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rjejr commented on Brinstar Confirmed as Classic Stage for Smash ...:

They should call it "beach volleyball Samus".

I know they would be wearing a whole lot less if they were playing beach volleyball but that's the first thing that popped into my mind, probably b/c there were 2 of them in different color outfits.

Don't they usually only show 1 of each character in these? Can somebody find me another photo w/ the same character twice. Guess you can never have enough skin. ;-)

@Xilef - W/ DoA its not about the outfits, it sabout the bounce. And while the potential is obviously there for a whole lot of bouncing w/ these outfits, we'll need to see them in action for that.



rjejr commented on Fantasy Life Offers Multiple Ways to Connect W...:

@CorusFace - "In its defense, the game is 2 years old..."

Yeah, I get that, but even then the 3DS was over a year old, and it really doesn't get much better than what Level 5 is capable of. Though Fire Emblem is beautiful and incredible, I still can't believe it's a 3DS game. But the way tablets are going - hard to find one w/ a screen less than 720p - and many if not most people owning HD tvs, I think a 3DS upgrade in a couple of years will be most welcome.



rjejr commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS File Size i...:

"a fair bit of space on many SD cards"

Considering the 3DS comes w/ a 2GB SD card, yes 2.1GB is a fair bit of it's space. XL coming w/ a 4GB card doesn't help out 3DS owners. And the 2DS also coming w/ a 4GB card while the 3DS continues to come w/ a 2GB card really is a SNAFU ("situation normal, all f'd up" for those who don't know)



rjejr commented on Talking Point: The Pokémon Trading Card Game ...:

@kereke12 - "This is just a test to see if the game will sell well on iOS platforms & it will sell good"

It's not going to SELL at all b/c it's a free web browser app, has been for 4 years now, its not even really a packaged "game" per se.

Saying putting this on Apple devices will kill real Pokemon games is akin to saying selling packs of Pokemon cards in stores is going to kill Pokemon games b/c people will just play with the cards instead of the video games.



rjejr commented on Fantasy Life Offers Multiple Ways to Connect W...:

I've been thinking about getting an XL to play SSB w/ my 3DS owning sons but I'ld actually rather play this.

That video makes me think the 3DS is getting a bit long in the tooth though, those Ni No Kuni PS3 quality cut scenes make the 3DS graphics look oh so damned ugly.

I do like that ending picture of the XL, 3DS game case, and 2DS model all side by side. Very family friendly.



rjejr commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

Been wondering all weekend - any word on a level editor in either version of Smash? My kids made over a hundred in Brawl. They already said no to a Subspace Emmissary sequel, if they also take out the level editor thats 2 huge omissions for us.



rjejr commented on Interview: The Pokémon Company International'...:

"That’s great! It all seems like the logical thing to do, but Nintendo is infamous for not doing that a lot of the time."

Well guess thats the last time Jake is interviewing anybody at Nintendo ;-)

Should have asked about X and Y Pokemon making it into the official $15 Pro Pokedex,
Whats the hold-up?.

Dont see how they can expand the brand much, games, cards, toys, movies, tv show, upcoming amiibo - though they could have their own NFC line for a game like Pokepark.Maybe a breakfast cereal or theme park. Pokemon are as big as they can get b/c there is nothing about them that appeals to adults at all. Charlie Brown appeals to all ages, Pokemon are for kids.

Good interview, Nintendo should promote that guy to run Nintendo marketing.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Offers Condolences to Robin Williams'...:

@Crimzonlogic - "Talking animals have shown up in Zelda before. "

Impossible, nobody talks in Zelda games :-)

Sorry, pet peeve of mine, I'm still waiting for Nintendo to make games like it's the early 2000's. Though I did realize in Windwaker Link actually speaks, he says "follow me" just like Abe did in his Odyssey. I almost died of a heart attack. Not that I want Link to speak, I'm kind of fond of the silent hero myself, but if they are going to pay people to mumble gibberish just pay them to speak english, or preferably japanese.

Talking robin named William works for me though, I'm fond of talking birds. My favorite:



rjejr commented on The Pokémon Trading Card Game Is Coming To iP...:

If anybody is interested there is a PokemonTV app on android. Its officlly licensed by Pokemon, Gamefreak et al. So its not like Pokemon havent been available via an app before.

