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rjejr commented on Trine Enchanted Edition Will Be Casting A Spel...:

Trine was pretty good on PS3 but 2 was much better. Besides enhanced visuals I believe they offered a few other things which improved the 2nd game. Not sure I'ld pick it up again since we already played it but it's nice to see them do this for those who didn't gt the chance. I wonder if it will get a cheap price like S&S did?



rjejr commented on Official Hyrule Warriors Screens Show Ocarina ...:

@shigulicious -Its only 9:30 in the morning but Im pretty sure you win the internet for today.

Is this game going to be one long story w/ a boss at the end or will different characters or Zelda games have separate story lines? There is going to be some type of story mode right, I can button mash all day if I have a purpose but random fights like SSB or Soul Caliber always leave me wanting. Ive played a few of these types of games - Sengoku Basra 3 and DW Gundam mostly - and there always seems to be a purpose to the action.



rjejr commented on Tomodachi Life Stage Drops Into Super Smash Br...:

Pretty cool me thinks. I like the idea of the walls appearing and disappearing when someone is in front of them. The Miis inside I dont see as that much of a big deal as each room is pretty tiny and you'll be busy fighting, but its still a nice touch for those with quick enough fingers to snap photos to post on Miiverse.

Speaking of Miiverse, can someone please tell me how to get the color Pictograph in WW HD? Finally Getting into the Nintendo Gallery was a bit anticlimatic.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Stock Value Climbs to Highest Point S...:

@aaronsullivan - Oh god I have been planning almost every second of my life as far back as I can remember. I have things planned 10, 20, 30 years out (nothing is planned out beyond 30 years b/c since I was a teen I always figured Ild die between 2050 and 2055 b/c I wanted to live until 2050 - I'm expecting the arrival of space aliens by then - but 90 just seems too old). I really do wish I was able to relax, live in the moment, or stop and smell the roses. Well actually I can stop and smell the roses if I plan for it. I am almost always planning for what comes next, never ever in the moment. It's no way to live. Well maybe if your Billy Pilgrim.



rjejr commented on Disney Infinity Guardians Of The Galaxy Playse...:

@Hy8ogen - "The Wii U's performance gap between the other 2 consoles is not as large as you think."

I haven't seen that much of a difference between Xbox360 and PS3 to X1 and PS4, so Wii U is close to X1 and PS4, but I still think it's closer in capabilities to last gen. Nintnedo could probably make a game look like X1 on Wii U b/c SMG2 on Wii nearly looks like a PS3 game on a 32" 720p tv. Nobody else pulled that off on Wii. MK8 looks damn good, but it pales to Driveclub on PS4 (don't think I've ever actually seen X1 Forza Horizon 2 footage but I'ld guess it looks good as well.) I can't imagine any 3rd party getting a Wii U game to match PS4 or X1. 8GB RAM vs 2GB RAM will see to that.



rjejr commented on Disney Infinity Guardians Of The Galaxy Playse...:

@noctowl - "The idea that the wii u is closer in tech to 8 year old hardware is absurd."

Why is it "absurd"? Find me a link that says the Wii U is closer in hardware specs to the PS4 and X1 than to the PS3 and Xbox360, b/c I've never seen it explained that way.



rjejr commented on Site News: Look, We'll Provide File Sizes For ...:

@sinalefa - I still miss James. That guy was always commenting and replying to comments and his responses always seemed joyful. Maybe he was a horrible curmudgeon in real life, never met him, but I honestly feel like the overall happiness level at NL has been down since he left. Though he was smart enough to leave just before Wii U launched so who knows.

Thanks Damo and everyone at NL for the DL size info. Nintendo really doesn't seem to like info of any kind getting out there, though the eShop is still significantly improved on Wii U over Wii.



rjejr commented on Disney Infinity Guardians Of The Galaxy Playse...:

I think the only reply is unfortunately my obnoxious son one - well duh. The Wii U is closer to the Xbox360 and PS3 than the X1 and PS4 therefore the games will more closely resemble the graphics of the older systems. We should just be thankful when Wii U gets 3rd party support.

