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Male, 31, Brazil

I've been a gamer since 1990, when I got my NES and Master System. I love Nintendo because they're are a haven of personality and witty gameplay in an era when everyone puts way too much stock on cinematics and gritty realism. Also a huge fan of Civilization and Magic Online on my PC.

Fri 19th April, 2013

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ricklongo commented on Video: Splatoon Co-Director Tsubasa Sakaguchi ...:

@shani The local multiplayer mode is nothing at all like the online, but I'm sure you know it.

2-on-2 split screen local multiplayer (or even a 4-on-4 online mode that lets you play with three friends locally on your team) would be an absolute dream for me. As much as I've been enjoying the game online, it's really not the same as having a few friends around to laugh and have fun with you.



ricklongo commented on Video: Splatoon Co-Director Tsubasa Sakaguchi ...:

@rjejr Ha, the moment I saw that question I knew you'd be here. :P

I really do want multiple gamepad support, but I want split-screen local play in Splatoon even more. I'm sure they could come up with an acceptable way to do the squid jump without the touchscreen.



ricklongo commented on Genyo Takeda The Likely Choice For Nintendo Pr...:

I really don't get the Miyamoto speculation, as I don't believe he would even want the job. I get the feeling he'll want to spend his last years before retirement overseeing game design rather than the "business" side of the company.



ricklongo commented on Yoshi's Woolly World Has Limited Impact in Jap...:

Yoshi's Woolly World sold about on par with Tropical Freeze, which perhaps shows the Japanese market getting a bit tired of sidescrollers. It's too bad, too, because they're still one of my favorite genres, but on the bright side perhaps this will push Nintendo to try 3D platformers in a big way once again?



ricklongo commented on Playtonic Happy to Move Away From "Box-Ticking...:

Sea of Thieves had me excited up until I realized it's a MMO. No, thanks.

Either way, Yooka-Laylee is my most anticipated 2016 game bar none at this point - even more so than Zelda, at least until we find out more details about that one.



ricklongo commented on Video: Check Out Splatoon's New Octobrush & N-...:

This new N-Zap looks like exactly the ranged weapon I've been waiting for, with those sub / special weapons. Can't wait to give it a try, but sadly I don't think I'll be able to in the near future, as I'm in the middle of a massive cross-country moving process. Oh well, I'll get to it soon enough.



ricklongo commented on First Impressions: Trying to Believe in Devil'...:

Can't say I'm surprised, but it's disappointing nonetheless.

This was never going to be my kind of game, but I was eager to support it and give it a try. Now I guess it will depend on when it's released, or whether it gets discounted in the near future.



ricklongo commented on Rumour: Nintendo Isn't Bringing Devil's Third ...:

@DiscoGentleman They probably would have bought the game. These are hardcore fans, the ones who likely got stuff like The Wonderful 101. Nintendo's issue is likely more with their less enfranchised customers.

Either way, sad news. I'm not a shooter fan but was still interested in giving this a try.



ricklongo commented on Wii and Wii U Get Special Treatment for Skylan...:

I'm happy to see Nintendo go after this kind of third-party partnership. It's a pity that the family-friendly games companies like Activision or Ubisoft release these days don't really interest me, and as such I'm not likely to take advantage of such partnerships in the near future (since these games are the most likely candidates to get extras on Nintendo platforms).



ricklongo commented on Two More New Weapons Are Coming To Splatoon To...:

@shani It got weakened, but it still has been working fine for me. The thing is that, with a roller, you'll sometimes want to venture far into enemy territory to cover ground. In these situations, the kraken is awesome because it not only allows you to become invulnerable when enemies inevitably show up, but also gives you a way to easily dispatch them AND the extra speed to quickly get somewhere else. It just complements the roller's traits so well.



ricklongo commented on Poll: Does Nintendo's Drive Towards Multiplaye...:

I have Mario Kart 8 and Smash on my Wii U, and those are likely to remain the games I'll play whenever my friends come over. That's mostly why I'm not very interested in further multiplayer games for Wii U. That, and single-player is definitely my preferred way to play the vast majority of the time.

As for 3DS, well, it's always been and will always be mostly a single-player machine for me. Without the couch and the big screen, it just doesn't appeal much to me as a multiplayer platform.