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Tue 4th March, 2008

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SBOY commented on Reggie Fils-Aime's Home In Animal Crossing: Ne...:

Why there's no notification for this Spotpass (and seem I've got a streetpass too without notification) ? Anyway I've seen people who got the Virtual boys but how ? I mean the object is not for sale in my game... ?!?



SBOY commented on Crazy Chicken: Pirates Flapping To NA eShop An...:

It might be good (look at Bird Mania that everyone say woudn't be good) but I just hope the price won't be higher than 1$ more for 3D effect (or they should put some extra like streetpass, spotpass or stuff like that).



SBOY commented on Mario Kart 7 Update Available Now:

@Ulala let's wait and see some VR goes down! Oh and how does the patch work ? I mean it's probably not a patch channel like for Zelda on Wii... Does it go on the MK7 card or it goes on the system ?



SBOY commented on Namco, Capcom and SEGA Secret Countdown Starts:

It will probably be a picross game like Mario Picross...

No matter what it will be I wish that if it's good it will be out in Europe and America...



SBOY commented on 3DS, It's Your First Birthday in North America...:

How does is get there ? I mean I'm not at home now and most of the english swapnote stuff didn't goes on my 3DS since it's set up in french (Canada). Is he a spotpass things only ? A notification ? Both ?



SBOY commented on Mad Dog McCree Takes Aim at 3DS:

Maybe on 3DS if they put the 3D I would have consider this... But an old game that came out on a new platform and didn't even seem to care about the new option... No thanks!



SBOY commented on Talking Point: The Inevitability of Digital Re...:

you need a large hard-drive to store them or redownload every time you want to play it even if it's for a quick pick... I like to play my old (black and white) Game Boy but if they were downlaod they would probably not be there anymore...



SBOY commented on More Free 3DS Wi-Fi Spots Confirmed for Europe:

At least you have somethings other than Mc Donald... In my city they say that there's Hotspot in Mc Donald but it's only to go on the internet... No special stuff and forget about Nintendo Zone that doesn't work...