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renaryuugufan92 commented on The Legend of Zelda for Wii U No Longer Set fo...:

@sinalefa Comparing Wii U to the other platforms in terms of sales performance and marketing is... how do i say, a very bad comparison, and a major difference is they can live off third party releases, the, Wii U. cannot.

Welt, on one hand this is really good, means we will get a highly polished Zelda game next year. On another its bad as it introduces a enormous gaming drought into the Wii U's 2015 schedule unless E3 presents some surprises

Thennn I remember what happened a decade ago, when Twilight Princess on the GameCube was delayed, anyone else remember?, what console did the vast majority of us buy it on? Ahem the Wii! The back of my mind has a hunch and it says yes we are going to get a polished Zelda game....but will it still release on the Wii U and not the NX as a launch title that is the question

Remember how the DS came out as a third pillar just 3 years into the GBA's life, yea its not impossible for Nintendo to release new hardware 4 years in (November 2016) and actually it might be in their best interests to do so, Wii U is set to slop even more this year... sad too because I enjoy gaming on the thing, and before the too soon comments come in, game generations typically last 4-5 years so its about time anyway, wii u will be 4 years old on Nov 18th 2016, NX will be shown off 2016, Zelda delayed till 2016, certain keywords were used in Aounuma's video that set off my personal alarm bells so of course I'd hunch up a Twilight Princess situation all over again.



renaryuugufan92 commented on Iwata: Nintendo NX Will Surprise People And Ch...:

unless its a hybrid of handheld and console

here we go again, under-powered hardware for the sake of gimmicky controls.....
fool me once shame on you wii
motion controls were neat however the system did struggle with game releases and quality content, also it did hurt Nintendo's image by comming off to core gamers as the "casual" system

fool me twice shame on me wii u
good system,good games, but poor marketing mixed with underpowered hardware, 2005 era online infrastructer, region-locking, and a controller thats under-utilized and a install base that seems to be stalling before even reaching 10 mil in sales as of march.

what happens if the gaming community is fooled a third time with NX.
How about surprising us with actually getting up-to-date with your infrastructor and hardware choices. that would be surprising. Having been gaming on Nintendo since the age of 3 1996 I must say I've never felt the urge to be so critical towards anyone company that I adore, as much as Nintendo because these past few generations they find something that puts them a few steps forward, and then.... do stuff and implement hardware/software choices that puts them several steps backwards.

By all means surprise us Iwata.. but since the same was promised of the Wii U.. I'm highly skeptical. Optimistic sure,at least.... i'd like to be, but overall I'm skeptical.



renaryuugufan92 commented on Review: Mario Party 10 (Wii U):

@Wolfgabe @Chisel @Flopsy86 @Blast I have to agree with blast this entry would interest me alot more if it had online.

Now for those who are saying that online simply would not work with a game like this or because matchs would be too long, ha what? seriously?! that's your reasoning... anyway! This is 2015 we should have online with every Nintendo release these days regardless of how they are built. I've seen numerous party games be online and last much longer than the average mario party game, and other game series that are non-nintendo can easily be multi-hour affairs online, if a 30 minute party match is too much then idk what to say here because really how long do we play mario kart online when it reallllllly comes down to it, for me when i'm in the mood. Several. HOURSSSS!

Its just frustrating that the fanbase doesn't want online with the games where online would make sense.
Super Mario 3D World
Mario Party 10
Hyrule Warriors
just to name a few...

Online gaming adds alot of replayability, lets be honest here how many of you replay a local multiplayer game like Mario 3D World these days? Its a great game, but could have benefited from having the option of online support, just like this game!.

couch gaming with friends is superior
Half of my friends are spread out across the country and only one lives in my hometown, and he would buy a wii u. if its games were online see heres another issue. I know so many people who would buy a wii u if it had more online games... think about that for a second, I have friends who would BUY yes. BUY this console if it had more online games because lets face it couch buddy gaming doesn't sell consoles like it used too, the majority of gamers these days are ONLINE gamers, its a fact, its something Nintendo needs to embrace... Then I look over at the 3DS and, that has a much more robust online catalog than the Wii U, and I'm not talking about third party here! raises arms

Really would it really hurt to have the option to play online in mario party 10 or other Nintendo titles... no it wouldn't and I'm going to make a prediction.

