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Sat 24th Sep 2011

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robohobo93 commented on Rare Donkey Kong Delights to Grace the Wii U a...:

For everyone wondering about the games' removal from the Wii shop, I saw a Twitter post from someone at Rare saying they had nothing to do with it and that it was all Nintendo's decision. The only reason I could think of for them to do this is to create demand for the trilogy before they put them on the Wii U eShop.

I'm crazy excited for these to return, even if they don't make it to NA immediately; I don't have the cash right now, and even so, I have plenty else to play.



robohobo93 commented on Review: Cubemen 2 (Wii U eShop):

I had a difficult decision to make on the eShop between this and CastleStorm, and eventually, Cubemen won. It's not too bad, except for the wonky controls and the lack of online players. The game seems like it could get pretty epic at times and I had a good time putting a level together. I haven't played much of it, since I'm trying to play through EarthBound, but it's good to play a quick round or two when trying to kill some time.



robohobo93 commented on Review: LEGO Marvel Super Heroes: Universe in ...:

You forgot to mention the complete lack of jumping... I absolutely hated the demo for this. You can't jump, you can't explore, combat just isn't fun. I would prefer a watered-down edition of the console versions (like every other handheld version of a Lego game has been) over whatever this is.



robohobo93 commented on Nintendo Network Services Now Starting to "Ope...:

I couldn't get online to download New Leaf for a while. You know what I did? I played Donkey Kong. You might be thinking "Oh, easy for you to say, you already had a new game to play." But take this into consideration: one of my brother's had a busted 3DS; the shoulder buttons were crippled and the system would shut off if the hinge opened all the way. Yet, he had a brand new 3DS that he couldn't transfer to because of the outage. You know what he did? Something else! He played with his Legos, he watched YouTube vids, and if he really wanted to play a video game, he played on one of our DS Lites. Yes, he was a little annoyed, and got a little impatient, on Christmas day, but I didn't hear him going around saying "That's it! I'm done with Nintendo!" On the other hand, my other brother (older than the one I mentioned) sat around, repeatedly checking if he could download his games and must have used the phrase "stupid eShop people" about 76 times that day. Buuuut, he's usually an ungrateful little weasel about anything anyway, so that's nothing new. Hmm, see a connection?

My point is, even though people got new consoles, pre-existing owners (myself included) got eShop funds, and people have been dying to get their hands on the PokeBank... it's not the end of the world. How hard could it have been to do something else? I get that there are parents out there that aren't so tech savvy, and mistake internet trouble for a malfunction, but those of you who are mad at Nintendo (and especially those expecting something in return) need to grow up.

The Internet isn't perfect; it DOES NOT always operate flawlessly. And seeing that Nintendo usually has a handle on things (besides this measly 2 1/2 days), they need to be cut some slack.



robohobo93 commented on Nintendo Acknowledges Network Issues and Sugge...:

First thing I opened my eyes this morning, I checked the eShop on my XL. I immediately set New Leaf, 3D Sonic, and 2 Guild games to Download Later, transferred one brother's busted 3DS to his new one, and helped my other brother get games on his new 2DS. Great success!



robohobo93 commented on Reggie Declares The Year of Luigi Will Continu...:

I'm still disappointed I never got my Luigi cap. Since seeing Iwata with one in that Nintendo Direct a while back, I waited months for Club Nintendo's Platinum rewards to be revealed, hoping that the green hat would be one of them. I was so disappointed to find out it wasn't, especially when taking into account that they were given away at Best Buy...



robohobo93 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

My friend gave me his copy of Spirit Camera (Brand new- the Club Nintendo code wasn't even used) and I'm very into it right now. Later on, I'll probably end up playing Marvel Pinball's Iron Man table and Wario Land (Still can't believe how long it took for that game to get here!)



robohobo93 commented on Site News: James Finds a Warp Zone:

Strange... As I started to read this, the song 'Missing You' came on TV. I've only been here since getting my 3DS last June (and I've only posted 3 comments in that time), but I'm gonna miss seeing your mug at the bottom of the articles on here. Good luck with the new job!



