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Sun 20th Jan 2008

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Ruffy commented on 3D Classics: Urban Champion Coming to Europe N...:

Are you kidding nintendo!!!....... urban champion!!!!
Why did you start off great with Excitebike, then Xevious and now throw us this rubbish title....... With all the pre 3ds hype and hearing about Super Mario Bros and Castlevania played in 3d i for one was so excited to play these games in 3d.
I seriously hope they release the last 3 titles as decent ones......



Ruffy commented on Nintendo "Happy with Virtual Console Pricing":

I'm happy with the VC pricing.
I'm more unhappy with the lack of N64 titles that have been released, i mean now when you look at the coming soon list there are no more listed to come out.

Come on nintendo, bring some more available???



Ruffy commented on Talking Point: The Virtual Console's PAL Problem:

I used to have a snes that was modded with a 50 to 60hz switch, and when i played starfox (ntsc version) not only was it slightly bigger, it ran a hell of a lot better, the extra 17.5% though it may sound small, made a big difference, i had to even alter my game play to suit it, as it was really noticeable and far more enjoyable. I really envy you Americans, you had the snes gaming days far more better, than the pal regioners.



Ruffy commented on Bethesda To Publish Wii Racing Game:

I want to know where is the next F-ZERO for the wii?
Its been a while nintendo, and dont let someone else do it this time, fair enough sega did a good job at it, but i think the next installment should be handled back inhouse.



Ruffy commented on EU VC Releases - 2nd May - The Hanabi Festival...:

I was wondering when the Hanabi festival was coming again........
hopefully this means we will get Rondo of Blood in the next 3 weeks.... i'll have my fingers crossed the whole time (just hope they dont fall off, due to bad circulation)



Ruffy commented on Nintendo Power Poll - What Games Do You Want T...:

Castlevania rondo of blood (Tgrafx)
Castlevania 3 drac's curse (Nes)
Super Mario RPG (SNES)
Chrono Trigger (SNES)
Smash Bros (N64)

I asked for Vampire killer also but not sure if we will ever get MSX in Australia

please please



Ruffy commented on Sin and Punishment:

Aussie wii shop channel confirms that Sin and Punishment will be released on the 28th of sept...... though like mario lost levels and super mario picross it will probably be a bit more expensive in points

Can't Wait



Ruffy commented on F-Zero X:


Now this is what i'm waiting for........
About time we are seeing more n64 releases

I found this one better than the cube version, i'm also hoping to see a ds or wii version.