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rjejr commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

@JJtheTexan - Told him that 4 hours ago - see posts #27 and #37 - but glad to see I'm not the only 1 paying attention. :-) (Actually I didn't see the GoNintnedo website, just the original one.) Might as well link to that one also:

Well I've done my part and putting my money were my mouth is so to speak and just purchased 4 pre-order cards for SSB U, SSB 3DS, Omeaga Ruby and Alpha Sapphire at Target, so I hope didn't jinx anything.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

@WanderingPB - ""SSB demo fiasco" for the WiiU"

Well the Wii U would need to actually get a demo for that to happen. They had a huge E3 event so presumably they could put out a demo if they wanted too. Who knows? HW demo in Target makes me feel they haven't abandoned the concept entirely. Not expecting 1 for B2 though, too risque`. Captain Toad could use one, I feel he's getting lost in all the SSB U smoke. Not even rumours for his release date. Doesn't a presumably aimed at kids game deserve to be out and advertised before Black Friday?

I'm probably getting B2 for Christmas. Or a "new 3DS" depending on when it releases in the US. I'm not above getting myself a Xmas present a couple of weeks late :-)



rjejr commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

@SanderEvers - Yeah, I always try to add - "it could still come out on 11/21" - to all my comments. Where there's smoke there's fire, and it's been hard to see in here lately. But the title of this article says "Confirms" which seems a bit misleading, no, especailly in light of Nintnedo's denial?

I think Nintnedo intended for the game to release 11/21, but we've seen so little of it since E3 I'm just not sure they can make it. Would be nice though.

On the bright side, if it does come out the 21 maybe retailers will give us a free copy of Watch_Dogs w/ a SSB U purchase, it's the only way they'll unload those boxes now ;-)



rjejr commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

In case people don't want to read my really long (short by my standards) post above:

Nintnedo itself has apparnelty confirmed this was an error according to the original publisher here:


Contacted for clarification, Nintendo says that the release date specified in the advertisement is a mistake and that the output window remains end 2014 so we will have to wait a bit to get a date officially official release on Smash Bros Wii U!"

Yes, I know Nintneod coudl be lieing to keep a lid on things, or just to save face, but I'm still not circling the date on my calendar just yet, sorry.

@Damo - maybe a "rumour" on top would be appropriate? If you are going to report on the rumour maybe mention the rumour being debunked by some non-specific Nintnedo person?



rjejr commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

@OorWullie - Thanks for the heads up, I'm placing you in charge of all my good news delivery.

@BensonUii - You win gif of the day.

So, is it too much to ask for an officially official date from Nitneod now. Here in America we have a thing against the french (I don't know why, we just do.)

I know I should just accept this at face value b/c its an official Nintnedo ad, but I'm a NYer, jaded by nature, AND we just had Sakuai hint at a NON worldwide release. And the UK is getting Captain Toad in Jan, what if the US gets SSB U in Jan to balance things out? And it's SSB U, don't we at least deserve a Tweet or something when they reveal the date? I don't need an entire ND, just a Tweet from Iwta or Sakuai. Sakurai really does deserve to be the one announcing this offically on Miiverse w/ his Pic of the Day.

I know, I know, it's just been so long waiting I don't want false hope being popped.

Oh, and since I'm being such a Debbie downer anyway, where's the link, I've been all over the website - thank you googl etranslate - but I can't find it? I'm wondering if France has taken it down yet.

Edit - and in my never ending efforts to be a jerk, Nintnedo itself has apparnelty confirmed this was an error according to the original publisher here:

Contacted for clarification, Nintendo says that the release date specified in the advertisement is a mistake and that the output window remains end 2014 so we will have to wait a bit to get a date officially official release on Smash Bros Wii U!"



rjejr commented on Feature: We Go Hands On With SteamWorld Heist,...:

@Spoony_Tech - Bioshock music w/ that shot up metal sign, no way that's just a coincidence. I'm about halfway thru Infinite now. Well have been since PS+ got TR, now I'm halfway thru that as well. And stopped playing that and started Sly Cooper but I'm sill near the beginning of that :-)

Had no interest in Dig, but this caught my attention- Awesomenauts artwork/storyline w/ some Child of Light gameplay? Count me in.



rjejr commented on Video: Nintendo Goes For Drama and a Deep Voic...:

@TheLobster - I'm guessing the dancing Calvin and Hobbes pic means that's sarcasm.

