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WE HAVE PROFILES!?!? Guess I should put something here. . . NintendoLife's self proclaimed King of Super Nintendo and biggest Mighty Switch Force fan! I'm an aspiring artist! If you're interested in looking at any of my (mostly rough) art, check out my deviant art account!

Sat 29th January, 2011

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Retro_on_theGo commented on Azure Striker Gunvolt 2 Confirmed for 3DS:

Cool! Glad to hear people liked it. Hope the sequel as smoother animation as a lot of the moving sprites looked really rough to me. I still need to play the first one. Hopefully a big sale comes around soon with this announcement.



Retro_on_theGo commented on OlliOlli Arrives on Wii U and 3DS Next Week, C...:

Awesome!!! Can't wait I'm so excited to finally get to play this! Day one buy. Now if only Nintendo would include cross saves too. Baby steps but this step is one they need to be smacked in the face for not having if they're finally doing cross buys.



Retro_on_theGo commented on Interview: Nintendo's Damon Baker on the eShop...:

@Punished_Boss_84 Pokemon Shuffle isn't even a main series game, it's a spin-off. Game Freak has stated multiple times they don't want to hide Pokemon behind a pay wall. While you have many valid claims the micro transactions isn't one of them since it's like saying the Zelda CDi games affected the development of every following Zelda. The only DLC Pokemon games have are the event legends which Game Freak already gets heat for with the store tie in events, micro-transactions won't happen in main games.

Bank is annoying but Game Freak plans for it to be available for every following Pokemon game to the point where your future children will be able to use. Storing that massive amount of data and maintaining servers is not going to end up cheap. $5 for the entire year with a grace period for your pokemon to renew if you didn't take them out is fair.

Won't say the Pokemon franchise doesn't have a lot of other decisions to get easy money that can be criticized though.



Retro_on_theGo commented on Dragon Ball Z: Extreme Budoten is Fighting Its...:

With Arc System Works working on this km very excited. I was just arguing with someone that the SNES games of this series were great and he said the series was accepted as awful since it never got an entry again. HAH! TAKE THAT!
This HAS to get localized. I need it so bad.



Retro_on_theGo commented on Nintendo to Introduce Free Software With NES a...:

This sounds very interesting! Knowing Nintendo and from the sounds of it, this will be a major missed opportunity though. This implies it will be like the dumb 3 minute demos in Smash. That's a waste. It should have been the full entire VC games that the Amiibo unlocks with limited uses like the demo's, maybe 10 uses.

Also I think there's a mistake here: "Iwata-san has acknowledged that demand has often outstripped demand"



Retro_on_theGo commented on GBA Classics Sonic Advance And Mega Man & Bass...:

Two great Games! Very interested in playing both but MM&B will kind of suck with the screen zoom in despite being on a home console now.
Every one should check out Sonic Advance. That is the true Sonic 4. Not that piece of crap excuse Sega tried to salvage.



Retro_on_theGo commented on Nendoroid Kirby Stars at Wonder Festival Along...:

Oh so the Kirby is a nendo huh! I don't like nendoroids honestly but Kirby looms pretty different from their usually style and km a sucker for his series. I might just end up buying him. Oh man all this stuff reveal at wonfes looks so tempting. I don't have enough between all this and video games ;____;

@JellySplat Some of those came out awhile ago so there's no new ones, driving up the price since we're kind of at the mercy of preowned sellers. You can try hobby shops or comic, card, etc shops if there's any in your area. I went to a card shop once and was surprised to find they had toon link for $50! Kind of wish I got it but hopefully its still there.



Retro_on_theGo commented on Review: Mega Man Zero 2 (Wii U eShop / Game Bo...:

I feel this is actually the easiest game in the Mega Man Zero series. i'm surprised to see people saying it can get very hard, but maybe that's because I've beaten it so many times? I love this game. It's my favorite entry, it's just so much fun. Music is incredible, level designs are superb.



Retro_on_theGo commented on Famitsu Article Reportedly Inks Out More Splat...:

While I personally don't care for voice chat the decision to ommit it is stupid. Dan Aldeman explained it. Nintendo's Kyoto business based strategy is really holding them back at times. I'm willing to bet not having voice chat goss back to that, everyone having to agree.



Retro_on_theGo commented on Starr Mazer Wii U and 3DS Stretch Goals Announced:

NOW THIS IS MY KIND OF GAME!! Really hope it makes it the Wii U and hopefully the 3DS.
And boy Manami Matsumae sure has been getting a lot of work on kickstarter lately, huh? Awfully nice of her. Either that or kickstarter is really where the money is at for these music composers.



Retro_on_theGo commented on Apex 2015 Ends With The Conclusion Of A Bitter...:

Leffen is amazing. He has skill to back up his trash talk and he's actually really entertaining. He's not unsportsman like or a villain.
He's an anti-hero and a damn good one. He created so much hype at this tournament. I'm rooting for him at Evo 2015.



Retro_on_theGo commented on New Pokkén Tournament Controller and Gameplay...:

Wow guys, you don't need that much evidence to prove a console release. Sorry to be blunt but if someone is worried this won't come to Wii U they're.... Stupid.

Will comment opinions later. I wish I wasn't so busy today so I can just enjoy the damn gameplay. I'm more excited for this than Splatoon. That's a lot.



Retro_on_theGo commented on Nintendo Download: 15th January (North America):

This is an amazing! I can't believe there are insane eeople here saying these sales suck. You're crazy. These are brilliant! I am so getting Guacamelee! :D Might even get a few of the other indie games on the list and definitely getting SMG2!!



Retro_on_theGo commented on From Soy Sauce Hopes to Bring Touhou Super Sm...:

@TheItalianBaptist Ah thank you, but I'm not a developer actually, haha!

That was an excerpt from the indiegogo page. The response to this project has been sort of negative because people see the characters and think "Smash with anime, whatever," but it looks like it is going to have some interesting mechanics that never have been in smash and improving on others that are in it so I'm just trying clear things up for people. It be a shame for this to be ignored because of the characters when it has a lot of potential.