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United Kingdom

Fri 27th Jun 2008

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Retroking1981 commented on Nintendo Considering Cross-Buy eShop Purchases...:

Great idea but ultimately pointless without AN ACCOUNT SYSTEM!!!

Create an account Nintendo and you would get literally hundreds and hundreds of pounds off me.

I'd get every VC version of my Nintendo collection (hundreds of games since NES) that is available. Its such a good way to protect the consumer against theft.

The only games I'd keep would be licensed stuff that'll never be available, E.g. Goldeneye on N64



Retroking1981 commented on FIFA 14 Details Announced, Wii U Version Not I...:

I think we've seen the last of EA games on Nintendo formats. For whatever reason they don't (haven't ever?) got on.

For those saying it don't matter, it most definitely does. EA games are huge and them turning their backs will make others follow.

This is very bad news for Nintendo imo.



Retroking1981 commented on Feature: Olympics Fever on Nintendo Systems:

Did Track & Field on NES ever come out in the UK? I love the sequel and have been hunting for the original since 1991, lol. I've seen Spanish versions (which carries the official Barcelona'92 lisence) and US versions on ebay but never a PAL A version.

Oh and International Track & Field 2000 is the best Athletics game ever!



Retroking1981 commented on Feature: A Visual Guide to Nintendo's Handheld...:

What are these DSi exclusive games that are mentioned that make use of the extra prossessing power?

"A notable absence was the GBA cart slot, meaning that there was no backwards compatibility on the system, unless you count original DS software (which you shouldn't). Some titles were released that were DSi exclusive, though were few in number."

I get the impression its not DSiware games from the way it's written.