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Fri 22nd May 2009

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RobotLove commented on Review: Max & the Magic Marker (WiiWare):

5/10? That's rather harsh. Repetition is core to all games and the real question is: Does said repetition feel tedious? In the case of Max & the Magic Marker I believe that it does not. This game is far from perfect but it is more than just "playable", I'll even go so far as to say it is fun.

Is Max & the Magic Marker revolutionary? I know of no other title that offers the same type of gameplay. It is clear that Max & the Magic Marker is inspired by previous games like Crayon Physics, World Of Goo, and of course the many platform titles that have been released over the years, but what it offers is without a doubt unique.

The above review is (in my opinion) appropriate and the score of 8/10 is fitting.