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s years back i would come on this site knowing i would find one of my awesome buddies to talk to this site has affected my life in so many ways ive made lifelong friends it made me feel special and loved durring the times i felt like an outcast and worthless hell i even lived with a guy that moved h

Wed 11th Mar 2009

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rayword45 commented on Nintendo President Satoru Iwata Passes Away Ag...:

For all intents and purposes, I've heard nothing but completely wholehearted compliments regarding Iwata's personality, with most people comparing his leadership favorably to Sony and claiming he ran Nintendo like a wonderful family (not taking into account how that would go for business, it obviously meant the atmosphere was pleasant).

May his family have peace.



rayword45 commented on Nintendo and Universal Studios Announce Theme ...:

A lot of the time, what I comment on this website is cynical, sarcastic or something along another on of those 3 syllable adjectives. Because I do usually think the situation calls for it.

There is no way you can be cynical about this. I feel 5 again.



rayword45 commented on Video: WarioWare Touched! Arrives On Wii U Vir...:

This game is extremely meh, or at least is very meh relatively, because the touch screen can really only do so much regarding microgames.

I for one am still adamant that my opinion of the best WarioWare (Smooth Moves) is blatantly and objectively correct.

On a more serious note, WarioWare 3D when? I know it's probably never at this point but hot damn did they miss a barrage of great possibilities with analog control, 3D, and gyroscope in one console.



rayword45 commented on Animal Crossing Helped This Artist Get Through...:

@Dolphin64 If the stars align crookedly and you have offspring, tell your kids' science teachers about the powers of cherries, they'll probably point to the classic "grape cure" and other horseshe like "psychic surgery" then laugh in your face and call Child Protective Services.

If cherries were the cure to cancer then they'd cost a lot more, I'll tell you that.



rayword45 commented on Harmonix Explains Why Rock Band 4 Isn’t Comi...:

Again, people saying "don't be a loser and play real instruments" are being ignorant. Playing rhythm games has no similarities to real instruments, the most it does is perhaps influencing one to pick up real instruments, which it most definitely did for me.

Why play sports games when you can go outside?
Why play simulation games when you can just live life?
Why play Diner Dash when you can open a restaurant?
Why play shooter games when you can go out to war?



rayword45 commented on Weirdness: Club Nintendo Members Attempt to Se...:

@Dauntless I thought that selling this was asinine, but you raise a pretty good perspective.

I have two codes somehow. I personally would sell it for 4 or 5 bucks if I wasn't planning to give it to a friend who doesn't use Club Nintendo.

At the same time I doubt anyone will buy this not because of the free availability but because there's no internet sharing. Not even QR Code sharing FFS.



rayword45 commented on Flipnote Studio 3D Has Been Delayed Once Again...:

@BenAV No lie, I'm browsing this on a public cafe computer listening to The Smiths with pre-Valentine's blues and when I read this, I let out the most ridiculous "HA!" and everyone is staring at me now.

At this point the constant delays are more entertaining than the app could possibly be with its lack of features. This article got me feeling better.



rayword45 commented on Nintendo's 'Stability' 3DS Update 9.5.0-22 Tak...:

@Sakura Thank you, I forgot to mention that bit. Nintendo is biting themselves in the gonads if they think that region locking is a smart idea. Releasing worldwide may not always be financially viable, but region locking on the other hand is the STUPIDEST thing they could possibly do, as people will always look for a way to get past that, which will inevitably lead to piracy. Plus there's no reason to do it, it's completely indefensible. Some people say "well then people will import to get games cheaper" but

A. How often are imported games actually cheaper? I'd argue rarely.

FWIW they should also provide something to please the homebrew developers. I'm not gonna waste time explaining the PS3 and Sony's failure again but you look it up.



rayword45 commented on Nintendo's 'Stability' 3DS Update 9.5.0-22 Tak...:

The music industry has suffered the brunt of piracy, much, much harder than gaming (Music has been estimated at a 100:3 piracy-buyer ratio). In the face of this, most musicians have declared that they prefer people listening to their music than being limited by shoddy record labels. Yeah there are jackarses like Eminem but who cares? Those who are actively against it are on the losing side of an endless battle, meanwhile those who don't care tend to be happy with concert ticket revenue.

