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shake_zula commented on Soapbox: Retail Games Cost Too Much To Downloa...:

@ferthepoet Yeah, and they're not even getting any shelf space from what I can see! The store I work at has one bay for Wii U, that it shares with Wii, and one for 3DS. I was looking through the games at my local supermarket last night and they didn't have a single 3DS or Wii U item, they had a few Wii games on a stand with old PC titles (Theme Hospital etc) and the rest of the space was dedicated to 360 and PS3.



shake_zula commented on Soapbox: Retail Games Cost Too Much To Downloa...:

I don't understand why Nintendo would care about upsetting retailers. Digital distribution allows for lower pricing than physical distribution, all retailers know this and it's something they have to deal with. If Sony sold The Last Of Us for £34.99 on PSN, what would retailers do? Perhaps lower their prices, but more than likely just grumble and get on with it. They're hardly going to refuse to stock it and miss out on even more money!

I work at Blockbuster, and when Microsoft announced their restrictions on used games, we STILL had an email down from head office saying we had to prioritise Xbox One preorders over PS4, because it was expected to sell better (and has, in our store). Game retailers are aware that they're in a shrinking industry, and they're in no position to start making demands to the likes of Nintendo. High eShop prices are hurting the consumer base, which is where I think Nintendo's priorities should lie.



shake_zula commented on Dungeons & Dragons: Chronicles of Mystara For ...:

This is pretty big news to me, I play eShop or "arcade" titles a lot more than full retail games. This and Castle of Illusion were the two I was looking forward to most on Wii U, the latter has already been cancelled...



shake_zula commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Should Aim to Produce ...:

Not for me. The main reason I buy Nintendo consoles is to get away from these expansive games. I have zero interest in getting my story-telling fix from games, I have books and comics for that which do it a million times better. I like games to be streamlined and focussed on gameplay, with as few cutscenes and as little exploration as possible. I also have no interest whatsoever in playing in a real-world-esque setting.

Not arguing with Thomas, maybe he's right, but that's how I feel.



shake_zula commented on Talking Point: The Wii U Controller Options Op...:

@Kifa Diablo 3 is being released for PS3 as well as PS4, so the Wii U could certainly run it.

I'd love a Civ game personally, or maybe even a Galactic Civilizations port. Either way I definitely want to see the Gamepad utilised for some PC-style strategy, I've been saying this for months.



shake_zula commented on Nintendo Direct Confirmed For 17th May, Coveri...:

My prediction for Wii U stuff: Release dates for Pikmin 3 and TW101; more footage of Bayonetta 2 but no release date; lots of footage of Windwaker HD with a Holidays 2013 release date; references to Mario Kart, new Zelda and Smash Bros, but no details about any of them; lots of talk about features and updates that aren't gaming-related; and absolutely no mention of the Xenoblade game or the FE/SMT crossover.



shake_zula commented on Developer Interview: Ubisoft on the Expanding ...:

I'm gonna get this for the 360 anyway, I really don't like the Murfy gameplay. Off-screen play would have been nice, but the game zooms out so far sometimes, Rayman is barely visible on my 40" TV, I can't imagine what those bits will play like on the GamePad.



shake_zula commented on Miyamoto Puzzled As To Why Anyone Would Want A...:

@mtynd: Or the 3D Mario titles. Or Mario Kart. Or Zelda. Or Smash Bros. Or Pikmin, or Kirby, or Donkey Kong. Nintendo are infamous throughout the gaming community for recycling their games. Not that there's anything wrong with it, since the games are amazing, but Miyamoto's comment here about F-Zero is ludicrous.



shake_zula commented on Video: The Wonderful 101 Was Looking Good at P...:

I still don't really get why everyone thinks this game looks so good :-/ I don't even understand what's going on when I see footage like this. That's not to say I think it looks bad, I just haven't been able to get excited about it.



shake_zula commented on Video: Wii U Menu Speed Upgrade Cuts Waiting T...:

As a Wii U owner I'm looking forward to this, but honestly, that video is embarrassing. The improved load time will still look unbearable to people who don't own the system, and the 'before' shot will have them feeling very happy that they never bought a Wii U. This update should have been done as quietly as possible, not with a public video highlighting a major system flaw.



shake_zula commented on Team Meat: We'd Work With Nintendo If Meat Boy...:

Super Meat Boy was a great game, I liked it so much that I even ordered two signed Meat Boy comic books from America... but this is a little arrogant. "We would ask for nothing in return! Put him in the game. It's free!" sounds as if he thinks that Nintendo should be honoured at the possibility of having Meat Boy in Smash Bros :/



shake_zula commented on Resident Evil Revelations "Infernal Mode" on W...:

