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Thu 28th Apr 2011

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RayRayXD commented on Nintendo Expected Higher 3DS Sales:

I think that it's not just big popular games that the 3ds needs, but it needs more features, and broadcast its other features more. Yeah, it has 3D which is HUGE, but they have 3D tvs now, and unless you are a hardcore handheld gamer, why play 3D games on a tiny screen when you can play on a full-blown HD 3D tv screen? I have a 3Ds and it's awesome, but I can understand why it hasn't been the best selling yet. I also think that having a functioning internet browser at launch because if you have an option for an internet connection you just gotta have an internet browser, not just one in some update later on.



RayRayXD commented on Nintendogs + Cats:

I wish they had more breeds of cats to start can only have 3 so far in my experience, but I just got the game.
Do you unlock more cat breeds later?