I'm not saying Nintendo should embrace piracy necessarily, but I think they should learn to live with it because it's not gonna stop. Look at Valve for example, they're a platform on the most pirated system there is, and they're happy.

@amstans and ostensibly many other people - The argument that piracy isn't the same as theft is one I agree with but that's honestly subjective enough that I'm not gonna advocate it. What I will say is that it would be illegal for Nintendo to brick every Gateway user. If it was solely piracy oriented that might be something else (I have no idea) but the 0.1 percent that use it for backup installation to system and homebrew only means that Nintendo can't touch it.

The Sky3DS on the other hand has nothing but piracy unless you want the stupidest backup system possible, still not blocked.



rayword45 commented on Video: YouTube's Gaming Historian Takes Offens...:

I'm not appreciative of how my comments are deleted yet all these comments of "you people need thicker skin" are somehow left to stay.

But, regardless, @OnionOverlord speaks the most intelligence here by far. I admit that I'm very presumptive about the race of other commenters, but that lies in the fact that the US is about 73 percent Caucasian and Europe about 90 percent. I also very much agree that it's bizarre that the author of this article thinks that stereotypes like a poncho and Sombrero are A-OK. If I may argue anything, it's that the US culture is, without doubt, white dominated and white run (don't try to argue this), so that is why I claim that white commenters (which I am presuming their race) really have no standing in "you need thicker skin". Because, WITHIN THE US, racism applies to every other race (yes I know about Irish discrimination and whatnot).

Also, Mario is definitely a walking Italian stereotype, but he's like Chico Marx. He's way too awesome to be offensive.

On another note, I agree that this is definitely a very clickbaity article, and NintendoLife is generally against political debate so I dunno why they'd post something like this.



rayword45 commented on Weirdness: Yoshi's Island is Rather Different ...:

@Shadowflash Yeah I know it's a recreation, but still, I don't think they should be so ridiculously faithful as to make it nonsensical.

I've seen first person Mario recreations where it was linear for a first person game but not ridiculously so, and it was still very much recognizable as the first Mario.



rayword45 commented on New Exploit Makes The 3DS Region Free Without ...:

I hope nobody here is sucking Nintendo enough to support anything they do, including asinine things like region locking. This is fantastic news.

I also hope nobody is stupid enough to go "omg potential piracy" but that would be pretty hilarious actually.



rayword45 commented on Squeeze Begins on NINJHAX Homebrew Exploit in ...:

@BLPs You started with a rhetorical question and used an emoticon signifying frustration in spite of your misinformation.

I never ONCE called you an idiot, and if I am claiming superiority you can claim it back by looking for 5 seconds on this site, or even less on GBATemp. Regardless, let's stop the acrimony for now.

By the way, "horseshe" is me using a creative way to express my mind as clear as I can while staying within the boundaries of the rules. Not so much creative actually, since I'm stealing the idea from 12 Oz Mouse.



rayword45 commented on Squeeze Begins on NINJHAX Homebrew Exploit in ...:

@BLPs You get "merry hell" because you spout nonsense. The information on this website alone will tell you you CAN block a flashcart via software and don't need a pack of lawyers. And you act as if patching Ninjhax was effortless as if it makes Nintys plan of action any less confusing and deplorable, when it wasn't.

Also, to counter the other claim, it took a few months for one guy to develop a SNES emulator on homebrew with limited resources so I'm sure Nintendo could crap out the entire SNES library onto the eShop if they wanted to.



rayword45 commented on Squeeze Begins on NINJHAX Homebrew Exploit in ...:

@BLPs Yeah, don't give me that emoticon when you have no idea what you're talking about, and this is coming from someone with far less hacking knowledge than others.

People don't report Sky3DS as much as Ninjhax but if Nintendo took 10 seconds to look up the 3DS hacking scene, which they probably did, it's pretty notorious and available for sale on all of the same websites that sell the ultrafamous R4s.

It's not "find a single page and patch it" for Ninjhax. If it was that easy, they would've done it within MINUTES of it coming out. They definitely had to out some effort into finding where the breaking point was.