It looks pretty good. I tend to stay away from most third person shooters though, it feels clumsier than first person shooting and you have a big character blocking a lot of the screen... although that didn't stop me from enjoying Dead Space and Gears of War, so I guess if it's released in a quiet window I'll probably pick it up.



shake_zula commented on UK Retailers Call For Wii U Price Cut And Fres...:

i really don't get the lack of advertising. i've still not seen a single tv ad for wii u, yet i've seen countless for ps360 games. i work in a blockbuster store in the uk and honestly, other than people who follow gaming news sites or magazines, pretty much no one knows what the wii u is. we've sold two consoles since launch (one of which was to me) and we're a busy store. hence why we're still open :[



shake_zula commented on Blockbuster UK Joins HMV In Administration:

I work at Blockbuster :[

The business plan in recent years has been to move away from movies (because nobody wants DVDs anymore) and towards games, so this would be more of a blow for the gaming industry than people realise. We're always associated primarily with movies, but that won't be the case in the future, if we manage to stay afloat.



shake_zula commented on Talking Point: Wii U's Beginnings and Challeng...:

There is absolutely no reason for most people to buy a Wii U right now. Personally, I got one at launch and absolutely love it, but I'm a Nintendo fanboy. Who else is the system meant to appeal to? There's no draw for the casual crowd, especially not at this price point, and only ZombiU and NSMBU in terms of solid exclusive titles to attract 360/PS3 gamers. NSMB isn't really a big draw anymore, and ZombiU quickly went off the radar with mixed reviews. Anyone interested in Mass Effect, Assassin's Creed, Arkham City or Darksiders will already own a PS3 or 360, not to the mention the fact that all of those titles, excluding ACIII, can be found considerably cheaper on the other consoles. I saw them all going for £10 each during the recent Steam sales, which hardly makes me feel happy about paying £45 for the privilege of playing them on my Wii U.

I have no doubt that once a couple of strong first party games are released (Zelda in particular), ideally along with a small price cut, sales will pick up. Until then, there's really no reason for most people to purchase the console. 2D Mario and Pikmin are both franchises that I like, but I'm pretty surprised that those are the two that Nintendo chose to try and sell their new console. Of course, they might simply be waiting for the Nextbox and PS4 to be ready for release before they start dropping the big guns, in an attempt to sway people away from those consoles.



shake_zula commented on Club Nintendo Accounts Can't Be Linked To The ...:

The Wii Mode is possibly the most infuriating thing about the Wii U. I don't understand why it exists, no other console in history has ever needed to boot into a separate mode for backwards compatibility. The Gamepad should be functional for all Wii software that is compatible with the Classic Controller, since it can easily emulate all of the inputs, and since all the Gamepad screen does is stream video from the console, you should also be able to play Wii software directly on the Gamepad. Anything dependent on the Wiimote obviously can't be played on the Gamepad, but other than that I see no good excuses.



shake_zula commented on Virtual Console Games Will Eventually Be Playa...:

If I just had confirmation that any games bought on the Wii VC would transfer, I wouldn't hesitate to invest literally hundreds of pounds into it. If this doesn't happen I'll simply wait and buy whatever's released on the Wii U VC. What really needs to happen is Wii mode being scrapped entirely, no other console has ever needed to reboot into a separate mode for backwards compatibility.

If they do simply release a new Virtual Console with a fresh library, then hopefully it will launch with a good catalogue of N64 and SNES classics. One thing I know for sure is that I won't be buying any WiiWare or VC titles unless I know that I can play them on the Gamepad.

Either way, I just want them to hurry up with it ;_;



shake_zula commented on Talking Point: The Nintendo Network ID's Next ...:

This is a massive disappointment for me, I'll be taking the same approach as I did with the Wii and not purchasing any eShop games. My first Wii died on me, causing me to lose all my digital content, and I've had other consoles brick in the past as well. If my Wii U bricks I don't want to have to send it off to Nintendo along with a new one, and be without a console for weeks while they transfer my data (as was the system with the Wii). I'd rather just stick to retail games and not take the risk.

I would have spent hundreds of pounds on Virtual Console and WiiWare if it wasn't for this, so it seems like a silly approach. I assume it's an anti-piracy move, so maybe it pays off for Nintendo overall, but it doesn't seem to bother Sony and Microsoft. Hopefully Nintendo will change the system eventually.