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Mon 23rd August, 2010

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Rosalina commented on SNES Inspired 'Super World Karts GP' Adds Wii ...:

I gotta say, very impressive... I just wish they had special respawn points for when you fail a jump over a road, that way you don't have to go around to make the jump again (1:30 in the video). However, the backgrounds look so damn gorgeous!



Rosalina commented on Feature: The Big Nintendo E3 Survey:

I though it was actually pretty good. I know I've been hearing some people complaining about wanting another Galaxy game, but Super Mario 3D World fits into another different catagory.

Here's a Youtube Comment from Tylerburrito:
"The people who praise Mario 64 and Sunshine for being "open world" are idiots. They're barely open world, they're structural missions sprawled across medium-sized worlds. You pick an objective and OCCASIONALLY you can do the mission that you didn't pick, and that's the only part that doesn't make it linear, and it isn't even a very fun aspect of it."



Rosalina commented on Sonic & All-Stars Racing Transformed Compariso...:

I don't know if people see this in the WiiU & XBox versions of this game, but has anyone ever noticed that characters with hair animations have their hair moving, even though the vehicle isn't moving? An example of that is with Sonic's spines--It moves (as if it were being pushed by wind) when he moves his head/steering wheel left or right. It's very odd and it doesn't have that "Nintendo" quality because of it. I asked Steve Lycett about it and he said "there are already enough animations as it is." What kind of effort is that?!



Rosalina commented on Here's What The Next Mario Kart Looks Like:

@Shadowing27 Taiko Drum Masters!!! Whoever made the level design for these tracks, Nintendo should take note, or include/remake them on to Mario Kart WiiU.
I really love the Asian-themed tracks, but why Taiko Drum Masters?
Gotta like the Mario-themed track :)



Rosalina commented on Mario Kart (Tentative Title):

Nintendo should have different costumes for characters, that way people can pick the same character (offline) and it would be easier to tell them apart online.
Mario - Dr.Mario, Sunshine Mario, Pirate Mario
Peach - Nurse Peach, Long-Haired Peach, Pirate Peach
and so forth...(some from Mario Party 2)