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Mon 31st May, 2010

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realar commented on Feature: The Ultimate Super Smash Bros. Direct...:

Excited for this!! But yeah, we need another Direct to take care of the rest of the games. I am totally getting SSB4 for 3DS when it comes out, then after that or before I'm getting a Wii U to play the other version.



realar commented on Feature: Time For a Super Smash Bros. New Chal...:

Love ZSS, those Jet Boots make her more awesome!
Also, Charizard can become Mega Charizard X, my FAVORITE of its two Megas. I have to wonder though what's going to happen when Z comes around.
Ugh, I want more pokemon in Kalos!! Man I was SPOILED in Unova. Seriously, GameFreak, you don't put exponentially LESS in a game after a generation with MANY. It doesn't compute.



realar commented on Review: Rayman Legends (Wii U):

The problem with stiffing Ubisoft is that you're stiffing those poor coders and talented folks who were not given the chance to see their families because of this multi-platform junk. Plus, Nintendo is not selling Wii Us very well, don't feed the poor numbers. ELEVATE THEM!!



realar commented on Video: Rejected CGI Zelda Film Discovered Online:

@aaronsullivan The reason we say CG is lazy is because it removes animators and removes flexibility for the animation. Sure you could toy with the rig to squash and stretch the character but it wouldn't have the same kind of life that a drawing does. You could say that a drawing is like a human and CG is like robotics.



realar commented on StreetPass DLC System Update Finally Hits Nort...:

I LOVE the update for Streetpass Mii Plaza!! Find Mii is much easier to shovel through due to filters for Old Allies, the new games are fun and last a lot longer than the former, you get actual rewards (hats) for getting accomplishment tickets, and we have now a BUTTLOAD of hats we need to collect now. Not to mention 4 more puzzles to complete! Whoo!! Mii Force Assemble!!