Anybody upgrading from the Wii to Wii U version should be very happy w/ the look of a 360 version. I don't care how many times better the new machines are from the old machines, it's nowhere near the jump from the Wii to any HD system. I haven't seen an X1 or PS4 game yet that has really made me feel I NEED to upgrade. Better, yes, but I'm not impressed.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

@JaxonH - How do you even have time to have a job? :-)

I'm finishing up WW HD by day, or maybe I'm near the beginning, hard to say really, and Tomb Raider (PS3 PS+ rental ed.) at night. Then finally back to Xenoblade. I really want to finish it before XCX comes out.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Stock Value Climbs to Highest Point S...:

A SSB release date before Christmas would probably help the stock. I dont see how anyone would invest in a company that has so much riding on Christmas - not just SSB but also the related Gamecube controller, adaptor, and all those amiibo toys - but we dont know for sure if any of that stuff will even be out before Christmas. HW, B2 and Captain Toad are great lead ins, but its really all about when SSB U releases. I know everybody here will buy the game and amiibo in Jan, Feb or March, but they need to be on shelves before Christmas in order to put Wii U under more Christmas trees.



rjejr commented on Wii U Purchasing Intent Increases By Half In T...:

@shigulicious - "I was expecting a B at least"

I can't remeber what order I read them in so I'm not sure what grade I was expecting Ntinedo to get, but I sure was expecting better than Sony or MS. I think they even said - "it's universally acknowledged that Nintedo won E3 but we still don't think the Wii U will sell well so...". Just nonsense.



rjejr commented on Wii U Purchasing Intent Increases By Half In T...:

@Dr_Corndog - "whether the reviwer even plays video games."

I think the reviewers play the games, but I think they are all between 20-25 and they know their friends will all be reading so that is who the reviews are written for. Don't want your friends to not think you're cool b/c you like a Nintendo game. The shame.



rjejr commented on Wii U Purchasing Intent Doubles In The Wake Of...:

I was reading GameInformer magazine the other day, it's after E3 coverage, and they graded Sony and MS a C+ and Nintendo a C. I know that magazine is anti Nintendo but that pretty much sealed the deal loud and clear.

No surprise Wi U plans went up after E3,but I'm actually disappointed if "gamers" - their word, not mine - only show a 20% interest in getting one, well that isn't very good. If you aren't planning on getting one after this E3 then you never are.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

@XCWarrior - "There will always be shoveware, sad but true fact."

Knew I was forgetting something. Why should the eShop be any different than the b&m retail aisles?

Aquaman and Superman exist. AND THEY BOTH RELEASED FOR RETAIL PRICE ON NINTENDO HOME CONSOLES. Everything else is valid after that.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: The Wii U eShop is Raising Toug...:

Wow TW, that's some read, even for you, I'm really impressed.

Where to begin....

First, this sentence jumped out at me - "The latter can be beaten in under 10 minutes and, frankly, shouldn't be on a home console platform.'

um, Damo wrote last week how the Gamepad was a "tablet killer". You want to be a tablet killer, you need to have really bad $1 games. Unfortunately lots and lots of $1 games. Too bad you didn't write this first, maybe we all could have been spared the "tablet killer" comments section, it wasn't pretty.

PSN has had PS3 "minis" for a few years now, I just see these garbage games as Nitnedo catching up. I have been saying for months now that Nitneod should have a similar "mini" label for webframework and other Unity stuff (that should probably be free anyway) to distinguish it from better games. Problem is stuff like Kung Fu Rabbit that kind of borders really good games like Gucamele and the bad stuff. But Sony has been doing it for years. "A Shooter for $2" is a mini that probably could have been $8. Hungry Giraffe - a favorite of Sammy's - is probably the worst game I have ever played on any system ever made including many a really bad free app.

So my feeling is, Nitneo wants to compete w/ Sony and MS (well whether they want to or not they are), you gotta have bad games, but price them appropriately and put big warning labels on them. "Nintendo Bites" is a nice double entendre for them.



rjejr commented on Ocarina of Time Joins Hyrule Warriors With She...:

@Porky - "OoT is on the N64 you can already download it in wii mode."

