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realar commented on Sega Producer Explains Exactly What Went Wron...:

@TRON First of all, love your picture. One of my all-time favorite films (the sequel was not one of my favorites at all).
Second of all, what was this guy smoking? Take away Sonic's speed? ARE YOU MAD?! That's what made him stand out from all the other characters!! Also, why was the layout so boring and why did you make rings the life system? Why didn't you address all the game-breaking bugs and poor enemy lineup? What about the story? Have you guys ever heard how to write a compelling story? Get a person who's written a book into the team, someone who knows narrative and respects these characters which you clearly don't. Stop treating gamers like idiots and spelling out character traits. Also, get rid of the name Eggman. It sucks. It's embarrassing. Bring back Robotnik. Make me have a reason to care about Amy Rose, don't make her so damn annoying. Give Knuckles depth. Don't make Tails use gadgets as a crutch. They all should have flexibility as characters.



realar commented on Keiji Inafune's New Year's Message Includes Fr...:

Wow, the Youtube video...
All the whining...
Ungrateful people.
After all we went through trying to get Mega Man Legends 3 afloat and they whine about the graphics. THE GRAPHICS. Graphics shouldn't be a concern anymore, it should be about the damn gameplay. Graphic-centric people make me sick.



realar commented on It'll be Possible to Catch All 719 Pokémon Us...:

@GN004Nadleeh You can't move from Blue to G/S games to R/S games on. It's because of abilities which would have made moving pokemon without them really difficult to compensate for. HOWEVER, R/S games on are totally capable of transferring from. It would take some time but it's totally possible to move a pokemon from R/S to OR/AS. You'd just need 4th generation's Pal Park, then the PokeTransfer, and then finally the Pokemon Bank's PokeTransporter, which you have to pay for.



realar commented on Wii U Sales Continue to Rise with the Release ...:

Besides that and FLIPNOTE STUDIO 3D, I'm happy that the U is getting its boost of popularity. Once again, Nintendo is doing great! I'm now itching for the next Direct, COME ON NINTENDO! I'm dying for new info on Yokai Watch, Splatoon, a 'new' character reveal for Smash Bros, another Mega Evolution for OR/AS, and much more!



realar commented on Everyone Was Talking About Nintendo At E3 2014:

Nintendo kicked major ASS this year.
Especially that opener with Robot Chicken then the now famous Iwata VS Reggie scene to show off Miis in Smash Bros.
Then when Kirby and the Rainbow Curse came on, I wept in happiness.



realar commented on Poll: What Did You Think of Nintendo's E3?:

The number one game for me was Kirby and the Rainbow Curse this year. When I saw it I literally CRIED manly tears. It touched me so deeply being a fan of clay aesthetic games, a fan of Kirby: Canvas Curse, and being the oldest direct descendant of the voice of Gumby himself - Dallas McKennon. It made me so proud of being a Nintendo fan that day.
Smash Bros was OF COURSE next in line, seriously both versions of the game look AMAZING.
Splatoon was a close third, Nintendo making a seriously genius shooter based on a mollusk was definitely out of left field.
Zelda was fourth. It looks beautiful and looks futuristic too, I didn't see that coming from Nintendo. Just a wonderful year for my favorite gaming company, EVER!
Oh, and the Reggie VS Iwata segment will be remembered for the ages.



realar commented on Review: Mario Kart 8 (Wii U):

Not a fan of the whole character selection in 8, and more so in 7. I am bummed that my Dry Bones is gone and that the Battle mode sucks. I also hated that the whole Youtube incorporation only allows you to post race reels instead of the actual RACE. However, the game is GORGEOUS, and plays well, but the controls take some learning since every MK plays so different from the other. I don't get why Nintendo had EVERY character playable in the demo game at stores, also there was no surprise characters to unlock. Why? Here's hoping for DLC!



realar commented on Pokémon Omega Ruby & Pokémon Alpha Sapphire ...:

Oh contests, how I've missed you.
Musicals (the ones in the Black and White games, not the delightful films and shows we watch on stage and screen) SUCKED!!
The anime will be back in its stride once again. Combinations rule!!



realar commented on Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct...:

Excited for this!! But yeah, we need another Direct to take care of the rest of the games. I am totally getting SSB4 for 3DS when it comes out, then after that or before I'm getting a Wii U to play the other version.



realar commented on Feature: Time For a Super Smash Bros. New Chal...:

Love ZSS, those Jet Boots make her more awesome!
Also, Charizard can become Mega Charizard X, my FAVORITE of its two Megas. I have to wonder though what's going to happen when Z comes around.
Ugh, I want more pokemon in Kalos!! Man I was SPOILED in Unova. Seriously, GameFreak, you don't put exponentially LESS in a game after a generation with MANY. It doesn't compute.