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New Zealand

Thu 22nd Nov 2012

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Revengaa commented on Wii U Won't Include Trophies Or Achievements:

I didn't buy a 3ds and probably won't buy a wii u now either because of the no accomplishments linked to profile thing. It's not because I want to get a reward for completing a tutorial or for boomheadshotting 10 guys in a row. It's because I like some kind of recognition for finishing a game. It wouldn't even bother me if Nintendo didn't include trophies for completing minor elements in game, but there should at least be some kind of system in place where a persons account/alias is linked to the games they have played/finished/completed. Maybe it's the collector in me - but I get a good feeling logging into my playstation account and seeing the list of games I have completed in and slowly growing the list over time. It gives me a feeling of accomplishment and recognition, and actually gives me something to show for finishing a game. People can go on about it's an electronic reward that doesn't mean anything blah blah, but look around you! Everything is becoming digitalised. We don't deal in gold coins and treasure anymore. Everything in life including currency is digital and it will just keep becoming more and more so. Why is a digital trophey no different to a real life trophy awarded 50 years ago? Come on Nintendo - all I want is something to show for spending hours upon hours on finishing/conquering your games. Again to the people that say - if your not playing for enjoyment don't play it.... I say if I get the same satisfaction for playing a ps3 game and actually get something for it at the end.. why would i want to play nintendo? It's a no brainier for me.