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Thu 6th December, 2012

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RhythmThief commented on Review: Disney Epic Mickey: Power of Illusion ...:

When I first watched the Nintendo Show in the 3DS featuring the developers of this game, some time in mid-2012, the developers said you have to draw on the bottom screen, and that will have an effect on the top screen. I thought this was like Scribblenauts, where you can create anything, except this time you draw whatever's in your imagination and not just merely type it, which was pretty cool for me, so I decided that once this game comes out, I'll be the first one to play it. Fortunately, the demo came out which changed my opinion about this game. Thank you Disney for releasing that demo. Without that, I would have wasted cash.



RhythmThief commented on Review: Heroes of Ruin (3DS):

Gonna get this game only for the voice chat. I want to feel the thrill of wearing a headset while playing and cursing in the middle of a fight. Hopefully I can get this before Christmas