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Male, 30, Brazil

I've been a gamer since 1990, when I got my NES and Master System. I love Nintendo because they're are a haven of personality and witty gameplay in an era when everyone puts way too much stock on cinematics and gritty realism. Also a huge fan of Civilization and Magic Online on my PC.

Fri 19th April, 2013

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ricklongo commented on Out Now: Super Smash Bros. for Wii U, amiibo a...:

I'll go to a couple local stores during lunch break today, intening to get Smash, Watch Dogs, and a couple amiibos. Sadly, release date isn't always accurate where I live, so there's a big chance I'll have to wait a bit more. Bummer.



ricklongo commented on Anniversary: 20 Years Ago Today, Rare Resurrec...:

Okay, I need that cake in my life.

Ahem, either way, Donkey Kong Country is, tied with Zelda and Mother/Earthbound, my favorite Nintendo series. I got a chance to first experience the original in December, 1994, and it changed the way I looked at games forever.

Long live this awesome franchise. May Nintendo of America give us Virtual Console entries in the near future, and may Retro include animal buddies in the next title of the series. :)



ricklongo commented on Feature: Kickstarter's Wii U and 3DS Campaigns...:

A Wizard's Day is looking much better now, but I just can't stand that rigid, slow pacing. I'd definitely back it if this particular aspect got changed into a more fluid, more top-down-Zelda-like movement pattern.



ricklongo commented on Feature: The Wii U is Two Years Old, But How's...:

I love my Wii U. My one qualm with it is the vast amounts of empty weeks when it comes to AAA releases. The first half of this year was especially preposterous, with only Donkey Kong and Mario Kart as big games that got my attention. Sadly, if Nintendo doesn't delve into the war chest to fund more third-party exclusives and fill in the gaps, things are likely to remain similar in that regard.

Either way, I do love it to bits - the AAA games we do have are pretty amazing overall, and there are more and more incredible e-Shop games being released all the time.



ricklongo commented on Review: Pokémon Omega Ruby and Alpha Sapphire...:

Soar is the one reason why I'll consider getting these remakes in the future, because it looks awesome. I was kind of disappointed with X & Y, truth be told - the rollerblade movement felt super awkward, some camera angles were just too annoying, and mega-evolutions have to be the most half-assed major idea I've ever seen from the series. I felt those games were just more of the same for a series that (for me at least) desperately needs good new ideas.



ricklongo commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Claims Seco...:

Bayonetta 2 wasn't really likely to chart in this particular Top 10, which, as a monthly affair, tends to be dominated by multiplatform titles, especially ones which have been available since the beginning of the month (for obvious reasons). I did read somewhere that it was the #1 selling game on its first week with over 100k copies, outselling the first Bayonetta on both PS3 and Xbox 360.

EDIT: VGchartz says it was #1 both in the USA (121,752 copies) and globally (199,093 copies) last week. The game certainly didn't "flop" as some people say; it's just obviously not gonna sell as much as multiplatform titles or tried-and-true franchises like Smash.



ricklongo commented on Review: Tengami (Wii U eShop):

A David Wise soundtrack means it deserves my attention at the very least. Sadly, it's being released at pretty packed time, and I'm not sure the slow-paced gameplay will be exactly the kind of thing I enjoy, which means I'll probably wait on it.



ricklongo commented on Shulk amiibo Listed as GameStop Exclusive in t...:

This is such a shady practice. It's okay for special editions of games and the like, as long as the game itself can still be gotten from other places, but this is an actual game-relevant object that can only be gotten from a specific chain.

I hope this doesn't mean there will be no Shulks in my country, since I'm in the Americas and there's no Gamestop here.



ricklongo commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:

@Luffymcduck Problem is, if I skip the cutscenes, I miss out on the plot. Not that it has the greatest plot ever, but still.

I like cutscenes when they're used with care, in smaller numbers, to complement the worldbuilding you experience by simply playing the game. Some games, however, rely on them so much to tell a linear story that I feel I spend as much time going through half-assed dialogue as I do actually playing. Bayonetta 2 stages feature what, four or five cutscenes EACH? This gets in the way of the game's greatest asset, which is the combat.



ricklongo commented on Shigeru Miyamoto Outlines Core Nintendo Philos...:

I share Miyamoto's concerns.

Yes, I love it when a game has a touching storyline, such as Earthbound. What I don't enjoy is when a game keeps breaking my flow constantly by employing cutscene after cutscene (a problem I'm having right now with Bayonetta 2), or when it tries to emulate complicated decision-making by making extensive use of quick-time events.

