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Wed 19th Jun 2013

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RobbSnow commented on Zelda: A Link Between Worlds Will Lay Claim To...:

I have gone mostly digital since it's been possible. I have bought the following games digitally; NSMB2, Luigi Mansion, Mario and luigi dream team, Layton, Pokemon, animal crossing, both Etrian odysseys, and sticker star. The only one I regret buying is sticker star because I hate it. Otherwise I only wish I had a physical copy of the games that allowed for multiple saves. I bought my fiancé a 3ds this summer, so if a Link Between Worlds has more than one save file, I will be buying the physical copy to share. However I really want the zelda 3dsxl .....



RobbSnow commented on Steel Diver Will Be Nintendo's First Free-To-P...:

Steel Diver was a game I never bought, but was always interested in. When I rented it I absolutely loved it. I beat it fairly quickly and returned the game. I have been hoping they would release it on the eshop for 10 bucks, would have been a perfect price point. When they released Tetris Axis for that price I really got excited. I really hope this experiment works out, because this game is fun and has a lot of potential