Just b/c something makes sense doesn't mean that I'm not surprised that Nintendo actually went ahead and did it. Their biggest selling game for the holiday, SSB U, still doesn't have a release date even though we're now in the 2nd half of Sept. Neither does Captain Toad Treasure Tracker. Just b/c a company should do something that makes sense doesn't mean they do it. So yes, a commercial for a Nintendo game on tv, regardless of the time or channel, I'm shocked.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (Europe):

@readyletsgo - Having a sale on a good game is good, but it's the timing that bothers me. It's like they want everyone to buy the first game before we realize we aren't getting the 2nd which they just announced last week.

Yeah, maybe Wii U or 3DS will get a complete version on cartridge or disc after the 4 episodes release, maybe Nintendo doesn't want episodic content on it's systems, but we don't know yet if the game will come to Nintendo systems. If and when they announce that it is coming, then by all means put the first game on sale.



rjejr commented on Masahiro Sakurai Confirms Plans to Continue Su...:

Wii U release date after Christmas in the west looking likely then. Its Sept 16 and still no date, thats cutting it a tad close even for Nintendo. And if they are planning on waiting until after 3DS releases Oct 3rd they're inflicting unneccassary pain on their fans.

If they dont want to give us a date Iwata can at least make an announcement gauranteeing it before Christmas. All those reports everywhere about the Meyer 11/21 rumour and Nintendo doesnt even respond? A little communication please is all I ask.

Oh, and we still need a Captain Toad date. A game that quirky looking is going to need some advertising going up against SSB U, Skylanders and Disney Infinity. Get the lead out Nintendo.

At least I did see a HW commercial on TV last night. And Bayonetta 2 is adult so that wont be competing w/ CT:TT. And I dont think B2 will get a lot of mainstream advertising anyway, hopefully some gaming magaxines and websites will cover it, its a gamers game.



rjejr commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

Sakurai has been working so diligently w/ the pic of the day they should let him give the Wii U release dste w/ one. Maybe he can use that Meyer GC offer for the pic ;-)

Has anybody seen a pic of the Wii U menu? Im still hoping for a wara wara like hub world plaza.



rjejr commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Sells Over ...:

@Punished_Boss - I think the wii U version still being undated in the 2nd half of Sept (16th today) might have more to do w/ bad sales than however the 3DS version sold. And coming out after BF, or after Christmas, would mean it sells very slightly worse. But I get your point, people keep buying 3DS until we get a date. You think 11/21 is factual?

3DS is doomed! (30 comments and nobody said it yet, you guys are slacking.)



rjejr commented on Video: Nintendo Goes For Drama and a Deep Voic...:

@VolcanoFlamesNL - Tried about an hour ago - US on Wii U - and got the message, figured it was my Wi-Fi so didnt pay it much nevermind. Glad to know it wasn't just me though, 1 less thing I need to worry about.

@GregDavisBlows - Holy frijoles glad you asked. 10:15PM on Cartoon Network during American Dad. I was just flipping round and there it was. I was shocked. But yes, it really is on tv.



rjejr commented on Video: Nintendo Goes For Drama and a Deep Voic...:

"Nintendo of America is gearing up a TV ad campaign"

I never thought I'ld see "NOA" and "tv ad" in the same sentence. Maybe the ice bucket challenge woke Reggie up.

Wow, that was like a real commercial from back in the 80's. I'm impressed. The only downside - or maybe it's NInteod's secret upside - is that for the first 10 seconds I thought it was a commercial for the new Skylanders game. The sky background, Eons voice over, the green guy at the 5 sec mark looks like Glumshanks.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (Europe):

@RainbowGazelle - Ah, the separate outfits at different retailers problem. Yeah, not a big fan of that either. But then I'm not a fan of pre-ordering digitally, day 1 DLC that you have to pay for, or anything else that makes the games cost more than what they say the price is. "Season Pass" too. I didn't really think about the costumes though as to me that's more a pre-order bonus issue than a DLC issue and I guess I'm kid of used to it at this point. Bought LBP2 Collectors ed several years ago and got a ton of "exclusive" outfits that I'm pretty sure have all been available on PSN by now.

I'm not sure where I'm getting HW from as I haven't seen too many offers. Amazon used to charge $1 for release date delivery but now its $8. Target didn't have any of those $5 pre-order GC that I usually get. Kmart isn't big on cupons like they used to be. I'm all out of trade-in credit at Gamestop. Might have to buy it full price day 1. Haven't done that in years. MK8 doesn't count as we got WW HD for free and that's a $50 game. And a free $10 steering wheel. And a $5 GC at Target. If I pay attention to costumes I'll go crazy, so I'll be happy w/ my free Gandorf ones from Club Nintendo.



rjejr commented on Ubisoft Confirms Just Dance 2015's Full Tracklist:

Dead or Alive. SammyB is going to be happy he quotes that song about once a month.