Does the PC web version of TCG work on tablets? If it does then this is all sort of a moot point anyway. My kids have a 2" stack of those cards for the online game but we never use them, they prefer playing w/ the cards.

IDK, just seems like a non-event to me. There should be apps for all websites, its the preferred method of bookmarking on a tablet, and thats basically all this really is.



rjejr commented on Super Smash Bros. Seizes Gamescom Most Wanted ...:

@FlaygletheBagel -" to make it easier for the average consumer to understand."

I wonder how many of the average consumer will wonder if the "for 3DS" version will work on the 2DS their kid has?

@Splatom - ooh, I like the 4, I'm always up for a play on words, and the inside of the smashball on the cover kind of looks like a 4. Its almost too good for them not to use it.

@Nintendo_Ninja - Ryno is in his mid 30's, its an akward age ;-)



rjejr commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (North America):

@sinalefa - I was pretty close on armillo a few times, but those graphics are a bit too ugly. I just NOW remembered I need to get Guacamele (can't spell that either.) And Stick it to the Man looks fun and unique - I was a big fan of Psychonauts way back when.

Of course I just DL Dragon's Crown for PS3 so that should keep me busy for a little while. I didn't even know we were getting the PS3 version until about 2 hours ago. And I really want to play Papa & Yo (from the 99c sale). And Sly 4. After my PS+ ends after Thanksgiving I'll probably be spending more money on the eShop. Unless I spend it all on amiibo :-)



rjejr commented on Super Smash Bros. Seizes Gamescom Most Wanted ...:

I think there was an issue w/ the translation and SSB U was actually voted: "game people most want a release date for" ;-)

As for Day 1, well I actually need to know what day that is. If it's close to Christmas and its going under the tree no rush, but if it's early Nov and we can have it for Thanskgiving weekend then we'll get it. Unless it comes out close to Bayonetta 2 which we still don't have a date for. Or Captain Toad Treasure Tracker comes out really close to Christmas then Santa can leave us that and we'll buy SSB U Day 1. But only if Captain Toad gets his own amiibo, and the amiibo are released around SSB U, whenever that is.

I know I am always on here complaining about release dates and you are all sick of it, but sometimes there is a reason I want to know, not just to know, ya know.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Download: 14th August (North America):

@sinalefa - Thanks for the feedback. As always you lost me at "challenging". Sad but true. :-(

I don't think I've bought an eShop game since Child of Light, Sony has been pretty good w/ PS+ lately. So good on my PS3 that I have very little interest in purchasing a PS4. And despite my winter whining the Wii U line-up is better than PS4 this holiday. May get a Vita (PS) TV to try out some Vita games, if I can find enough that work. And that SSB red 3DS XL looked promising.

I am looking forward to Swords & Soldiers 2, that will be a Day 1 for me.

If Nintendo ever gets a PS+ like "Nintendo eSelects" or "Players eChoice" program I'm there. :-)



rjejr commented on Feature: HD Remasters That Would Be Perfect fo...:

Super Mario Sunshine.

It's the perfect game for an HD remake, just add a 1st person view to the Gamepad for FLUDD segments. It's ready made for a remake that would partly play as a FPS and show off the "only on the Gamepad" appeal. And that type of game play would also tie in nicely with Splatoon. I wouldn't be surprised if Splatoon was based on FLUDD and those cleaning levels.

I always hated this Sirena beach level:

And the game looked awesome for it's time, I can only imagine how good it would look in HD.

And it's the most different of the Mario games for anyone who hasn't played it. Or has.

Actually a far as I'm concerned SMS HD is a forgone conclusion, it will happen, the 5 on this list are a pipe-dream.



rjejr commented on Beautiful Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. 3D...:

@dkxcalibur - I was thinking abut that one but my kid already owns the game so it seemed a pointless extra. SSB should be better w/ multiple copies though. I could easily foresee us having 3 copies in our household, and 1 for Wii U - which is yet another reason why I like home consoles better - 1 copy couch mutliplayer.



rjejr commented on Video: Check Out Some Exclusive Skylanders Tra...:

@MrWalkieTalkie - I was thinking making Mario a playable character. If the amiibo tech is compatible w/ the portal tech of course. If Activisin is going thru all the trouble to make good use of the Gamepad maybe they can add in a character or two. Or maybe skins like in Bayonetta? Or just have them pop up in the hub world as NPCs. Something.



rjejr commented on Video: Check Out Some Exclusive Skylanders Tra...:

If Nintnedo was smart they'ld get the amiibo working in the Wii U ed as well. :-)

Wouldn't be unprecedented - Link was in Soul Calibur 2 and the outfits in Tekken Tag 2. Not all of them, maybe just a Mario appearance for 1 Mushroom Kingdom type level. For those who don't know there are always sets w/ extra areas you can open in the game.