And your last paragraph is complete horseshe and you know it. They block flashcarts ALL THE DAMN TIME.



rayword45 commented on Nintendo Renews Patent On Multi-Platform Game ...:

"Loath" in the articles context is spelled like that. Just a minor nitpick.

And do people actually want official iPhone or Android emulation? I ask this because there are hundreds of emulators already on the store. And before you delete this comment, I'm not advocating you use those emulators. If you were to use one of those emulators, you'd realize that trying to play games meant for buttons on a touchscreen SUCKS CHIHUAHUA JEWELS



rayword45 commented on Cubic Ninja Sales Spike Following Announcement...:

I swear to whatever mothereffing god there is in the sky, the world needs to have less mules and sheep, because lord only knows what it would take to teach them anything.

On a less condescending but equally negative note, this game went for being $4 in value to $50 in less than 20 hours due to scalpers and that's disgraceful. Yet another ugly side of the homebrew world which just can't catch a clean break when it comes to reputation.



rayword45 commented on 3DS Homebrew Exploit Set to be Launched on 22n...:

Honestly I wish NintendoLife would stop posting stories about this. I'm not complaining about journalism quality, that's fine. It's just that every damn time this story comes up people starting whining and pissing and screaming "dirty pirate!" even though

A. This has absolutely nothing to do with piracy
B. Piracy is already very much possible on 3DS and has been for like a year.

And then we have region lock defenders, who need no mention for how asinine their argument is.



rayword45 commented on Street Fighter 2010: The Final Fight:

It's interesting to think that not really that long ago, 2010 was considered a distant future... Actually, wait, they made a game with planet hopping and cyborg cops and chose 20 years a future? What the hell kind of logic is that? Why not 3100 or 20X6 or something?



rayword45 commented on New Nintendo 3DS Delays Planned Homebrew Channel:

Yeah there is no reason to support a region lock.

Any company trying to keep modders out look no further than the PS3 to see exactly what and what NOT to do. They had OtherOS, nobody skilled cared enough to find an exploit. Remove that, DING DING DING exploit for all y'all mothers.

A region free system with enough capabilities to please a homebrew dev is less likely to attract hackers.



rayword45 commented on Review: Amida's Path (DSiWare):

@Phantom_R You'd be surprised how many people there are that still own DSis and use them as their primary choice of Internet access.

Bizarre? Very. But there is a little bit of a market there.



rayword45 commented on 3DS Homebrew Channel Reportedly in Final Stage...:

Man, some of you guys are ignorant as all hell. The very nature of this exploit IS TOO LOW LEVEL TO ALLOW ANY PIRACY. Besides that, there are already piracy exploits by the means of flashcart, and those guys definitely don't want to stop monetization of piracy. This guy wants nothing to do with piracy, and maybe if you READ anything at all about the exploit you'd stop jumping to conclusions.

The vast majority of you should never get jobs in law or politics because your comprehension skills are either blatantly below par, or you're too damn lazy to read.



rayword45 commented on Video: Here's Some Battle Footage From Wii U S...:

@brandonbwii This response is late isn't it?

Anyways, unfortunately I believe the most outright offensive comments he has made have been lost to the purging of data on his own website... I mean why make yourself look bad when you can simply be a closet jerk?

BUT! One rather notable example exists here

Look for HullBreach in the comments and read his statement about bisexuality. There used to be much worse but this is still pretty bad IMO.



rayword45 commented on Review: Water Warfare (WiiWare):

@Uberchu No I don't.

Fun games with good graphics, brilliant missions, catchy music and controls that aren't totally clunky include World of Goo, Space Invaders Get Even, Fluidity, Toki Tori, Jett Rocket, the list goes on.

Almost two years after commenting I still think this game is a damned joke of an FPS.



rayword45 commented on Video: Here's Some Battle Footage From Wii U S...:

I wasn't gonna buy this because I don't have a Wii U.

If I got a Wii U I was gonna skip it because of the creators homophobic comments.

But now, even if he retracted those statements, I wouldn't buy it cause the game looks like horse crap!