Even Bonnie Tyler herself must eonder what shes doing on that list, for some reason she just jumped out at me.

I still cant tell the difference between Iggy and Ariana. Im not getting old, I am old.



rjejr commented on Feature: Ahead Of Hyrule Warriors, We Take A L...:

Can we edit out the last few paragraphs about DQ:H please? My face gets slapped enough around here as it is - RE:R2, AC5.

The Wii did get Sengoku Basara: Samurai Heroes. Not much of a difference from the Warriors games as far as I could tell for anybody who wants togive one of these a go.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (Europe):

@RainbowGazelle - "After the crap Nintendo is pulling with Hyrule Warriors' DLC"

OK, I'll bite, what's the problem? All I can find on Google is free DLC and the promise of more in the future. ALl fine w/ me.

I'll tell ya what bites though, Capcom giving us a sale on RE:R the same week they announce every system BUT Wii U is getting the sequel. PlayStation 4, PlayStation 3, Xbox One, Xbox 360, and PC. Screw them.

So everybody, that means you @RedDevilAde, DON'T BUY RE:R!!

On a brighter note, glad to see all the HW love (playable demo at Target and Gamestop in the US). We'll be getting it on disc as well.



rjejr commented on Carbon Fire Studio Launching Frenchy Bird On W...:

After spending hours defending Spikey Walls I dont feel like defending a game named Frenchy Bird b/c it sounds too much like Flappy Bird - 2 syllable F word followed by bird. This does at least look different though, so if he changes the name to "Paris Pigeon" I would be ok with it. I know that may seem nit picky and semantics to some, but for me its sll about first impessions and what comes up when you Search. If you type in Bird you shouldnt get 2 very similar games.



rjejr commented on The GameCube is 13 Years Old:

@E_Blackadder - I think you're the only person I know who beat Luigis Mansion. Everybody got to the boss, but nobody beat the boss.

Starfox Adventures is still one of my all time favorite games. Super Mario Sunshine was great (I think the only game in the history of X-Play I saw Adam Sessler like.) Luigi of course. Pikmin. Thats about it, but that was more than enough for a console I bought the day after it dropped to $99.



rjejr commented on Retailer Lists Super Smash Bros. Wii U for 21s...:

@JaxonH - "If Smash U comes out within 12 days of Nov 21, who cares."

Everybody on here who says it has to come out before BF, b/c 12 days after the 21st is after BF. And if the date was Dec 21 I would say the same about coming out after Christmas.

12 days may not matter during most of winter, spring, summer and fall, but between mid-Nov and late Dec 12 days could mean a lot.

Personally I think it could come out Dec 25, Dec 26, Jan 1 or Mothers Day and still be a big hit, this is a must buy game for Wii U owners, not W101. That said sales would be better pre BF or pre Christmas than they would be after.



rjejr commented on Retailer Lists Super Smash Bros. Wii U for 21s...:

@sinalefa - Consnses seems to be Pokemon and SSB U on the same day is ok since they are on different systems.

If it does turn out that's the case - I'm not saying it isnt' coming out the 21, just that I'm not putting it on my calendar yet - then I hope they make a big advertising push and call it "Offical Nintneod HoliDay" or something. These 2 (actually 3) games plus the amiibo, all releasing on the same day. How could they not advertise that?



rjejr commented on Weirdness: Playing as Peach Online is Triggeri...:

Considering how heavy handed N usually is w/ these things I'm surprised they haven't shut down online entirely, that seems to be their MO when faced w/ adversity.

Has anyone been banned for using the new Zero Suit bikini Samus yet?



rjejr commented on Retailer Lists Super Smash Bros. Wii U for 21s...:

Already discussed this ad nauseum last night w/ @JaxonH but here are a few tidbits to rain on everyone's parade:

The 11/21 date was given by a distributing company before summer as seen in this youtube video so it's probably just a very early placeholder date:

Target still has pre-order GC like this for SSB for 3DS that say Summer 2014 at the bottom. I don't care what continent or hemisphere you live on Oct 3 is NOT summer.

Probably sometime after Nintnedo gave out a distribution date it gave the date for Pokmeon AS/OR for Nov 21 b/c it knew SSB U wouldn't be ready by that date. Are they really going to release both of those games on the same day?

Nintendo just had an eight hour Treehouse special on Friday, if SSB U had a date we probably would have gotten it then.

