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Fri 11th March, 2011

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sc100 commented on Review: Donkey Kong (3DS eShop / NES):

The Original Edition version of this game rocks. I'm glad I picked it up when I could. This version is still fun but you really notice the differences when you're used to OE. I'm still holding out hope that Nintendo will one day release the arcade version. I figure if Earthbound eventually came out, there's hope for that.



sc100 commented on GameStop Accused of Re-Printing Xenoblade Chro...:

Wow, I had no idea how much this game was going for on eBay. I'm glad I got mine for $50 when it came out. It doesn't seem like Nintendo made a whole lot of copies of this game so the price will probably go up a lot more in the years ahead. Plus the fact that Nintendo probably won't sell digital copies of Wii games for many years.



sc100 commented on Nintendo Download: 8th August (North America):

I'd like to get Mario & Luigi: Dream Team and Duck Tales but I really don't have that much money right now. So I decided to pick up escapeVektor for 50% off. I didn't realize how good that game was until I just read the review right now. I love these eShop sales. They definitely come in handy sometimes.



sc100 commented on New 3DS Update Brings StreetPass Relay Functio...:

I live in a pretty big city and have gotten 65 tags over the last two and a half years. I have a lot of Nintendo Zone locations around me so hopefully this boosts my tag count by quite a bit. I'm amazed how many tags some people have. Some of the people I've tagged have well over a thousand tags. Maybe they travel a lot or something.



sc100 commented on 3DS and Animal Crossing: New Leaf Drive Strong...:

This really is the year that the 3DS has come into its own, as many predicted at the beginning of the year. The 3DS is already one of my favorite consoles of all time. I always have a lot of fun with this system.



sc100 commented on Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D Swings In At Nu...:

The Japanese have never really warmed up to non-Japanese game systems. Most retailers there stopped selling Xbox 360 systems and games a couple years ago. I wouldn't be surprised if a large portion of the current sales are to Westerners that live in Japan.



sc100 commented on Chasing Aurora Update Now Available on Wii U e...:

I'm glad to hear they fixed the framerate issues. That really killed the fun I was having with the game and led me to stop playing it. Slowdown was happening all the time. The game itself is really cool so I'll be downloading the update and hopefully there won't be any more framerate issues like they're saying.



sc100 commented on Video: Professor Layton's Final Adventure Look...:

I think Level-5 specifically said this would be last game starring (or featuring) Professor Layton. At the end of Unwound Future (which is the last game chronologically in the series) it says "to be continued..." I'm not sure if they meant the series would continue through the prequel trilogy that came after Unwound Future or that there would be a new game chronologically after Unwound Future when Luke moves away at the end of the game and talks about a new adventure he wants Layton to join him on. So it could be that the next trilogy features Luke as the main character with possibly Layton joining in at times.



sc100 commented on Review: Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion ...:

In my opinion, this score is spot-on. A score of 5 is average and a 4 is one grade below average. And that's what this game is, one grade below average. That being said, some people will enjoy this game so if you have any thought at all that you might want to get it definitely try out the demo first before writing it off.



sc100 commented on Nintendo Says The Play Limit On Demos Is Set B...:

The only point of a demo is to lure people to buy the full game. If a person likes a demo enough to play it 30 times, not being able to play it anymore is another way to tempt that person to buy the full game as that's the only way he/she will be able to play it again.



sc100 commented on Talking Point: The Realities of Wii U System M...:

Nintendo made the right decision on this one. It would have been bad to raise Wii U prices above where they're currently at. Most people still buy games retail. Plus, in 2 or 3 years hard drive prices will be a lot cheaper.



sc100 commented on New Animal Crossing 3DS Details Reveal Streetp...:

I'm glad you'll be able to work part-time at different places. That was one of the things I was thinking would add the most to the Animal Crossing experience. I'm convinced this will be the best sequel yet! So much new stuff it's hard to keep track of!



sc100 commented on Ghosts 'n' Goblins Coming To 3DS eShop Next Week:

Awesome. Ghosts n Goblins is a must-buy on any system. And you definitely feel like you've accomplished something after you beat it.

