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Tue 20th Jul 2010

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RchUncleSkeleton commented on Nintendo Dismisses Rumours That The GameCube C...:

I don't think it's as much of a problem with supply as it is scumbag, 3rd party online game stores and resellers hoarding them and charging exorbitant amounts just because they have tapped out supplies at every local and online retailer to do just that.



RchUncleSkeleton commented on Review: Regular Show: Mordecai and Rigby in 8-...:

I want to know who let this suckfest out the door, so I can kick them in the balls. If this is what WayForward is producing I won't expect them to be around much longer. The reviews of this game and the new Adventure Time game are coming in and they're not good. They're both tired and uninspired generic ripoffs of other crappy games that are lacking the cleverness and charm of their respective shows. Who was at the helm on these bags of crap and who thought it was a good idea to release these games in this form? Honestly, the free flash games and the android/iOS games are much better and they're not $30. I would be surprised if anyone who worked on these gave a damn about either of the shows.



RchUncleSkeleton commented on These Games Are Coming to You Before June is Over:

Enough with the damn dancing and workout games already!!!! Geez, 50 games is more than too many for each type!!!! If you've played 1 you've played them all! I wish Nintendo would bring back the "Seal of Quality" and actually put games through an approval process before green-lighting them. Bring back some of the innovation and creativity of past generations and put some support behind developers who want to create something new and exciting!



RchUncleSkeleton commented on Yes, There Really Is a Zelda Master Timeline D...:

very funny that they're announcing this now, as they once stated that the series isn't really connected but some elements are just re-used in each game. They said before that every game has a different "Link" and that they're sort of parallel universes. It's funny how they don't have a timeline and they're saying they do, but it's unseen by anyone but some top execs over at nintendo. Don't put any faith into what they're saying, if there's a timeline then there are several contradictions and several plot holes within the series.



RchUncleSkeleton commented on Jett Rocket's Return May Not be in Platform Form:

They won't charge 2 or 3 times for a similar experience? Ummm this is what most game devs do! If the 3D platforming aspect is what made the game then they shouldn't deviate from that, they should instead keep the 3D platforming and create a whole new story along with new characters and weapons along with new styles of play....ditching the platforming doesn't seem like it's going to do any good at all! Some people are just plain stupid and this is an obvious one right here!



RchUncleSkeleton commented on 3DS Anti-Piracy Measures are Too Sophisticated...:

Well first off, THQ is really gullible to accept that as an answer to how powerful the new AP for the 3DS will be. Secondly, many people who do pirate the games would not have bought the games they pirated regardless if they could pirate them or not, so every game pirated doesn't equal a lost sale. I'm just guessing here but if I had to, I'd say that around 60% of people who pirate the game wouldn't have bought it. Last, if THQ wants to sell more games they need to stop making all the bullsh*t shovelware they produce and actually come out with some quality titles. I guess what I'm trying to say is "Piracy or not, a crap game won't rake in the dough".