Well I could, and I would, if Nintendo would let me use some of my 32GD Wii U storage for the Wii, b/c as of right now my kids are playing a bunch of Wiiware games in Wii mode and they want more of the ones we've purchased over the years but there aren't enough "blocks" to DL any more.

So I'll just wait for a proper Wii U VC version. And a VC Gamecube version w/ Master Quest would be even better.

Thanks for the info though.



rjejr commented on Mario Kart 8 Hackers Show More Mods and an Unu...:

The "proof of concept" stuff like changing/dynamic weather effects and altering gravity are very cool. Nintendo gives so many options in SSBM and SSBB it would be nice if we had the ability to alter some of its other games. Day/night, weather, reverse course, items - how crazed would a race be if EVERY item was a blue shell!?!!? Or a bullet bill? I'm ok w/ limiting it too offline play, like SSB is going to be w/ the amiibo and Mii fighters it seems like.



rjejr commented on Ocarina of Time Joins Hyrule Warriors With She...:

I'm beginning to think I need to play OoT ;-) Maybe it will be the Wii U's first Gamecube VC :-)

When I click on the photo when the magnifiying glass is over it the picture pops out but it is THE EXACT SAME SIZE. Does it actually get bigger for anybody else?

Yeah, this ones not going to make it under the Christmas tree.



rjejr commented on Mario Kart 8 Sales Increase By Nearly a Third ...:

I'm sure theres absolutely no way to find out, but I wonder how many of those DS Pokemon games are actually being played on a DS? I still dont see too many reasons to get a PS4 yet and I could understand people not upgrading from Wii to Wii U for any number of reasons, but if you're into handheld games at all the 3DS has a very complete library at this point. BC is a very good thing.



rjejr commented on SteamWorld Dig May Have a Discount on Wii U Fo...:

I think we've all brainwashed ourselves into backwards thinking (cultural hegemony, not our fault) if we think we are getting a good deal buy buying a game once at full price and then getting a discount to buy the same game again to play on a different system. If we buy the game once from Nintendo we should be able to play it on both a Wii U and 3DS. This only applies if it's the same game, Pushmo was a different game on handheld and home console, SSB will be different as well. But a game like Super Mario World hasn't changed in 24 years, not even a HD makeover like WW HD got, or added online or DLC, Nintendo shouldn't ask us to buy it again and again and again. See Steam, iOS or Android if you don't know what I mean.



rjejr commented on Check Out the Evolution of Visuals in Pokémon...:

Anybody know if they are ever updating the 3DS Pokedex Pro my kids each paid $15 for w/ the X and Y Pokemon? Seems only right that they should, it's their Pokemon, their app, it's called "Pro",and it's missing over 100 Pokemon, mega evolutions and the fairy type. People who make free apps are usually better at keeping up w/ stuff than Nintendo.

On topic, the screen shots look real good. My kids still don't seem to care too much about graphics - they would have beene more than happy just to buy $10 ports of the originals which they never played, but I'm sure they'll like the new look.



rjejr commented on Screenshots Disabled in Comic Workshop Miivers...:

@Emblem @BaffleBlend - This is the part of the article I was referring to:

"as the option to add screenshots to posts has been removed, disabled the day after the app was released."

which makes me think it was in the game/app and then it was taken out after people bought it. If someone sells me a car (I don't know why it's always cars, it just is) and then at night they come take back all the tires, so when I wake up in the morning, even if I still have a car and engine, I can't drive my car, then I want my money back. If Nitnedo can find a way to disable part of a program after it has been released then they should be able to figure out a way to refund peoples money if they are affected by this. They don't even have to advertise it, but if somebody is affected enough that they call up and complain to Nintendo then they should get their money refunded.



rjejr commented on Bill Trinen Shares His History of the Treehous...:

He's starting to grow on me, but he really looks like a robot in that photo. Though he's in marketing, so he probably knows that.

