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Wed 29th Apr 2009

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RJay commented on New Super Mario Bros. Wii also confirmed for N...:

I too am concerned about how the single player mode will turn out. Even if I could make gamer friends, it's not like they're constantly going to come over every night to play. A lot of times I'll be alone



RJay commented on Braben: Many Wii Owners Don't Realise They Can...:

The XBox Live has numerous incentives for going online, not just movie streaming, but a real online community filled with people you can interact with during the game. If only it had Nintendo games, it might be perfect.



RJay commented on Wii Version of Madden NFL 10 Selling Poorly:

The Wii is capable of much better graphics than that. If anything, they should have just reused Madden 09 graphics and added more online options.

The problem was dumbing down the graphics and dumbing down the game. Madden is for HARDCORE fans, and it always will be. You either go all out to please the hardcore fans, or you go all out to please the casuals, but with this game it's a mistake to go in between since a better experience can be had on the PS3 and 360 versions.



RJay commented on That Earthworm Jim WiiWare Game? Yep, A Remake:

Remakes are bad because they are taking away resources that could be used to make an original game. Instead of making a remake of a game that's already on VC, Gameloft could have been making new ideas for a sequel.



RJay commented on Review: Bit Boy!! (WiiWare):

It needs an online leaderboard. I watched that YouTube video review of it by Demon 212 or whoever...and he went on and on about how online leaderboards aren't needed because you can call your friends and ask them about their high scores. But he's can't call your friends and ask them their scores...because not enough people have this game!! It really could have used a worldwide online leaderboard.....



RJay commented on Super Smash Bros. Available on VC This Friday:

The problem with no online options...
is that not everyone is fortunate enough to have friends that enjoy video games.
It's easy for people to say, "Oh yeah just get people to come around your tv like the old days"

It's not that simple for everyone.



RJay commented on The NintendoPhone: Not Happening, Says Reggie:

Nintendo doesn't even let us communicate in games!!! lololol it would be the irony of all ironies if the DS became a phone, when you aren't even allowed to write text messages through Nintendo games.



RJay commented on New Magnetis WiiWare Screenshots:

It will just encourage bad puzzle games from developers trying to copy a good one. WiiWare needs different genres anyway, it shouldn't be 70% puzzle, 1% platform.