We got Swap on Wii U and I'm sure we'll be getting Trap as well. My PS3 is about 5 or 6 years old so getting a bit long in the tooth, I use it only when neccassary.



rjejr commented on Gallery: A Closer Look at the GameCube-Inspire...:

Really weird to be advertising a "wired" pad that is only wired to a Wiimote plus it's advertised as Wii U controller but the Wii U doesn't even come w/ a Wimote, you have to buy it separately. Maybe it's not false advertising, but it's extremely light on the details.

Which makes me think Nitnendo should have put a Wiimote port on the bottom of the Gamepad for all of us Clissic and Classic Pro owning folk.

Oh, NL had a nice photo a couple of months ago showing these plugged into Wiimotes.



rjejr commented on Yokai Watch 2 Passes Two Million Sales in Japa...:

What's with downplaying the Wii U increase? Sure 5,000 may not be huge but it's a nearly 50% increase. 50% increase w/o any new releases last week is a nice boost.

And it's crushing the now Tomb Raider free PS4 ;-)

Big shout out to SK2 at #3, you can never have enough boobage.



rjejr commented on Beautiful Limited Edition Super Smash Bros. 3D...:

Once again I'll be looking to buy a 3DS. Came close last month, glad I waited. Now to see if the US gets it.

Full price tacked onto the XL for a Digital DR has me less interested however. If they are going to charge the full price for the game then the full game car tide and box should be in the bundle. Should at least be a substantial discount.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ambitious amiibo Pla...:

@Ryu_Niiyama - OK, the new toys aren't backwards compatible, but they have all been forward compatible to this point.

So far I think we have seen the amibo in exactly 1 game. If there is footage of them actually working in more than 1 game please link to it, we'ld all love to see it.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ambitious amiibo Pla...:

This is the worst Green Goblin I have ever ever seen - thought it was the Abomination before I read his name - but this is what Disney is doing NOW:

And I'm no fan of Stitch, but Tinkerbell is probably more popular in the US than any but Mario.

Where art though amiibo?

Edit: I only saw the Disney Infinity 2.0 ad on the Wii U esh op after I posted this. Wonder if we'll ever see an amiibo ad on there?



rjejr commented on Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter Pack Poses...:

The biggest draw for Skylanders in our household is the couch co-op - my sons play together, my wife and I play together - so this is a non-starter for us. There's only 1 controller and a 7" screen doesn't match up to a 52" tv.

But if you have an only child, or only 1 child playing Skylanders, this is a nice way to kick that kid off the tv and let them play on the kitchen table or on the desk in their room.

I don't see this threatening the home consoles any, but the 3DS version may suffer.

Also, I see this getting returned alot, the android selection is very limited, and it doesn't support iPad 1 or 2.

iPads from the 3rd generation onward (that includes the iPad Air and the iPad Mini Retina), the Kindle Fire HDX, the Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro, the Tab S, the Note 10.1 (2014) and the Note Pro 12.2.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Unleashes An Awesome Trailer Showing ...:

@shigulicious - Before I even watched it I was thinking Nitnedo needs to get this out there.

@PvtOttobot - 2015 sums it up nicely.

Since E3 I've been thinking this would be a good holiday for Wii U to sell some, and the video makes me think it is good to be a Wii U owner, but I don't know how much Wii U will sell based on that video alone.

Can't we just say Nitnedo is a poorly managed company and be done w/ it? Bayonetta 2 out in Oct, only 2 months away, still no date. SSB "Winter 2014", no date. A kid friendly Capt Toad in Jan. is a big miss for Christmas. Kirby and Yoshi the 2D platformers also both in 2015.

