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Thu 23rd Jul 2009

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Romain commented on First Impressions: Magnetis:

@ KnucklesSonic8:


About the price: can't say until our proposed price is approved by Nintendo, but we're aiming at a price making the game accessible to everyone. The best I can say right now is I think no one will say "that's too expensive for a puzzler". We're doing our best to be as friendly as possible about the price.

About online features: Unfortunately there isn't any. We had a few ideas for online modes, but we didn't have enough time to implement them, so we're kind of keeping them in mind for another game. Online capabilities - even the simpler ones (like a leaderboard for instance) - almost double the development time for small teams like us. The number of potential bugs with anything online grows exponentially so it adds a lot of QA time (and cost), and there's also big additional layer of administrative hassle with the console makers. That's why so many games don't feature any online mode. However, we really want our next games to have online capabilities so we're kind of preparing things in advance now so it will be a bit easier to handle for us the next time.

About the replay value: This is a tough one to answer. I can't tell you that we've done anything specific that "no one has done before" , just making a game with love and care to the best of our ability within the time frame and the means we had. The play sessions are rather short, I'd say about 10 minutes each if you play solo (but some people who tested the game for us mentionned they could keep playing for hours, I guess it depends on taste). I think Magnetis is the kind of game that even if you get bored with it today, will have you come back for a few minutes the next day, and the next one... Because you like the mechanic and you want to improve. You would come back to Magnetis for the same reasons you came back to Tetris or similarly tasty puzzlers.

I hope I answered your questions well. If you decided to take your chance with Magnetis, I'd love to hear what you (or anyone reading this) think of it. I can be reached at: rgauthier at yullaby dot com.



Romain commented on First Impressions: Magnetis:

@Corbie: Seems our post edits cross fired

Thanks a lot, goes straight to my heart! The original intent was to create something exclusively out of FM sounds, so it would sound like something straight out of a Megadrive game. But I was having a hard time not including some NES elements as well since I'm intoxicated by those and to me they just go wonderfully with anything else, and I was also having a hard time resisting to add more modern synth sounds as I was toying with my (all virtual) gears... I wanted it to sound retro-ish anyway. As for the sound effects, 90% of them are made toying around with the same synths that served to create the music. I'd say the inspiration for both music and sound effects was mostly a desire to be rooted in both FM and NES sounds.

Thanks for the avatar, it's awesome



Romain commented on First Impressions: Magnetis:

Hello there, this is Romain from Yullaby. Thanks everyone for the positive comments!

About the release date, in fact even we at Yullaby don't know the exact release date. The game is currently in the process of being approved by Nintendo. We hope it can hit the shop somewhere in August.

I'll be happy to answer any questions that you guys have!