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Tue 27th Oct 2009

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RichardNixon commented on Ask Steve Wiebe:

Who currently owns the Donkey Kong record? And if it's Douche McWhat's-his-face, do you plan on trying to trying to beat it again? Also, Is Douche McWhat's-his-face as bad as they make him out to be in the film? I heard they edited it to make him look like a terrible person and the "villain" of the story, but he still came off as a bad person to me. And lastly, what else do you play, if anything? Super Mario Bros. maybe?



RichardNixon commented on Metroid: Other M Hits June 27th:

I'm not too sure about that control scheme. Sounds kind of awkward to me. But I'll probably still buy it. I'm sure it'll play better than it sounds on paper.



RichardNixon commented on Cave Story Development Update:

Damn, i was hoping it would get released this year. I got my hopes up when I saw it in Nintendo Power as one of the candidates for Wiiware game of the year. Oh well.



RichardNixon commented on Megaman 10 Heading to WiiWare!:

This made me far too happy. Mega Man 9 is my favorite game on WiiWare. This is going to rule. Hopefully it will be in the style of MM3. I want to be able to slide! If there's an easy mode, there better be a normal and a hard mode too. Not all of us are wimps.