SSB for 3DS comes out Oct. 3, Nov 21 seems a bit too soon, no?

Captain Toad Treasure Tracker still doesn't have a US release date, probably b/c they are waiting until they can finish SSB U and get that dated. Even if they knew behind closed doors the SSB U date but were holding it back why not announce the CT:TT release date, we already know it's Jan 2015 in the EU?

CT:TT must be close to done to get an EU release date of Jan, why doesn't NA have a date besides waiting on SSB U to get dated first?

11/21 makes a whole lot of sense, and it may yet come out that day, but I'm not believing it until Nintendo says so.



rjejr commented on Preview: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Go...:

@JaxonH - So as it turns out I had my Club Nintendo notification turned off b/c I have a family account so my wife (who has her own account for her 3DS linked to mine) and 2 kids who each have sub-accounts get the emails so I don't. I do get a lot of Nintendo email anyway even w/ the notification turned off but it was off. It's on now just in case the Wii U version gets a demo ;-) Oh, and thanks again



rjejr commented on A 3DS Can be Used as a Controller in Super Sma...:

@fluggy - If you have friends who own a 3DS but not a copy of SSB for 3DS then you need new friends :-)

Seriously though, I already just commented about the DLC route above so I agree w/ you there, but I think at this point we have more questions than answers about how all this stuff works since the Wii U version isn't out yet. Or even dated for that matter. But I can see Nintneod going this route to promote sales of both versions of the game, but I can also imagine the 3DS working fine as a controller w/o a 3DS version of the game except maybe then it would work more like a Pro w/o anything on the 3DS screens.

On the other hand who knows, maybe we are all reading this backwards, and it's not about using the 3DS to control the Wii U version of the game but it's about having the 3DS version of the game appear on the tv for onlookers to watch at tournaments. (Why you would want to play the 4 player 3DS version if you had a Wii U and that verison of the game I don't know, but it's a possibility I suppose.)

Like I said, more questions than answers, but at least it looks good going forward, wherever forward may lead.



rjejr commented on A 3DS Can be Used as a Controller in Super Sma...:

@beautifulstrong - There's nothing magical about software code. If Nintendo can write some code to let the 3DS work as a controller for SSB on Wii U then it can get it to work as a controller for any Wii U game even if it meant DLing a bit of code for each game from the 3DS eShop, though I suspect they'll do something in a firmware update that will link the 2 systems permanently. I would be surprised if the chip in the Gamepad that links it to the Wii U isn't in the new 3DS. Ever move a Wiimote to a different Wii or Wii U just press a couple of buttons to link them. W/ the PS3 you can bring a controller to a friends house and link it to their PS3. Sony promotes Vita as a way to play PS4 games remotely. The Wii U and 3DS, at least the new models, will link just fine without SSB being in either system, don't worry. But it's smart for them to do it this way at first to promote sales of both versions of the game. Probably after the new 3DS models release this will become bigger news.

Now if Nintendo would just go the final step and let us play our 3DS games on the TV thru the Wii U that would be great. Sony is releasing PS TV to play Vita games on the tv but it's severely crippled.



rjejr commented on SmileBASIC Will Bring Petit Computer Game Deve...:

Probably pick it up for my 9 year old as he's been trying to learn similar stuff in RPG Maker and he wants to make his own mods for the soon to be acquired by Microsoft Minecraft. So far Im impressed he can get Sourceforge and the mods installed. The 11 year old is signing up for computer club on Tues so he msy want this as well.

I was writing my own programs in BASIC back in the early 80s and I have no desire to go back.



rjejr commented on Preview: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Go...:

@JaxonH - "empty shelves on Black Friday."

They won't have empty shelves on BF, if SSB U isn't ready they'll put out CT:TT instead, which is why it odens't have a date yet, it's waiting on SSB U to get dated first. And Pokemon AS/OR is on the 21st.

But I do hope you're right, the amiibo need to get out there ASAP but they need SSB U unless they repackage MK8 w/ the amiibo support. Has Nintendo ever repackaged a game before like Capcom does w/ Monster Hunter and Squenix w/ just about all their big JRPG? They could repackage MK8 w/ the amiibo support, the Nov DLC on disc and 3DS controller support, just in time for the holidays. I think LBP 2 had a Move ed retail release as well. Gotta have an amiibo game to sell amiibo me thinks.



rjejr commented on Preview: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Go...:

@JaxonH - "I KNOW it's good lol.

