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Tue 14th Jul 2009

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Reed commented on Review: Super Smash Bros. (Virtual Console / N...:

I can see the score as fair, but I feel the need to defend against the implied "you can get anything found in this game in its sequels, so its obsolete now," talk about this game (not just from this site).

Undeniably, the sequels eclipse the original in sheer content. But gameplay "improvements" are entirely debatable. Now, I accidently to a Shoryuken half the time I'm trying to do a Hadouken, so I'm no frame-counting, fighting game expert. But all three Smashes have very distinct nuances in their gameplay that really set them apart.

Namely, the original is an offensive-minded game. No air-dodging or sidestepping, and hitstun lasts quite a while, especially in midair. This makes way for some real comboing that you can't simply steer yourself out of if you're the victim, yet takes some real skill to maintain as the aggressor. Oh, did I mention that throws are ridiculously powerful and you can't block them? Another reason to stay on the offensive (or actually DODGE attacks, as in "move your character out of the way," not "hit a button and be invincible for a second").

I'm not going to call it deeper or superior to the sequels (though I'll make it no secret that it's my favorite engine of the three, hands down). But it is DIFFERENT, not "the same as Melee/Brawl, but worse." If you buy Smash for Nintendo nostalgia (nothing wrong with's the only reason I bought Melee, which I'm quite terrible at and don't especially like to play), then there's no way Smash 64 can stand up to Melee and Brawl's legions of characters and trophies, and you can probably skip it.

But if you buy them to PLAY, Smash 64 is at least a unique experience, that I think is well worth 10 bucks so you can decide for yourself if it's better or worse. For a ridiculously powerful Kirby, for DK's throws of doom, for warp pipes, for a truly gigantic Great Fox, for a Hitmonlee yelling an incomprehensible noise, for Yoshi eggs that an opponent may consider threatening, for a wild Venusaur erupting out of the Silph building to annihilate you, for Board the Platforms... You CAN'T find everything in this game in Melee and Brawl, and more people need to realize that.



Reed commented on What Capcom games do you want to see on the Vi...:

Demon's Crest. This cannot be overstated. The Gargoyle's Quest games are great too (and I'll certainly throw 500 points at Gargoyle's Quest 2 the day it uploads), and they supply tougher platforming challenges without being absurd. But Demon's Crest just OOZES style (just watch the intro and the first boss' entrance, and you'll get a taste of what I mean), and it's one of those games that you'll replay just to try out your various abilities in different situations. Please, Capcom, everyone knows about Mega Man, Street Fighter, and even Ghosts n Goblins. Bring this tragically overlooked gem back to the light.

With that said, if you must upload Mega Man (we already have the best three, and the X Collection isn't plagued by reverse controls- which aren't even that big a deal), maybe we could get some that aren't featured on the collection. MM&Bass would be nice, or the SNES version of X3, or even Mega Man Legends/64.

And of course, Strider's a must.