The same people who say it wouldn't work or they won't like online in games like this, everysingle one of you will be embracing it with open arms the second Nintendo releases a Mario Party game with online and you try it



renaryuugufan92 commented on Video: Nintendo Promotes Mario Party 10 in New...:

@DiscoGentleman Its 2015 there is not excuse as to why this game should not be online. The argument is quite ridiculous, it doesn't force you to play online its purely an option, and one that Nintendo should embrace, sure you can keep your local multiplayer even with online but in this day in age where we have to wonder if a Nintendo game will have online is really pathetic.



renaryuugufan92 commented on Feature: Five Remastered Games We'd Love to Pl...:

@IronMan28 They do, but based on last gen the DSi came out a lil over a year before the 3DS was announced at E3 2010, so not all that long and I can personally understand why many would want to wait to see if a new handheld really is coming soon before getting the N3DS, which I wouldn't be surprised at all if one did get announced this year or next. I said announced, not released btw.



renaryuugufan92 commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

@AugustusOxy your right it did add a bunch of new things mario 64 DS however, since the original DS did not have a circle pad the controls of the game were drastically gimped compared to the N64 original. I mean you just don't get the same feedback from a d-pad or touch screen i'm sorry it was neat but didn't feel anywhere near as good as it did on the N64. Yes I know we can play it with the circle pad on the 3DS however! with mario 64 DS all the circle pad does is map the d-pad to it, its still nowhere near what veterans who played mario 64 to death like myself would want in a remake, control wise that is~ If they did do a 3DS remaster it'd be perfect with updated controls and the added content of the DS version and of course, updated visuals.



renaryuugufan92 commented on Feature: Five Nintendo 64 Games We'd Love to P...:

Honestly I can see Mario 64 3D happening this year or next year where its the 30th anniversary since super mario bros and next year is the 20th since 64.

Since Nintendo seems to have a good engine for remastering N64 games on the 3DS these are the following games I'd love to see on the 3DS/ New 3DS.

-Paper Mario (would love to play my favorite of the series on on the 3DS)
-F-Zero X (with 64DD content and added online support, want to test the value of F-zero miyamoto do it here...and yes the control scheme works sheesh still can't believe thats the excuse used to justify no new F-zero as of yet)
-Sin & Punishment 3D
these are my top 3

Remaining GameCube remasters I'd like to see on Wii U make it your next discussion NL those top 3 are!
-PM: The Thousand Year Door
-Mario Sunshine
-Eternal Darkness

@ToxieDogg - I'd rather see Mario Sunshine on the Wii U, keep the 64 remasters on the 3DS for now and the GCN ones on the Wii U i.m.p.o. However, HOWEVER! if it did happen it'd be a bargain to get me to go from the 3DS XL to New 3DS XL raises arms time will tell.



renaryuugufan92 commented on Video: You NEED To Play Metroid Prime Trilogy:

I remember wanting Metroid Prime really badly as a young teenager, but for some reason I never got it. Then, when the Wii came out I was interested in getting Prime 3 but didn't due to financial reasons at the time, I eventually got to play Echoes during my freshman year of college as my roommate had a copy of it. Prime 2 was fun and all but by the time I played it the GCN set up felt really funky, especially since by that time I was used to the second stick being well, the camera xD. Then in december I finally managed to get ahold of the trilogy for $80 new i never buy disc-based games used and played through the games during christmas break, I have to say that the Wii-mote controls are perfect for fps style games and I hope that the next first person metroid game at least gives us the option between traditional and motion controled, similar to how Pikmin 3 gave us that option. I will admit I do feel alot of buyers remorse now since the eshop version is readily available at a cheap price got it too... but, gives me a reason to play through them a second time! To anyone who may ask no I do not intend to sell my copy of trilogy, down the road I may give it to a family member or a future special someone but till then its safeguarded XD. Anyyyway, I hope that everyone can finally enjoy the Prime games now that their offered at such a low price!