I like my Wii U, glad I bought my Wii U, will be buying a lot of these games for our Wii U, but not sure if I would recommend a Wii U to anyone else right now. Show me a real SSB date and some amiibo figures on the shelf in Target and then I'll recommend it.

And it's probably just me, but that video was too much of a hodgepodge, it needed some semblance of order. Out now, coming soon, next year. Or maybe action, adventure, family fun. Something for people to focus on. And take Art Academy out compeltley, killed the mood. And don't have Sonic 2nd w/ that little "also on 3DS" disclaimer right after the big "ONLY on Wii U" headline. Nintendo is a mess.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Ambitious amiibo Pla...:

I think at this point the negatives in the article - no advertising, no price info, not necessary for any game, no game geared towards them, Disney and Skylanders figures already crowding shelves - far outweigh the pros - cool figures that peopel will want to buy and pu ton their shleves. That's really the only one.

Also, Disney and Skylanders figures may only work in 1 game - which is a lie as skylanders figures will soon work in 4 and Disny in 2 - but much more importantly - THEY WORK ON ALL PLATFORMS. amiibo will work ONLY on Wii U for the time being. If you own a store how much shelf space are you allotting for these compared to the others?



rjejr commented on Wii U System Update 5.1.1 is Now Available:

Any chance the stability helps w/ the Quick Menu? Every time I start WW HD fomr th equick menu the Wii U come s to a compelte halt w/ just Wii on th eTV. It' shappened aout 6 o r7 time sso I'm not trying again. IT happened 4 or 5 times w/ a disc in s I stopped leaving the disc in a nd it worke da few times but then it started freezing again so I'v ehad enough of the uickstart meu.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Network Maintenance Scheduled For Jus...:

@sinalefa - Sin my demo hating friend. Good news, just went thru the eShop adding stuuf to my Wish List and realized my calendar over floweth.

Sept - HW
Oct - B2, and 1
Sonic Boom
Skylanders Trap Team
Lego Batman 3
Nov and Dec - Capt Toad and SSB U

Wii U should be on everybodys wtshlist this holiday, something for everyone.

The 3DS gets Pokemon and SSB. Nintendo should have a good holiday.



rjejr commented on Link, Zelda, and Lana Show Their Moves in New ...:

Lana seems to be the best to me by far, but that makes sense as TK made her for the game and they make these games for a living. Zelda just looks boring, and Link as a "tank" character seems kind of weird, but of course we'll play him b/c he's Link, and my kids always like the tank characters. What boy doesn't?

So any worry that tonight's ND will just be all of these videos but in English? We've seen a TON of vids for this game but in Japanese. Not that it really matters for a game like this, but english would make it feel like it's really coming.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Network Maintenance Scheduled For Jus...:

Demo? Ha ha ha ha

If this did get rated M in the US that is not good, immediate no buy for us. Seems like a T though, no sex, no F bombs, no bloody be headings or dismemberments.

I think it's just late on the east coast b/c Nintendo is so random about these things. I mean why a Monday night, why not over the weekend, it's just a video on the next, they can upload it to YouTube when writing they want, the Live stream is usually a slide show anyway.



rjejr commented on You Won't Be Able To Cross Swords Online In Hy...:

@aaronsullivan - "Speaking as a parent:"

As a parent myself - 2 boys 9 and 11 - here's the problem w/ what you said (even though I agree w/ it). My 11 yr. old in middle school has lots of friends w/ Xbox360 who are always online w/ each other playing games. Probably games I wouldn't let him play, but the perception to him is thats how kids play together these days, online. My 9 year old has friends w/ PS3s who play online w/ each other, mostly Minecraft. Nobody they know has a Wii U (or X1 or PS4 either, working class neighborhood, or Vita but that's another story). My point is as kids we went over our friends houses to play vidoegames - mostly they came over mine, my dad was a tv repairman so we a had an old tv in every room w/ Atari and Pong and the like. Nowadays kids just play online, it's how it works today. Every game that Nitneod comes out w/ that doesn't have online multiplayer is a game that's being played less than those that do. My son has a friend over now and they are playing Minecraft on PS3, so it's not all or nothing, but kids these days expect online multiplayer. My wife is playing a board game w/ my older son, Stratego, so at least I have that going for me.