Gamemaking is an art form in and off itself; it doesn't need to justify itself by trying to emulate filmmaking or literature.



ricklongo commented on Review: Costume Quest 2 (Wii U eShop):

I got this day one, finished it with 100% completion in four days, and I had a hell of a time. The only real flaws I saw was the frame rate problem mentioned in the review, and the lack of gamepad usage - it would be perfect to display the Y menu constantly.

Other than that, it's a great, great little experience. Unless you like your RPGs to be insane stat-crunching affairs, you should totally give this one a shot. An 8 all the way for me.



ricklongo commented on Nintendo Download: 6th November (North America):

I want Pier Solar, but things are looking pretty grim wallet-wise this month (TOO MANY RELEASES!), so I'll wait on it for a while. Plus, I just got Bayonetta 2 last night, which is probably gonna dominate my gaming time for the next few weeks.



ricklongo commented on I'll Take Zelda And Mario Over Sharing Call Of...:

I completely agree with the spirit of what he's trying to convey. Nintendo just shouldn't try to be a triplet to the Xbox/PS twins. It needs to do its own thing, and I firmly believe it can succeed in doing so.

That said, they need to be more aggressive when it comes to third parties. Put the war chest to work and fund more EXCLUSIVE (that part is important) third party games, like they did with Bayonetta 2. Make a deal with Capcom about Mega Man, which is pretty much guaranteed to be a best seller AND to move Wii U consoles if it's exclusive. Go aggressively after the next home console Dragon Quest game, for another good example. Make deals with third-party studios to bring new IPs to the fray.

Diversity is very important, but what's also important is a constant stream of new releases. The Wii U got some pretty good retail games this year (and will still get some more), but the wait was almost agonizing, since they were few and far between.

I think they're making good steps in that direction, if their tentative 2015 lineup is to be taken for granted. But they still need a lot more than that to become competitive in this generation.



ricklongo commented on The Legend Of Zelda: Majora's Mask Confirmed F...:

Oh, yes. This is one of the very few Zelda games I haven't played, and I'll be happy to rectify that on my 3DS.

Now I only need an HD remake of Skyward Sword with regular controls, and I'll be pretty much done with my backlog in the series. :)



ricklongo commented on SEGA Outlines Impressive Plans For Sonic Boom ...:

I'll wait for the reviews, but I'm cautiously optimistic about the Wii U game. I don't think it's gonna be revolutionary, but I hope it's a good 3D platformer. Those are sadly few and far between these days (or drowned in extra costs, like Skylanders or Disney Infinity).



ricklongo commented on New Nintendo Direct Airing 5th November:

Can I get a YAY? Or a FINALLY? Or at the very least a DON'T EVER LEAVE ME AGAIN?

EDIT: So, maybe my theory of the lack of multi-game Directs having to do with Iwata's unavailability was correct? I certainly hope so, which would point for a better 2015 in that regard.



ricklongo commented on Luigi's Mansion Arcade May Potentially Be a Th...:

I'm pretty sure this will be less exploration-driven and more "gimmicky", since it's arcades we're talking about.

Myself, I really want a Luigi's Mansion 3, preferrably for the Wii U in glorious HD. Dark Moon was such an excellent game.



ricklongo commented on Interview: Still Games Discusses Kickstarting ...:

@EdEN Quite a few games, actually: Lobodestroyo, Earthlock: Festival of Magic, Hive Jump. There were also others that I didn't back, but followed closely, like Shovel Knight and Mighty No. 9, and all of those had the Wii U tier at the same level as other platforms.

In fact, I think this might be the very first project I've ever seen that has the Wii U at a higher tier.

About the specific addons for the $25 tier, I do know it gets you more than the Wii U game. Problem is, there is no reason for me to pay extra, because I just want the Wii U game. I was surprised when I realized they didn't have an option for that. Like I said, it's the first time I've ever seen a Kickstarter project go this route.



ricklongo commented on Interview: Still Games Discusses Kickstarting ...:

@EdEN Every Kickstarter I backed so far had the Wii U at the same price point as the other platforms. Having it as a premium addon here, sadly, will lose them quite a few Wii U backers, especially since chances are the game will cost less than $25 when/if it's released on the platform (keep in mind that the $25 tier also includes a PC game on top of the Wii U code, meaning the standalone Wii U game itself would be cheaper than that).



ricklongo commented on Interview: Still Games Discusses Kickstarting ...:

I've been keeping an eye on this one, and it looks very intriguing. I hope they make it, but I'm afraid I won't be able to contribute at this time - my gaming budget is already 100% allocated for the remainder of 2014, sadly.

I do think they will reach the goal, and I'm definitely going to be getting it when it's released.