renaryuugufan92 commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

The 20 Wii games I want to see on the eshop that haven't been announced for NTSC-U
1. Super Mario Galaxy
2. Twilight Princess
3. Skyward Sword
4. Xenoblade Chronicles
5. Okami
6. RE4: Wii Edition
7. DKC: Returns
8. Kirby's Epic Yarn
9. Sin and Punishment Star Successor
10. Super Paper Mario
11. The Last Story
12. Pandora's Tower
13. Dead Space: Extraction
14. Goldeneye 007
15. Red Steel 2
16. Silent Hill: Shattered Memories
17 & 18 are highly unlikely.
17. Fatal Frame 2: Wii edition localization
18: Fatal Frame 4 localization
19. Sonic Colors
20. Fire Emblem: Radiant Dawn

Additional Wii games I'd like to see on the eshop:
-NPC editions of Pikmin 1 & 2
-RE Archives: Zero and REmake
-No more heros 1 & 2

  • Ubisofts Driver games that came to the Wii.


renaryuugufan92 commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

@JaxonH Since the programs I refer to, the unofficial ones do not add any custom mIOS to the vWii (they just enable it) I will say yes it does, just its not enabled for commercial use, similar to how the late Wii models had GCN support disabled but the mIOS needed to run the games sill exists.

I've been trying to explain on allot of forums where people are complaining that GameCube titles didn't come first that..
1. GCN virtual console emulation would take forever to get running at 100%speed and audio accuracy
2. These Wii digital isos are a great test to see if booting them this way would even work and if extra features like Gamepad or GameCube adaptor support would work
3. vWii can still run gamecube files so, the next logical step would be to offer native files just like they are now, cept they will still take longer than Wii files to fully program even with this method. i.e you need to add the Wii menu screen so we can leave the games xD on Wii you had to reset the console, with the custom programs you still have to reset the Wii U, and you need to add gamepad or gcn adapter support, the latter of which had been done with this unofficial method

So yes it is something to be optimistic about indeed, thats if Nintendo decides to go through with it themselves~!



renaryuugufan92 commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

@JaxonH Yes, Wii games need to run in a specific environment without emulating them title per title which by the way would make releasing them individually much more bleak than the virtual console! So, thats why the Wii U has vWii in the first place, and these executable isos Nintendo is releasing basicly over-ride the need to physically go there ourselves while also giving Nintendo the chance to add somethings to Wii games they weren't able to before.

I.E - Adding gamepad support to classic controller enabled titles

It should be noted that vWii is also capable of running Gamecube (currently via unofficial means but if it can be done natively that way, Nintendo can do it themselves) games despite the disc drive not being programmed to do so. Thus there is literally no excuse now that Nintendo cannot apply the same methods they have to these Wii isos to GameCube isos so we can play them. The only issue is programming the exit menu into the isos and gamepad time will tell I guess.

But to the point yes, all Wii digital downloads boot directly into Wii mode and run natively, without emulation besides well, the vWii itself being a emulator of Wii/GCN hardware. ;) .



renaryuugufan92 commented on Feature: 20 Wii Games We'd Love To Download Fr...:

@JaxonH The no longer running in Wii mode is false, the game is running in Wii mode still just you don't have to actually go there first to boot the iso Nintendo has let you download, and the Wii menu button has been recoded to take you straight back to the Wii U menu, the system physically reboots in and out of Wii mode when executing and leaving these games.



renaryuugufan92 commented on Wii Disc Software Heading to the Wii U eShop:

For those that keep asking

Running Galaxy 2 on the Wii U right now
The game boots into the Wii Mode still, but ONLY to run the game & use save data so unfortunately there is no miiverse support with these downloads, when you return to the wii menu it actually brings you back to the wii u menu and your playtime is recorded through the wii u's daily log and not the vwii's

The game still runs the way it originally did, tho if you got your wii u set to 1080p the game will display like it did in wii mode via the disc, 480p displayed as 1080p with black borders.