Being Miyamoto's translator should be reason enough for anybody to want to learn japanese.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Goes Download-Only With The 2014 Club...:

@midnafanboy @SethNintendo @Gamecubii-64DD - Target always has the red Wii Mini in stock for $99, sitting on the shelf right next to the Wii U. Annoyed me for quite awhile until MK8 came out and the Wii U boxes started disappearing, finally. but the red Wii Mini are still there. Though there was only 1 left on Thursday. Funny thing though, Wii mini has no online functionality at all so even if people had one and bought a lot of Wii games and entered the codes online at Club Nintendo, and even if there was a Wii game code as an option, they still couldn't download and play it on the neutered Wii Mini. Wii Mini is the only electronic device to come to market in the last two years w/o Netlfix.

Anyway, I just came to say I DL Game & Wario and it gave me enough points to get another $5 code, to go w/ the $5 code I got from my free copy of WW HD from buying MK8, so I'll take the $5 as my Plat reward and G&W as a freebie bonus. Maybe I'll even play it someday (it's really for my kids.)



rjejr commented on Screenshots Disabled in Comic Workshop Miivers...:

@Emblem - "Why would they offer refunds?"

b/c it was advertised as being able to do something that it could only do for 1 day? Now if it was never advertised and people just assumed they could but you couldn't from the beginning, well thats another story, but that' snot how this reads to me.

I once bought a videogame off Amazon for the Wii called "Go Vacation" b/c it said on the Amazon website that there was online multiplayer. Turned out there wasn't. I called Amazon and they changed the description but I didn't get my money back. I was not amused.



rjejr commented on Screenshots Disabled in Comic Workshop Miivers...:

I hope they are offering refunds to people who purchased it if they took away 1 of it's main reasons to exist 1 day after it released. Swapnote was free so you get what you pay for. But you also need to get what you pay for, or get your money back if you don't.



rjejr commented on Nintendo of America Launches Camp Miiverse Cha...:

I get Kamp Krusty, but I'm not sure I get "Camp Miiverse". Why not just call it what it is - "Miiverse Challenges" - or something video game clever like "Miiverse Sidequests". This makes me think of those job posting boards in one of the Paper Mario games (they all run together in my head). Camp is all about togetherness, this is all about doing things by yourself. It's the opposite of Camp.



rjejr commented on Poll: Which is Your Favourite Super Smash Bros...:

Went with Pac Man for the absurdity of it all, and the tip of the hat to very old school video games. I can appreciate all the MegaMan votes for the same reason but I really don't know him all that well.



rjejr commented on Puzzle & Dragons Z Has Shipped Over 1.5 Millio...:

I dont play this anymore but I they still update the Andriod app on a regular basis so they havent abandoned the handeld version and I cant imagine this not releasing in the west. They better beat Yo-kai watch though :-)



rjejr commented on Suica NFC Cards To Finally Be Used, From 22nd ...:

Nintendo should incorporate the NFC chip into THEIR eShop cards. I know it would cost extra but they already gave away all those other game cards for Photos with Mario so they could make the NFC eShop cards special foil collectors editions or something.



rjejr commented on Mario Kart 8 Secures Place as Top-Selling SKU ...:

@kensredemption - When I think of all the great games Wii U has coming out this holiday and beyond I think it dersves to be mentioned w/ the PS4 and X1 for sales. But then I remember all the 3rd party games Wii U isn't getting, not just PS4 and X1 but PS3 and 360 that it should be able to handle - Destiny first and foremost, and still no Watchdods - and it makes me anxious again.

Should be a good holiday for Wii U though. The casuals may not want it for yhemdelves but its about time they staryef biyong them for their kids.



rjejr commented on Disney Planes: Fire & Rescue Flying Exclusivel...:

After How to Train your Dragon 2 Little Orbit should be kicked out of the video game making fraternity. I've played demos that have had more substance.

Maybe Little Orbit should make games for the LeapTV.

And I'm not opposed to Disney games, Toy Story 3 was actually good, especially the "toy box" mode that the PS3 got but the Wii didn't. And Disney Universe before Disney Infinity was ok as well. But a video game based on a sequel to a movie that was originally supposed to be direct to video, not holding out much hope for this one.

Glad to see the DS getting some love, maybe Ninteod can give it out as a Club Nintnedo Gold reward next year.