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Sun 15th Sep 2013

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SOLGarion commented on Hyperkin: Nintendo Hasn't Contacted Us About t...:

@RADencker Copyrights do run out, just last for a freaking long time. And you do not copyright a name, you trademark it. And they have all the original patents that tell exactly how to make a nintendo or sega because the entire point of a patent is to detail your invention. The patent HAS to detail everything but in exchange you get a 20 year limited monopoly on what is in the patent. When that 20 years runs out, you can do whatever you want with the info in the patent without retaliation. The games (software) are copyrighted, the system is patented and the names nintendo and such are trademarks. You are right, trademarks are forever, but you are allowed to put compatible with a system or brand as long as you do not make it prominent and there is not confusion to the public as to the source of the product, as that is the entire point of trademarks. Breyers is allowed to use oreo's in their ice cream and can put it on their packaging without any permission as long as it isn't implied the ice cream is made by oreo, or nabisco or whoever.