No, you know its easy and you can't die, good is highly subjective. :-) If you get the chance to play the demo Link w/ the fire staff was the best, Zelda was quick w/ her sword, Midna was too floaty and just not fun unfortunately b/c she looks great in the trailers. But overall the game is very pretty w/ a lot of action and variety. Only downside - no jump button, and ground pound is always my favorite move in any game. But theres enough other moves in this game to keep it fun.



rjejr commented on Preview: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Go...:

@JaxonH - You should know better than to get me started sleuthing ;-)

This youtube vid was released back on July 21 showing the date as 11/21

Which a lesser, or at least happier, man than I would say - "well, there's your collaborative proof". But I say - not so fast. 11/21 was likely put in a system somewhere long ago, and Meyer got that date from the system to produce those cards. But this is Nintendo, and that date isn't official any more than all those cards at Target that say "Summer 2014" for SSB 3DS.

I'm sure Nintendo gave that date, and I'm sure they're shooting for it and want to release the Friday before BF, but I don't think SSB U is close enough to done yet for them to have a rock solid date. Edit: and I don't think they'll release the same day as Pokemon. I think Pokemon got that date after this vid info was entered into the system.

Oh, and in case I forgot to mention it, I think Captain Toad is done but they can't date it until they know when they can really get SSB U on the shleves so they can release them a few weeks apart. I'm sure CTTT is doesn't though b/c EU has the Jan date.



rjejr commented on Preview: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Go...:

@JaxonH - "Amazon Germany outed Nov 21 release date for Amiibo which releases same day. And there was another leaked date through another retailer, also Nov 21"

Didn't' know about any of that but amiibo need to be the same day as SSB U. And Pokemon too? Might as well make 11/21 an official Nintendo holiday :-)

Oh yeah, I am excited, if it's real, though I'ld rather Nintnedo announce themselves before leaks. 4 day SSB Thanksgiving weekend and then LBP 3, Batman 3, Captain Toad and Bayonetta 2 for Christmas. Played the Hyrule Warriors demo in Gamestop and Target, we'll be getting that Day 1. :-)



rjejr commented on Preview: Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Go...:

@JaxonH - Thank you. Got the code, typed it in wrong - 4, 5 what's the difference? - deleted about 5 other demos to make room for the 1044 blocks, and my kids are playing it now. So again, thank you.

As for that 11/21 release date. Nintendo better hope it's wrong b/c if that's the way the news is going to break, well I'm not saying a date needs an ND, they should just announce it whenever, but they should be the one announcing it, not Meyers. And I was in Target yesterday, the 3DS version cards still say Summer 2014, so as that article said those cards aren't always correct.

Oh, I played the demo once, as Megaman against Link and the red Megaman who looks like Protoman, and I knocked them each off twice while I stayed alive throughout, so I'm retiring w/ a perfect record. :-)

Edit - SSB U same day as Pokemon AS/OR? Does that make sense?



rjejr commented on A 3DS Can be Used as a Controller in Super Sma...:

@sinalefa - I'll shut up about dual Gamepad support when...

oh, who are we kidding, I never shut up about anything. -)

So you like the name "new 3DS" huh? So 3 years from now after the old 3DS models are long forgotten and the new expensive 4DSU come out you don't think it will be odd some kid walking into a store and asking for the "new 3DS"? That's the problem w/ new", it won't be new forever. I think Apple used iPad, iPad 2, new iPad, iPad Air. New iPad wasn't very new after Air came out, though I do think this is the last redesign of 3DS before whatever comes next so Nintendo won't have that problem.

Oh, and what happens after the "new 3DS" comes out and some grade school kid gets a new - to him or her - old model 3DS for their birthday b/c their parents saw it on clearance and they bring it to school to show all their friends their new 3DS but it isn't' really a new 3DS. Poor poor kid:

(warning, may not be safe for work)



rjejr commented on Nintendo Patent Hints at Pokémon Standalone C...:

@Zombie_Barioth - "Those go for $70"

The 2DS, while MSRP at $129, always seems to be on sale for $99. So is a 1 trick Pokemon machine worth $70 when you can get all the 3DS has to offer for $99? I just don't see how Nintendo can make something more child friendly and cheaper than the 2DS already is, yet still have it be worth a purchase.



rjejr commented on Talking Point: The Super Smash Bros. 3DS Demo ...:

demo publicity is great, game is obviously great, sales will be great, "new 3DS" sales will be great, old special edition SSB 3DS XL models will be great

And now, if we can move onto the bigger question - what is going to make the Wii U version of SSB sell after 40mil and counting 3DS owners buy the 3DS version?

And that's not a threat, it's honest anticipation that Nintendo must have something to show us for the Wi U version b/c we really haven't see anything yet.