Do my wii saves work? YES since the system has to boot into Wii mode in order to run the game you are able to access your save data.

So, overall this is a very convienent way for Nintendo to offer games to us, Prime Trilogy being a PRIME example, for $10 that game is a absolute steal. Hopefully we get good games from this and hopefully its actually supported continually..... unlike another service i know of, i'm looking at you Virtual Console.



renaryuugufan92 commented on Poll: Which is the Best Mario Kart Game?:

For me my top 3 are:
1. MK8 - pros: Smooth gameplay, good online, vibrant visuals, pretty much the most fined tuning we've had in a mk game yet.
cons: battle mode is a wreck & online could use a better voice chat system.
2. Mario Kart Double Dash: Back in the day when you had friends over and played this game with several GameCube's via LAN, it was so addiciting and fun.
3. Mario Kart Wii: I played endless hours with friends online, and during my first few years of college a few collegues and I would stay up for hours playing this.

Honourable Mentions:
Mario Kart 64 a.k.a nostalgia heaven (if like me you'r first console was the 64)
Mario Kart DS
& Mario Kart 7



renaryuugufan92 commented on Hands On: Wii U GameCube Controller Adapter:

I still ordered this as the mayflash GCN adaptor i got sucks up Wiimote batteries like theirs no tomorrow~! >.< Hopefully in the future we'll be able to use the GCN adaptor for other games via:
1. Patchs (Like NSMBU got for the Pro Controller, and Pikmin 3 got for touch controls)
2. a big system update, tho its unlikely to work in wii mode so for that I recommend the mayflash adaptor, for now
3. Future games will support it as Nintendo did say, so that goes for future GameCube remakes, which we will be getting to cover the droughts~ XD So the adaptor will be supported more in new games/re-releases, next year~



renaryuugufan92 commented on Turns Out The GameCube Controller Adapter Won'...:

all the negative response from this may convince them to
a. releases patchs to most wii u games allowing this adaptor to work with them
b. release a firmware update that lets the adapter work with all wii u titles and even wii mode, kinda odd it won't work with wii mode considering almost all wii vc titles supported GCN controller functionally along with certain wii games, well pre-2011 nintendo wii your not getting shelved anytime soon, good job nintendo, good job.



renaryuugufan92 commented on Talking Point: What Games Are You Playing This...:

Messing around with Mario 3D World about to hit the 70 hour mark, consider the fact that I 100%'ed it before hitting 26 hours, good job Tokyo EAD, you've given me a new addiction till MK8 comes out, or when my Alienware 17 finally arrives =.=

Gonna 100% AC4: Black Flag after putting it off for Mario, and playing back through Wind Waker HD on hero mode with just 3 hearts.
On the 3DS side of things I'm gonna tackle OOT Master Quest for the third time, and just like WWHD I'm going to do the three heart run oAo .



renaryuugufan92 commented on 3DS System Update Adds Nintendo Network ID, Mi...:

miiverse is great so far, kinda bummed all the communities i need are there except style savvy~ xD still great though the eshop is taking forever to load -as of 12:40est 12/10- oAo

edit: its working now~ some pages are still giving errors though hopefully its fixed by tomorrow afternoon.



renaryuugufan92 commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

as much as i like seeing all the majora's mask references lately in smash and a link between worlds, i can't help but feel Nintendo is getting a really good kick out of teasing us.

Hmm I wonder how anyones going to be able to avoid the falling moon =p



renaryuugufan92 commented on Digital Foundry Heaps Praise on Super Mario 3D...:

finally...-dots representing how glad i am to be out of the argument above- I'm glad to see more praise for this game, I've put nearly 40hrs into it so far and I must say its up there with my favorite Mario titles! Sales of the system are have been on the rise since the price drop and recent re-surgance of ads (thank goodness!) 3D World points to a bright future for the Wii U and 2014 looks like it is going to be a good year for Wii U owners such as myself and many others on here! :)



renaryuugufan92 commented on Digital Foundry Heaps Praise on Super Mario 3D...:

@kirk either way it still stands, the lack of advertising and first party games (which was due to Nintendo's teams learning how to do HD visuals, not releasing until the latter half of the year hurt the sales of the Wii U... not its specs & feature set.