"...which requires you to beat the game twice in a row in order to fight the final boss." - I only remember this being true for Ghouls n Ghosts. Does anybody remember this being true for Ghosts n Goblins?



sc100 commented on Review: Mario Golf (Game Boy Color):

This game definitely has its own identity as compared to the N64 version and I find that the RPG elements add a lot, especially being able to level up and develop your player over time. I played the heck out of the N64 Mario Golf, both when it was originally released and when it came to VC, and I was always interested in how good the GBC version was, especially since some said it was better than the N64 version. I'm happy to find that it still has the same great golf action even though it doesn't have the beautiful 3D courses of the N64 game. Hopefully we'll get the GBA version at some point.



sc100 commented on Reggie: $299 Is Strong Value, And Is Going To ...:


Regarding "the WiiU has nothing on the PS3", it all depends on the kinds of games you like. Regardless of the specs a system has you have to like the games being made on the system and most of the big games on the PS3 and 360 just aren't my kinds of games. I really like most of what Nintendo makes however so that's why I buy Nintendo systems. So for me, the Wii U is definitely a greater value than the PS3, especially as more games come out for the Wii U over the next few years.



sc100 commented on Nintendo announce Nintendo Network Premium:

So I guess the internal storage is really meant for eshop software then as even the 32GB system won't be able to store that many Wii U games.This isn't that big of a deal for me as I already have a 1TB external hard drive I can use for downloaded Wii U games. 64GB SD cards are really coming down in price too. I assume Nintendo kept the storage small in order to cut costs even more and make the system as affordable as it could be. Considering that it sounds like the GamePad alone might cost $150 that's probably a good thing.



sc100 commented on Capcom: The Next Gen Doesn't Start With Wii U:

You guys have some good analysis but you have to understand that Nintendo's strategy is dictated by the economics of the video game industry and itself as a company. Microsoft and Sony can produce powerful systems but they sell them for huge losses for the first couple years (the PS3 actually didn't make a profit for the first four years). Because Sony and Microsoft are huge conglomerates they can make up for these initial losses with the other businesses that they have but it's much harder for a games-only company like Nintendo. This is why all the other games-only companies no longer make systems. Around the GameCube era, Nintendo realized that the only way it could stay in the hardware business was to offer a unique experience on its console that was at the same time affordable. It worked for the Wii with its motion controls but the question now is will it work with the Wii U and its GamePad. Part of Nintendo's "unique experience" are the games that it produces, so as long as they make good games this generation and the GamePad offers a fun new way to play games I think the Wii U will do well and be viable for Nintendo, even if it doesn't match the sales of the Wii.



sc100 commented on Rollercoaster Tycoon 3D Set For 2012:

Even though this will likely have much less customization options than the PC versions, I'm really looking forward to how cool the 3D effect is while riding the rollercoasters. I might get this game based solely on that. I really hope they release a demo of this.



sc100 commented on Nintendo Power Magazine Will End With December...:

I wouldn't be surprised if Nintendo Power gets resurrected eventually in some form, kind of like how EGM came back a year after it was initially shut down. You don't need magazines for news anymore but they still serve well as collectibles with nice pictures and content-rich features. Hyrule Historia is a good example. Looking at that stuff in book form is way cooler than viewing it on the Internet.



sc100 commented on Conker's Bad Fur Day Madness and Vulgarity The...:

Truly an original, fun game. The multiplayer in this game was awesome as well, especially the Saving Private Ryan spoof level. My roommates and I played it for months and months. Even though it's unlikely at this point, I'd love for this game to come to Virtual Console. Hopefully Rare will get out from under Microsoft at some point.



sc100 commented on Fresh Animal Crossing 3DS Details Emerge:

The good thing is that even though this game won't be coming out in the West until next year it will be coming out in Japan in a couple months so soon we'll get to see everything that's in the game.



sc100 commented on Review: Kirby's Pinball Land (3DS eShop / Game...:

I've been having fun with this game and find it quite challenging too, which is good. You definitely shouldn't go into this game expecting realistic pinball or you'll be disappointed. Not a whole lot of content, though. I'd probably give the game a 6 and $2.99 is a better price for it.