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Fri 28th Aug 2009

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Ruzai commented on Feature: Tending and Feeding Your Japanese Wii:

Hello Sean...I don't know if you still check this thread or not...but I had a question for you.

I was planning on buying an imported (black) Wii but I was told Japanese Wiis won't connect to the internet outside of the region. I was also told if I Wii Update outside of Japan that my Wii will be bricked...

I have a feeling the answers I'm receiving are from modded Japanese Wii users and are therefore not reliable for me as the Wii I'll be purchasing will be completely clean and "naturally" Japanese.

xD I hope you can get to this question of mine...I made an account here just so I could ask you, Hahah! Nintendo of America had no clue and said I can buy one at my own risk. ^^;; Mind helping me out?