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Male, 31, Brazil

I've been a gamer since 1990, when I got my NES and Master System. I love Nintendo because they're are a haven of personality and witty gameplay in an era when everyone puts way too much stock on cinematics and gritty realism. Also a huge fan of Civilization and Magic Online on my PC.

Fri 19th Apr 2013

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ricklongo commented on Review: The Legend of Legacy (3DS):

The smaller scale, without new towns to explore or environmental puzzles to keep thing from being repetitive, is what bums me out. Although thank goodness you don't have to draw maps - I absolutely can't stand Etrian Odyssey because of that.



ricklongo commented on Two Wii U Hits Are Included in TIME's Top 10 G...:

This was definitely an interesting year in that Nintendo released a bunch of forgettable titles, but also at least two of the defining Wii U games in Splatoon and Mario Maker. Personally, I'd rather get a more solid lineup all around, even if it means not getting stuff quite as brilliant as those two.



ricklongo commented on Poor Odds of The Binding of Isaac: Afterbirth ...:

It does amaze me that a game like Binding of Isaac requires so much horsepower. If the Wii U can handle Bayonetta 2 ar 60 FPS, I'm pretty sure it can handle Afterbirth if the programmers half know what they're doing.

Either way, I hate those attention-whoring developers that try to stir up drama on twitter. Makes me kinda glad I didn't buy his game.



ricklongo commented on Video: Remembering Bubsy The Bobcat, The 16-bi...:

Here's an excerpt of a similar article 20 years from now:

"Remember Battlefield? Battlefront? How about Rainbow Six? The HD era was flooded with such me-too first-person shooters from a wide range of publishers, largely spurred on by the incredible success of Call of Duty and Half-Life."

Myself, I'd take mascot platformers, thank you very much.



ricklongo commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

@Caryslan "Stick it to Sony"? Yeah, that'll really show them, apart from the fact that Final Fantasy VII is getting an exclusive Playstation 4 remake. Just like Ryu is so gonna piss off those Sony fans who will be playing the actual SFV early next year.

And if you think Yamauchi would applaud this, you probably didn't really follow the man's actions during his presidency. Final Fantasy VII is one of the most infamous double-crossings he ever suffered at Nintendo, making him go as far as say he'd never work with Square Enix again. In fact, SE wouldn't have another game on a Nintendo console until Iwata's presidency.

Plus, what @sillygostly said.



ricklongo commented on Square Enix Confirms Details of Gorgeous Final...:

2016 is gonna be the exact opposite of 2015 for me, at least when it comes to the 3DS. This year I got a grand total of one retail release for the console (two with Yokai Watch, which I'll probably get in the next few weeks). Next year, there's already Dragon Quest VII & VIII, Fire Emblem, Final Fantasy Explorers, Mega Man Legacy, and Bravely Second. And those are only the must-have, day-one buys.



ricklongo commented on Final Fantasy's Cloud Is Set To Cause Some Str...:

In an otherwise awesome Direct, this was the big WTF moment for me.

I mean, Ryu at least has history with Nintendo - Street Fighter II timed exclusivity was a big trump card for the SNES back in the 16-bit era. But Cloud Strife? Cloud freaking Strife?

I'm pretty sure Mr. Yamauchi is rolling in his grave.



ricklongo commented on Capcom "Will Consider The Possibility" Of Supp...:

To be perfectly honest, I think Nintendo is strictly forbidding third-parties of even mentioning NX plans. Just take a look at how quickly Square Enix tried to save face after they announced their Dragon Quest plans.

Not sure why Nintendo would do that, but it's certainly what it seems to be happening.



ricklongo commented on Minecraft Wii U Edition Has Been Rated By PEGI:

This is great news, obviously, but it reminds me of Nintendo's third party strategy during Wii U release: hey, here are all those games that have already been available for a million years on every other platform! Having the option is nice (and I may even get it eventually, because the gamepad seems great for it), but this is not really a recipe for success, like history shows.



ricklongo commented on Review: Yo-Kai Watch (3DS):

Last year, Fantasy Life acted as a reminder for me of just how awesome Level-5 are. This alone made me decide to give this a try.

This is gonna be one of my holiday gifts to myself, along with Xenoblade X (although that one is gonna be a day-one buy for sure).



ricklongo commented on The Game Awards Will Take Place on 3rd December:

I'm more interested in the possible announcements than in seeing what wins what. I do hope the GOTY award goes to either Splatoon (as unlikely as that is) or The Witcher 3. The latter is the game that finally justified my PS4 purchase.



ricklongo commented on Feature: Why We're Still Playing... Super Metroid:

I finished it again just last year, on the Wii U VC. It is an amazing title, even if some of the controls have aged rather poorly (ahem, wall jumping).

EIther way, I'd much rather get a beatufully rendered, HD, 2D Metroid title on Wii U than another first-person game.



ricklongo commented on Nintendo Expecting Mobile Business To Eclipse ...:

As a Brazilian, I want to know if my country is included in those 100. That's actually something that could actually benefit me in this whole mobile debacle, as the mobile market in Brazil is pretty big, meaning there's a chance the Big N could have official representation in the country again.