robohobo93 commented on Feature: Our Favourite 3DS Games so Far:

This is the first time in years that I've looked at a list like this and actually owned some of the games mentioned (Street Fighter, Mario Land, OoT, and Pushmo, in that order, lol). It's great to not feel left behind for once. My 3DS has an amazing library so far and I can't wait to see what else will be coming to it, both retro and brand new.



robohobo93 commented on Super Mario Bros. Ambassador Update Hits North...:

I've been waiting for the update, though not so much for the restore points (I mainly use them for tricks). I was most worried about the Home Screen icon- I take great pride in the appearance of my Home Screen, lol. I like the coin sound that plays when the game is highlighted as well. I wonder if that will be used for all NES games or if each game will use a sound effect from the game itself.



robohobo93 commented on Iwata Hints at Upcoming Swapnote Upgrade:

I still use it everyday. I always use it to keep in touch with a friend whose computer got a virus and I still have fun trying to figure out funny ways to use the other stationery. I definitely wouldn't mind an update though, even if it was only to add more stationery or even ink colors, but new features would be great too... though I can't really think of anything specific that I would want.



robohobo93 commented on Punch-Out!! is Japan's Next NES 3DS VC Game:

I still think it would make more sense to release NES games as 3D Classics, since the 3DS VC was supposed to focus on handheld games, but I guess it won't be too bad as long as they just stick with first-party titles.



robohobo93 commented on Talking Point: Your Nintendo Christmas Presents:

The one thing I really wanted was Super Mario 3D Land, but it didn't seem likely. I was just a little disappointed, but still grateful for the things I was getting. Two days before Christmas, my mom came up behind me and showed me she had gotten the last copy from GameStop (the lady behind her was so mad!). I couldn't have it early so I had to wait, and ended up finding it, literally, in my stocking. Beat the main quest in a day, so I'm hoping the Special Worlds are as challenging as I've heard they are.

I also got a Donkey Kong t-shirt that says 'Going Bananas,' lol.



robohobo93 commented on Nintendo Download: 10th November 2011 (North A...:

I'll stick with Drawn to Life, though QR Code sharing sounds nice. Next time I get anything from the eShop though, it'll be SML 2 and Double Dragon.

Hoping the Ambassador games aren't released literally at the end of the year (December 31, 11:59 PM). I bought WarioWare Touched to tide me over, but it just made me want the original even more!



robohobo93 commented on Feature: Resident Evil's Most Nightmare-Induci...:

I remember one time playing Deadly Silence- I was near the end and I was moving slowly to avoid something grabbing me from around the corner. I was so concentrated on the game, I forgot I had my phone on vibrate on the back of the couch. It buzzed right next to my head and I dove sideways off of the couch! Boy, was I glad no one was around to see that...

As for actual moments in the game, the dogs in the first one on the Playstation are definitely one of the biggest scares and though RE 4 is supposed to be less scary, seeing one of those Iron Maidens come from around a filing cabinet scared the living hell out of me! I somehow managed to pause before throwing the controller down, and jumping back from the screen along with my brothers.



robohobo93 commented on Nintendo Download: 29th September 2011 (Europe):

Can't wait to play Four Swords for the first time. I have a friend that's jealous because she bought it years ago for the GBA, just to find out it was multiplayer only. She was so disappointed- said Link to the Past was just a tease so she sold it.

Mario Land 2 would be nice to have as a download. Another friend gave me the cartridge and I love it. It'll have to wait though- I just spent the rest of my gift card on WarioWare Touched.



robohobo93 commented on Happy 122nd Birthday to Nintendo:

First comment here, and it's to say: Happy birthday Nintendo! I've been a Nintendo guy since I was born. Literally. My first consoles were NES and SNES and to this day, Nintendo's my main choice (though my PS2 has also served me well). Don't let a little bumpy road bring you guys down! I know you'll get things back on track, then you can laugh in the faces of all the investors and Apple fanboys!

Yes, I realize I'm a few hours late. I just didn't plan on leaving a comment til just now.