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Tue 28th Apr 2009

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Roopa132 commented on Nintendo Download: 19th April 2012 (Europe):

Finally we get Colors! I've been waiting for that so long...

And the 3D machine was on Nintendo Video to watch for free a while back. It's a great short film but I wouldn't pay to get it permanent either,



Roopa132 commented on Learn to Crush in 3D with New Training Trailer:

His name isn't LittleBigPlanet Narrator. It's Stephen Fry. How can you not know the most awesome British guy there is ?(sorry James, you're just second)
Also, I'm not sure but it doesn't really sound like Stephen Fry.



Roopa132 commented on New Video Explains the Differences in Pokemon ...:

Well not too late for me
I sold my DSi so I didn't keep up with Black & White news but when I get my 3DS I'll get Pokémon White. I just like nature and beautiful old towns better than modern and futuristic cities.



Roopa132 commented on 3DS Console and WiiWare Games On Offer in Abyl...:

I'm the first commenter that can actually win this thing?

I'm definitely going to enter. I've been entering every single 3DS giveaway I could and obviously I never won but as long as you don't have to do anything more than clicking "participate" I'll do that
Not that I want a 3DS that bad. I'll just buy one at the end of the year when Zelda is out if I don't win. (which I won't because I never do)



Roopa132 commented on This Custom N64 Has a Hidden Secret for Multip...:

I saw another video of this device and it showed you can connect it to a TV while still using its own screen, too. I think that's what they meant. You know, one player looking at the TV and one at the device's screen.



Roopa132 commented on Review: Golden Sun: Dark Dawn (DS):

I didn't want to get any DS games except Okamiden before the 3DS launch anymore... but I got really bored with my old DS games in the last few weeks so I may pick this one up after all.



Roopa132 commented on Review: Blue Dragon: Awakened Shadow (DS):

Why does this look so much like DQIX? Even the boy in the artwork looks exactly like the one in DQIX's artwork. But ingame also looks very similar.
Edit: Whoops, should have read better. Still just because it's the same artist I don't think he should make it look so similar that you could think it's the same game...



Roopa132 commented on Get a Feel for Okamiden with New Screenshots a...:

I'm really looking forward to this game. But the painting screens seems to interrupt the game pretty harsh* I hope that won't be too annoying when you have to use it often.

*music just stops, screen cuts to black for a millisecond and then the painting screen appears



Roopa132 commented on Brush Up with Art Academy on October 25th:

How is that a rip off? Everyone knows that retail stuff is more expensive than downloadable stuff because you have to deliver the copies to the retailers and retailers want money so they need to raise the price from what they paid to the publishers etc.
Also both games cost 16 bucks together and they give you 80 motifs and 10 more mini lessons for the additional 4 bucks.
So I don't really see any rip off here.



Roopa132 commented on Brush Up with Art Academy on October 25th:

Too bad you won't be able to export your drawings... that's the best thing about Art Academy that you can share your drawings. They should at least make a site to upload them online so you can visit that site with your PC and save them.



Roopa132 commented on Sony: Please Be Nice to 3D Glasses, Nintendo:

Ah, Nintendo fanboys at work.

Sony has a good point. Nintendo themselves said they want more people to have 3D TVs at home so they can make a 3D homeconsole.
And the company that is pushing 3D TV the most at the moment is Sony which many people forget that they have the biggest variety of electronics of the big 3 including TVs and of course 3D TVs.



Roopa132 commented on E3 2010: Okamiden Trailer:

I added it to my Backloggery wishlist. I can't wait for this game To bad won't come out soon
@Flandy better be patient and get a 3DS. It can play DS games, too