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Tue 4th Jun 2013

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Roivas commented on Denis Dyack: X-Men Destiny Accusations Affecti...:

Saying a game sucks isn't proof of their claims. They have anonymous sources and in the journalism world-anonymous sources does not mean fact. And Kotaku has a history of making things up and getting gullible people to believe them. They're like the Fox News of gaming journalism. All they do is feed people garbage. I'm much more willing to believe a man willing to point out the facts of the situation, a man who argues reasonably about the situation by talking about his relationships with his employees than some Kotaku writer with absolutely zero proof to their claims.

Secondly, the amount isn't ridiculous. They could easily get their funding if everyone who originally purchased ED pledged around 8 dollars. It's not much at all. I know the game has a lot of love on the internet. Only reason the kickstarter and crowdfunding hasn't been as successful as it could be is because of the lies made up by sites like Kotaku.
They have even asked gamers for support and input to add to the game to make the experience about what they want. What is wrong with that? I swear Kotaku and it's followers exist to ruin gaming and fun.
They have even said they would return the funds if the kickstarter wasn't successful. Learn the facts and stop making things up like the Kotaku writers you praise.