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Thu 9th July, 2009

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RooF commented on Zenonia:

Played that at my Android Phone! Very nice Action RPG with cute retro graphics and nice simple story!



RooF commented on Zelda Tin Switches Tracks to GAME:

I have preordered it and i can see it in my orders but the link for the game @ doesnt exist any more. They havent send me any email about any problem and i dont know what's wrong.



RooF commented on Wii Sales Starting to Crash?:

It maybe because most of the ppl tha want a Wii have bought it. :)

Wii was cheaper from 360 and ps3 and its still cheaper from ps3 so it was easy for anyone to buy one. I dont thing someone is waiting for the NSMB for Wii to buy a Wii.



RooF commented on Upload Your DSi Photos Directly to Facebook:

Your avatar is Periklis :) περί + κλέος the surrounded by glory :)

"A man who has no interest to the state,we don't consider him harmless, but useless"

If we translate it from Greek it would be more like:

"A citizen who does not participate in a states political life is useless" Because not all men were citizens of Athens and so not all men had the right to participate. :)