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Tue 13th Jul 2010

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Robo-goose commented on Pokémon Orchestral Tour Premiering in August:

Oh my goodness... Guys, I cannot even stress how excited I am for this! Ever since the Zelda symphony, I have been yearning greatly for a legit Pokemon symphony! I'm going to start saving for this thing right now. There is no way on earth I'll miss this if it comes to Houston.



Robo-goose commented on Not All Super Smash Bros. Characters Will Make...:

Glad I'm not the only one here who thinks the Wii Fit trainer is an awesome addition. She's just the kind of new character Smash Bros needs in order to keep their roster fun and funny! I think she's going to end up being very popular after the game is released.



Robo-goose commented on Violent Video Games Blamed for Knife Attack in...:

I don't even want to think about what that one kid goes through that would mess him up this much so early in life. Like father like son I suppose?

My heart and prayers go out to both the victim and the perpetrator. I hope they have better futures ahead of them.



Robo-goose commented on Satoru Iwata: First Party Wii U Game Delays Ar...:

This reminds me of an article I saw on Destructoid:
Nintendo has been very good for the most part about not shipping broken games that have to be updated repeatedly to finally have most of their bugs worked out. Most large videogame manufacturers tell themselves to hit that release date, THEN fix their games. I'd rather have a polished product in August than a broken product (with fixes on the horizon) in June. Games are always remembered for their problems whether those problems are fixed in the near future through updates or not.



Robo-goose commented on Nintendo Stock Rises By 11%:


My first thoughts while reading this article were, "I need to invest" and, "I need something that teaches me how to invest."
I'm asking the same question as you now, ha!



Robo-goose commented on There Sure Are A Lot Of Nintendo References In...:

People are saying that it's ridiculous that it's not being released on Nintendo platforms. The fact that it's full of Nintendo references and ISN'T on a Nintendo console is what makes these references special in my eyes. True respect for Nintendo right there.



Robo-goose commented on Colors! 3D Update Available To Download On 5th...:

This is sounding like it'll be a fantastic update. What would be super awesome is something that let you use the 3DS' mp3 player at the same time. If I'm not listening to music while I draw, I can't find any inspiration at all and end up drawing stuff that I just erase later, lol! That's just me though, and I'm no artist.



Robo-goose commented on Masahiro Sakurai: Stories in Video Games Can b...:

Makes it a little ironic that I wanted there to be more time in Kid Icarus: Uprising after every level to focus on story telling.
Not a ton of time, just more than the usual ten-fifteen seconds. I remember starting a lot of levels specifically because I felt something was missing from the end of the level before.
Though that bugged me, it definitely didn't turn me away from the game. I enjoyed every second I spent playing KI:U.

I love the Fire Emblem series to death with one of the main reasons for this being the story telling. I feel a little empty inside after a chapter in Fire Emblem: Awakening for the same reason as in Kid Icarus: Uprising.
In spite of that, these two games are definitely my GOTYs for their respective years.



Robo-goose commented on 3DS Has The Potential To Find You A Partner:

Whether you consider this as news or not, it's definitely an interesting post that I didn't mind reading!
The Colors 3D community is pretty much Hatena all over again. That isn't entirely negative, though, because Hatena still had a lot of awesome people who just wanted to post something cool or funny. Same case with Colors 3D, there are still a lot of neat people on there, you just have to dig for them. It's too bad that they don't have an indepth profile system, commenting interface, and search/page function. It can get a lot better, but it's still very handy.

Nice post!



Robo-goose commented on EA: Excited About New Generation Which Is "Yet...:

Updated graphics are fantastic, but new gameplay experiences are lying around everywhere waiting to be dug up by someone. If Sony and Microsoft can't bring anything else to the table other than better graphics, they might find this generation (or the next, depending on your perspective) to be quite similar to the last (or current, perspective). I really hope that Microsoft will not share EA's mindset. I want to see a vastly improved Kinect in the next/current generation. It has so much potential, but it put so little on the plate.



