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United States

Tue 2nd Dec 2008

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Roihu commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - January 2009:

Link already got his VC games quite a lot of times.
Ness deserves a chance at least once.
'Cause, really, it's his only chance.
Of course, if we put the unreleased translated Mother on the VC...
Then Ninten will get a chance which is just as good.



Roihu commented on Manga Coming To Japanese WiiWare in January:

I need money.
Even if it comes to the US, I wouldn't buy it.
Because I need money.
I'd rather spend it on VC games. If it was just one price, I'd buy it in a heartbeat, but...



Roihu commented on Top 20 WiiWare Games in USA (10th Dec):

Bomberman Blast stays in the middle for all of them.
It's like, so hidden.
Also, isn't Bomberman Blast a stand-alone game in Japan?
Or does it also have a WiiWare version for them?



Roihu commented on EarthBound:

I pretty much gave up on this game.
If it's not here by Christmas, I'm using a ROM.



Roihu commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - December 2008:

No EarthBound/Mother 1/2?
I'm disappointed.
I may just have to play it on the computer, then.
I waited until this month.
And since it appears that it's not coming this year, I'm giving up.
Haven' really heard of the games out right now, so I have no comment on them.



Roihu commented on Review: Sudoku Challenge! (WiiWare):

As mean as Bacchus put it, he's right.
I'm especially annoyed at the lack of a save feature. I really suck at Sudoku and never get puzzles on my first try.
At first I thought 6/10 was really low, but I think it's a fair score.
I do think it's too challenging for me, though.