's nerves. In fact in a recent game I played the dog woman got upset at the the most inappropriate moves, such her destination being a mortgaged property that's even HERS, so she was safe either way. I think it would be a lot more interactive and less annoying if they actually talked and had both frustrated and humorous phrases like Mr. Monopoly. The computer characters in Hoyle brand games which I used to be into as a child has this feature which made them fun.

This makes using a Mii with the tokens in place of the characters better, they mimic the physical reactions but do not make the sounds. Unfortunately you have to unlock the miis feature.

A character that is a bit overly boring however is the police hat guy, the fact that his token does nothing but sits on his head like a normal hat makes him uninteresting as opposed to the others.

Being an only child with few friends these virtual versions of this awesome game such as the PC and this one for the Wii and other consoles provides a way for me to still be able to enjoy it. I however feel as is said here that the computer players can seem awfully rigged in a couple of ways:
1.) My hotels and houses are not landed on nearly as much as the same color set would be owned by one of the computer players. Any of my properties really tend to get less visitors than the computer players.
2.) I don't roll nearly as many doubles in an entire game than the computer players. I have had them roll doubles twice two turns in a row. In speed die mode they roll a lot more buses than I.
3.) I have never managed to roll myself out of jail, while a few computer characters have. Not for a while, but they have.
4.) They seem to accept trades for the last in a color group more from each other than from me. They also don't seem to be so outrageous in their offers amongst each other. I get rejected for totally fair valued trades and/or countered with my side having more worth than theirs, I have even been asked for my full amount of money. They don't trade fairly at all.

I am also a bit annoyed because I have noticed in googling that the Xbox version seems to have achievement tropphies for reaching certain goals in gameplay. The wii version does not, I checked. And I would have a great deal of the ones I read about if it did.

So overall I give this game while enjoyable the same as this reviewer does, a 6/10