What I'm trying to point out has been if this -above- was repeated with a more powerful console that had a similar gaming drought with the same sales trend, lets just say the result wouldn't be good even with good third party support something which Nintendo has not had since the SNES days. Try to understand, more specs will not ensure you access to the mass market now can i answer this article properly.... been wanting too for the past 20 minutes >.>



renaryuugufan92 commented on Digital Foundry Heaps Praise on Super Mario 3D...:

@Kirk so you want it to be a triplet? or more powerful? If you want it to be more powerful with the gamepad in check and backwards compatability, plus all of the features the other two have, it will cost more than the Xbox One unless Nintendo took severe losses by selling it at a loss, which they still are already with a $300 console by itself with no games purchases with it. -sigh-

But the fact still stands, the only reason the XBONE and PS4 are selling really well right now is due to the hype they've had all year, the marketing Sony and Microsoft have (which Nintendo lacked all summer -refer to earlier posts for late readers of this one- until recently) , and the almighty word of mouth, power & features isn't enough to sell a piece of hardware if your not going to back it up with some marketing. I held a speech to promote the Wii U myself to a group of parents recently and guess what it wasn't the power that prevented them from purchasing it before, it was the uttler LACK of knowledge that the console even exists.

Advertising/Promoting/Hype > Specs



renaryuugufan92 commented on Digital Foundry Heaps Praise on Super Mario 3D...:

@Kirk because it would cost around $600 and if i remember correctly, the PS3 did not do so well from 2006-2008... yea, you seriously need to do research before making bold statements.
Edit: and it wasn't an excuse, comming from someone whos a buisness graduate and took classes on proper marketing, the main reason the Wii U has had poor sales is because of 2 things, 1. lack of core first party games and 2. lack of advertising! common.sense.



renaryuugufan92 commented on Digital Foundry Heaps Praise on Super Mario 3D...:

@Kirk it still wouldn't matter, the more power would have ment that Nintendo's teams would have had to take much longer to learn how to do proper HD visuals meaning, Pikmin 3 would just now be comming out, wind waker HD soon after, and Mario 3D World above all 2013's releases would NOT be out right now, sales of the Wii U would be much lower due to a higher cost. Take into account I did not mention marketing, if the Wii U had more first party games and ads throughout the year it would have sold better but as it stands it did not and since the price drop, game releases, and re-surgence of ads the U is slowly gaining momentum, thankfully we are guarunteed a good amount of games next year. So then you may ask why the PS4 and XBONE are selling so well right now...

M.A.R.K.E.T.I.N.G & HYPE <------------

-sincerly a Nintendo fan whos tired of hearing "power is the answer to poor sales" because its not, especially if you don't advertise or promote yourself..



renaryuugufan92 commented on Review: Assassin's Creed IV Black Flag (Wii U):

The game is great, I put nearly 50 hours into it so far and I still got alot of collectables and ship upgrades to get, and to those saying its 60fps, maybe on the PS4 and XBone but not the 360,PS3 & Wii U versions as they all run at 30fps and they all have frame-drops but they are not that dramatic sure their noticable but nothing that will ruin your timing. Visually the Wii U version does have slightly sharper textures than the 360/PS3 versions, but its the lighting/shading and draw distance Wii U owners will notice a dramatic difference in, how do I know this, I had a friend bring his 360 over after I beat AC4 on the U and we did a comparison with two 32 inch 1080p tv's (the other tv was his of course and yes it was a pain to do this, but curiosity does that to ya...). What we discovered was that the fps was identical really, and we both came to the conclusion that Ubisoft put all of their resources into the PS4/One versions :) which we will find out when he gets the One on the 22nd and we play that version of the game, other than that though its an excellent game I recommend it to all Wii U owners! just be prepared to have 50hours and then some stripped away from your life :P