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Wed 25th Nov 2009

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Saddler commented on Next Bungie Title May Head to Nintendo Consoles:

I'd like to see them make a really nice looking 3DS game. A Wii game would be good too, but handhelds have arguably become better than consoles delivering certain kinds of games, and I'd like to see an RPG from Bungie on the system.

There's nothing any 3rd party can do on the Wii that would please people, so I wouldn't blame them for not trying. IMO there are tons of good 3rd party Wii games that are not well respected though.



Saddler commented on Happy "Nintendo Life" Anniversary!:

Congratulations guys, this really is a very valuable site. You are the sole source of info on many Wiiware titles in particular. If it wasn't for you, people would have no idea what a lot of the Wiiware titles are about. You've made a substantial impact on that service, and done a better job promoting it than Nintendo themselves.



Saddler commented on Double Dungeons:

Double Dungeons is a fine game, but it just takes a very special kind of person to appreciate what it is, and what it isn't. It's not a replacement for Wizardry, nor is it intended to be. Instead, it's a fast paced, energetic version of a dungeon crawler. The graphics are bland, but very smooth and fast. The music is rockin'. The game has actually aged very well, and you can really zone out while racing through the dungeon.If you are that special kind of person who loves traditional dungeon crawlers, but is open minded enough to try a lighter diversion in the genre, this game might be for you. A numerical rating is pretty much impossible. You're either going to love it or hate it.