Robo-goose commented on Fire Emblem: Awakening Download Takes Up Almos...:

That file size is glorious, and shows how much content there really is when the game is raw. WIth all the DLC added, I wonder how much larger it will be? Absolutely glorious.
On a side note, I wonder if a 64GB SDXC card would work with a 3DS? I've heard that it works if you format the partition to fat32, but I've seen someone try that, and, while it will be recognized by the system, it is extremely slow, and trying to boot up almost anything causes it to crash.
Has anyone here been able to get a 64GB SDXC card to actually work well with the 3DS?



Robo-goose commented on Review: Cabela's Dangerous Hunts 2013 (Wii U):

After reading the first part of the first paragraph on the home page, I decided to check out this review. It was a great article, Reed! I haven't really been interested in FPSs or hunting games, but, well, like you said, this isn't a hunting game! The survival mechanics and adventure mechanics sound appealing. I will probably pick this game up after getting a Wii U.

Bankai- "And possessing real guns DOES encourage people to do stupid things."

Ha, ha ha, with how stupid some people act with their guns, I'd almost agree with you!
I definitely disagree with you, though, because I know gun owners who did stupid things with rocks, sticks, hot wax, trampolines, safety gates, chicken tenders and many other things before having guns of their own. Having a gun doesn't encourage anyone to do stupid things, their own stupidity does that for them, lol! Throwing a chicken tender at the back of your best friend's head isn't something you'd be encouraged to do just because you had a chicken tender, (or maybe you would, I don't know you) and shooting your annoying neighbor's pet rock isn't something you'd be encouraged to do just because you owned a gun. Now, I'll agree that I'm an idiot, but I was one LONG before I had access to a gun!

On a side note, it's great to see that you guys are having a debate without all the usual mud-throwing/flamewars you get from most crowds. Seeing an arguement that isn't full of name-calling and snarky comments (for the most part) is really refreshing. Nice to see some class.



Robo-goose commented on Assassin's Creed III Micro-Transactions Sneak ...:

Remember when you used to unlock special items by finding them in secret areas? Yeah...
As with most AAA games, it's a shame that they tempt you with in-game purchases after you spend 60$ to play the game in the first place.
No one is forcing you to buy things in-game, but you can't help feeling left out when you don't. You shouldn't have to feel left out of anything after paying sixty dollars for a game.



Robo-goose commented on Animal Crossing: New Leaf Will Not Have "Unwho...:

See, Animal Crossing is definitely the perfect game to milk paid DLC out of, so, if Nintendo doesn't do that, they'll win a few one-ups from all of their fans (especially considering that you all ready pay 40$ or more for the game to begin with).



Robo-goose commented on Mario Clone Super Maria Land Jumps Onto Android:

At least they actually acknowledge that they're trying to clone Mario, they also released this for free, so they're not trying to steal a few bucks from a company that starts with N.
Not saying they're entirely justified, but this isn't anywhere near as shameless as Ultimate iZelda Climb, Molio Kart, or 3D Cartoon Land.
(P.S. The company that starts with N is Nike.)



Robo-goose commented on Feature: Pokémon's Controversial History:

Not so fast.
Jynx was not inspired by any black stereotype, rather, by a Japanese myth.
Anyone heard of Yama-uba? Here's a quick description of what it's like: tattered read kimono, golden white hair, old mountain lady, dances to put people under a spell, covers mountains with snow durring winter, inspiration of Yamanba (derived from Yamauba) girls (like Ganguro girls, but much more exaggerated).
Now lets look at Jynx, and see how similar she is:
She has the golden hair, a tattered red dress, she looks kinda like a short old lady, almost every pokedex entry of her's mentions the fact that she always dances, ice and psychic type, yamanba girls look like they've rubbed tar all over themselves. Very very VERY similar, I think.
Everything I said was taken from this video.