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Tue 6th Sep 2011

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RenegadeJools commented on Renegade Kid Moving On To A "New Experimental ...:

I know that a lot can be read into text without hearing the tone of someone's voice, but please don't assume the tone of my tweet was with a sigh or an uncaring voice.

I love pixel games. If I could develop pixel games for the 3DS until the end of time, I would be a very happy person. Sometimes we like to branch out, like with Moon Chronicles, ATV Wild Ride 3D, and Cult County, but pixels is where I feel the most at home.

So, please read my tweet with a sense of enthusiasm. Developing an experimental pixel game is exciting and therapeutic for me. Like a decompression chamber to realign my soul.

In regards to our other games, Moon Chronicles episode 1 has been completed - it has for quite some time now, in fact. We're now working with Nintendo to make sure its ready for release in the (very) near future.

Treasurenauts is progressing very well. We'll have more news on it soon.



RenegadeJools commented on Developer Interview: Renegade Kid on Mutant Mu...:

Wow, apparently I have overstayed my welcome for some NLife readers. That makes me sad.

I make games because I love playing games. I remember the magic that enters my heart when I experience special moments playing video-games, and then I try to capture that feeling and reproduce with the hope that others can experience it again from our creations.

I understand that not everyone is going to enjoy our games. I accept that. If I didn't, I probably wouldn't be able to make games.

However, I can't avoid feeling upset and vulnerable when people, like @unrandomsam, say negative things about me or my games. It's their opinion and they are entitled to it. So, it's all fair.

Developing video-games and then talking about them is what I love to do. I'm just sorry if it's not for you.



RenegadeJools commented on Review: ATV Wild Ride 3D (3DS eShop):

It saddens me that Phil scored the game 5/10. I won't bad-mouth Phil or claim that he's wrong. His opinion is his own and who am I to try and change it?

I ask that you, the reader, please check out some of the other reviews out there to get a rounded perspective on the game. Some high-scoring examples:

Nintendojo - 91%
"Akin to a portable 'Pure' carrying the torch that the 'Excite' series set ablaze!"

Nintendo Okie - 80%
"Easily one of the best racing games that you can play on the system!"

Nintendo World Report - 75%
"A great fit for a handheld!"



RenegadeJools commented on Renegade Kid's Upcoming FPS Will Focus On Sing...:

Thank you for all of your awesome comments, chaps! We're super excited about developing a FPS for the 3DS. We'll have more details at PAX in March!

@KnightRider666 I am still surprised and saddened that people can have this reaction to what I said. You're absolutely right that you're entitled to your own opinion. I have no problem with that. My hope is that you misunderstood what I said and why I said it.

I don't mean this in a rude way, but have you read this:

I wrote this as a follow-up blog in an effort to explain where I am coming from. If you did read it and still have no respect for me, then there's nothing more I can say I guess and we'll agree to disagree.



RenegadeJools commented on Renegade Kid Clarifies 3DS Piracy Comments:

@Bazly Thank you for putting your reaction in such a polite and mature manner. I really appreciate it.

You're right. My statements may come across like I am speaking directly to honest, paying players and calling them potential pirates. This is not what I believe, and I did not intend for my words to suggest that. I am sorry for giving you that impression. I hope you can accept my apology.

Ironically, my fear is of players who do not read video game websites and seem to have no respect for games. When I talk about people choosing piracy because it is easier than paying for games, I am not imagining it is the players who I interact with daily on twitter or those players who are active on video game websites, like this one. Renegade Kid's fans are amazing and they have shown nothing but support for us and our games.

@sweetiepiejonus I understand where you're coming from, and hope you can see that I am just trying my best to create good games in a competitive market.



RenegadeJools commented on Renegade Kid Clarifies 3DS Piracy Comments:

@rayword45 Piracy is bad on the PC and iOS too, for sure, but perhaps the fact that those audiences are so huge and the services provided are so convenient it helps maintain a healthy market where developers/publishers see a good sales?

@sweetiepiejonus Really?

@Bazly I would like to think that the eShop market is safer than the retail market due to the cost. It really depends on if the piracy market is easier to access than the eShop market.



RenegadeJools commented on Renegade Kid Clarifies 3DS Piracy Comments:

@HugoSmits Nintendo claimed piracy caused a 50% drop in European sales in 2010 (

I saw the affects too. Based on my experience and conversations with publishers regarding the DS from 2007 onwards, the DS market was very much affected by piracy in 2010 to the point where publishers no longer wanted to risk investing their money into it. This results in less work for developers, i.e. lost jobs, etc.

You said, "There hasn't been a system that did not have pirates, so we really cannot compare sales figures and stuff like that." True, but there was a period where the DS was not pirated and a period when it was heavily, and the data comparison between the two periods.

So, yes, there really is a way of of telling if piracy really has a effect.



RenegadeJools commented on Mutant Mudds 3DS eShop Trailer Released:

@Thwiidscube Yes, I am the co-founder of Renegade Kid. Mutant Mudds is my baby. It has been a wonderul project to work on, despite the results being sub-par and boring to some. Thanks for the kind words, Thwiidscube. You checked out the 3D trailer on eShop yet?



RenegadeJools commented on Mutant Mudds 3DS eShop Trailer Released:

@Geonjaha I think this game look fantastic! I love the sub-par graphics. I love the fact that the gamehero is less detailed than everything else - and futhermore - I love how boring it looks. I just LOVE it. I just wish it was more sub-par and boring looking. Is that even possible though? Perhaps the sequel will be more sub-par and boring looking. I can dream.



RenegadeJools commented on New Mutant Mudds Trailer Released:

Thank you for all of the positive comments, guys. And even those who don't find this appealing, I appreicate you sharing your thoughts.

The game should come out in Jan or Feb - we're obviously hoping it is January, but we need to make sure it is bug-free and passes Nintendo's lotcheck.

This project has been a complete joy for me to work on, and I am extremely proud of the results. Who knows, even Kirk who commented above this post might enjoy it!



RenegadeJools commented on Survey - 58% of Indie Devs Say Nintendo Diffic...:

Over the past 18 years I have worked on the development of over 30 games for Nintendo, Sony, Sega, and Microsoft consoles while at Iguana, Acclaim, and Renegade Kid. Each console manufacturer has changed a lot over that time. Some have improved their relations with developers. Some, not so much. Renegade Kid was not included in this survey, but that's not going to stop me from throwing my opinion out there.

Based on my experience, both past and present, I would rate our experience with Nintendo "Very Easy".

Just saying.