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Fri 12th Jun 2009

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Razieln64 commented on Virtua Tennis 2009:

Just so you know. I've bought EA's GST. I traded it for VT 2009 due to unresponsiveness of the controls in GST. Sometimes, the controls work and other times they just don't. Due to the poor AI you have to absolutely use the nunchuk to move your player. I usually play tennis with my dad (he's 52 and doesn't play video games) so he doesn't need to know all the subtle controls(a for a lob, etc) to have fun. He just needs to know that to hit the ball you swing the wiimote. I tried GST with him and after a few hours we've decided GST wasn't polished enough control wise. And also GST is pretty hard even at medium difficulty. I've still managed to win 2 of 15 matches. VT's responsiveness is way better than GST's and it's more fun to play.