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rockodoodle commented on Editorial: Nintendo's Heading For a Period of ...:

@Turbo857 i think that is at least part of the strategy. While this deal is new, Nintendo has mentioned mobile before and said as much, that when they delve into mobile that one of the objectives would be for marketing overall for nintendo...

I think just being on the mobile platforms will serve that benefit. Hopefully kids will play these games and then Nintendo does a good job of tying in a lead to its consoles



rockodoodle commented on Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U):

I'm getting it bc i love nintendo characters and mini-games. These games are fun against other people and too entertaining for me to miss out on. It wouldn't surprise me if at some point they gave this game away through rewards or even with purchase of zelda, like they did with mk8 and games like Pikmin, w101, game &wario and wii party u.



rockodoodle commented on Review: Mario vs. Donkey Kong: Tipping Stars (...:

Wow.... people complaining about this? I have yet to buy a game by Nintendo for this generation and be disappointed with the value. This looks pretty dang cool if you ask me. True, it's not for everybody, but I had a good time with the previous 3ds version.



rockodoodle commented on Study Finds That US Consumers Are Buying Wii U...:

Fun local multiplayer games
Graphics (Yeah, I know the other two are supposedly more powerful, but I think the Wii U's games look sharp too)
Value (no hidden costs, can use old controllers, don't have to pay to play online, can get by w/out hard drive, don't have to load games onto hard drive)



rockodoodle commented on Iwata Remains Positive on the Future of the Wi...:

@Josaku That's why I think that the Wii U is mostly a failure of marketing than the system itself. I am the dreaded casual gamer- I didn't even really get into the Wii. Haven't owned a console since the SNES (tho I did get a GBA). I've had a blast with the Wii U. It's a shame that for whatever reason, more people don't see how cool this system is. And what sold me? The gamepad. I haven't been disappointed in a Nintendo exclusive yet. In fact- I've had so much fun with them, that i'm even planning on buying all of the upcoming releases. I just got Kirby and love it- never been a fan of the series but have had a blast playing it.



rockodoodle commented on Zen Pinball 2 Set to Hit a New High Score for ...:

@KnightRider666 I read in an interview that they pretty much have abandoned the platform- I think b/c they didn't think that they played well on the device- I'm guessing for the size of the screen.

I've enjoyed Zen Pinball a lot, but still upset that they haven't released the their part to the Wii U on star wars. And... the other releases came out on XBone first, so naturally I got them on that platform.



rockodoodle commented on Satoru Iwata Shares Confidence in Hitting Targ...:

@MrGawain this is pretty much how I feel. I have an Xbone... I like it but love my wii u. That said, Nintendo does need to expand its line up quickly. Nintendo doesn't need to sell people like us. Side by side, tho, most people will go the other route over the Wii U for exactly the reasons stated. A lack of games, not the presence of quality...



rockodoodle commented on RCMADIAX Scales Back Wii U Plans for 2015:

@mike_intv This is how I feel. The games he released were not THAT bad- I'd say I got my $1.99 worth out of it. Maybe not as much as I did Gunman Clive, Edge or the Abyss, but I don't have any complaints about what he provided the Wii U community.



rockodoodle commented on RCMADIAX Scales Back Wii U Plans for 2015:

I thought blok drop was ok. I might get tge dice game and then one more. It's ok to have some games like this, tho i haven't gotten many. that said, i don't think people buy thie wii u for these types of games, generally.



rockodoodle commented on Club Nintendo Goes Rewards Crazy With Final Up...:

About time they did something worthwhile. I got brain age math and pilot wings a few months ago bc the offerings were so weak and i was afraid my coins would expire. Paper Mario, NSMBU and a few others, maybe punch out, zevious and the gameboy mario to bring back some memories



rockodoodle commented on Nintendo Stays in Profit With Wii U on Target,...:

Last year stopped the hemorrhaging, tho I question what will drive sales besides Zelda. I love the line up, but will it be enough to lure new users? Except those waiting for Zelda, I think most who are interested in a Wii U already have one.

The good news is that at least there is an install base of 9+ million to buy the new line up vs what they had earlier in the system's life cycle. I think these titles will do very well, given that their competition will only be indie games. Plus, Amiibo and New 3ds will provide extra revenue.



rockodoodle commented on Digital Foundry Ponders Next-Gen Hardware Opti...:

Have your 3ds basically be your controller. Then allow you to play games on the fly. Would have to be a litle careful bc you don't want to cannibalize your sales. I would guess that they still want to develop both console and portable games, but fibd a sweet spot wherr they overlap, allowing them to get revenue from both sources.



rockodoodle commented on Game of the Year: Nintendo Life's Staff Awards...:

Since i have both versions of Smash and there is at least a partial interface between both games, i almost see them as the same. So with the content between the two and the ability to play on the fly, i have SSB as my top title in both categories. Still love mk8, and maybe the new dlc in may will put it over the top.



rockodoodle commented on Super Smash Bros. Grabs Third Place in NPD Cha...:

Nintendo will have a good quarter- but will it be enough? SSB was supposed to be a system seller. Ten percent over last year won't increase the install base enough to bring back third parties. The next system seller will be Zelda. The good news is that Amiibo are selling well, and they will have x2 as many titles coming out over last year- all you know will be good and should produce solid revenue. So, Nintendo isn't doomed by any means, but it looks like the Wii U is not going to catch on, and in spite of having some awesome games, will repeat Game Cube lifetime sales or maybe even less.



rockodoodle commented on Talking Point: What's Next For amiibo?:

@NintyMan exactly. Make a game that has no doubt about it- an Amiibo driven type game. That way Nintendo can satisfy those who want more use of them but not piss off those who feel like Nintendo is doing a cash grab by creating a pay wall behind amiibos



rockodoodle commented on Masahiro Sakurai Admits That Super Smash Bros....:

I can see where he's coming from. I bought both versions and I'm extremely happy with the content. Should very easily get 100 plus hours out of both versions by May or so- that's just a $1 per hour of entertainment, cheaper than a cup of coffee. Hard to beat that.



rockodoodle commented on Video: Nintendo Minute Kicks Off Its Game of t...:

Pretty slow year as far retail. But as far as each release, they were all very much worth having. I'd say mk8 and super smash bros. justify owning the system. Bayonetta is a classic... Toad's Treasure Tracker (it appears) and DKTF are both high quality games



rockodoodle commented on Nintendo Serves Up An Infographic For Its "The...:

@Emblem this is much like the slick that compared the wii to the wii u. It just wasn't compelling. Sure, it sold me. And if i had not bought on impulse 19 months ago and forgot about the wii u, this type of thing might have sold me.

Problem is that there aren't enough people like me.