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Thu 11th Oct 2012

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RayWillmott commented on Review: Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two...:

It really is disappointing. Having played both Wii U and 360 versions of the game, I can tell you that the Wii U version is the definitive edition of the game. Unfortunately, that doesn't really count for a lot.

I was very disappointed in this one. The map is excruciating...



RayWillmott commented on Talking Point: Games That Need Wii U - World o...:

Some very interesting responses to this one. It seems many would be quite happy not to have an MMO market on the system. The whole point of these pieces is to get people talking and thinking about the capabilities of this console outside of the norm. These aren't necessarily the games I want to see on the system, nor the functionality that should define them, however, I think, in terms of MMO scope and content, WoW is probably the best fit for a Nintendo console (or Dragon Quest X or a Pokemon MMO, of course ). In terms of popularity, as well as character cast and environment, I feel WoW would be a clearer fit than say, Guild Wars 2 (even though the Guild Wars 2 subscription model would obviously be much more appropriate).

There's a growing concern that people are only seeing the second controller as a live action mini-map or inventory management hub, and not really looking beyond that. Wii U is capable of so much more, and I'm really enjoying exploring those possibilities with the team at Nintendo Life. This is a very exciting console and one that can really mould entirely new gaming experiences outside of the ones we already know and love.

I'm very happy to see people offer their input and convey their opinions. Thanks for joining in with the discussions



RayWillmott commented on Talking Point: Games That Need Wii U - Dishonored:

While the idea of using Motion Plus for swordplay is a great one (and an excellent example of how different Wii U will be compared to the rest of the market), using two controllers for a game like Dishonored would be suicidal for the system. This level of interaction would work perfectly on other games, but considering other consoles can play Dishonored with one controller interface, it would seem both alien and inappropriate to do that here. That's why I went with touch-screen. I totally recognize that not everyone wants that, though.

Anyway, that's me done. Please continue



RayWillmott commented on Talking Point: Games That Need Wii U - Dishonored:

My fault on the intro. Sorry

I understand what some of you are saying about the combat. That was a real hit/miss feature, but I do feel touch offers more freedom than an analog ever will. That's a core feature of the Wii U gamepad that seperates it from any other home console. At least, at this moment in time. The concept may seem gimmicky, but similar mechanics control most mobile games these days.

Thanks for reading and contributing. Looking forward to reading more of your comments. Have a real surprise in store for the next one. Stay tuned to nintendolife