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Sat 30th Jul 2011

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Raventheblack commented on Mega Man Legends 3 Cancelled:

I think capcom has its own agenda to kill off megaman since i strongly beleive its hate towards kenji inafune leaving the company and the choice to not include megaman in marvel vs capcom 3,I thought about this long and hard and ive come to the conclusion that even if megaman legends 3 comes out its gonna suck for the specific reason capcom will half ass the game and because the feelings of their hate towards kenji infanfune will alter the game drastically,additionally due to their recent blunder on the save issue of thier new resident evil game sales of the 3ds have dropped considerably even moreso now since games like this are being cancelled(Also i'm gonna point out the price of the 3ds has dropped oddly just around the time it was announced this game was cancelled),reviving megaman thus may end hurting him worst off then as he was 10 years ago,it is my suggestion with this in mind that fans should reach out to a new game company to revive the project,some of you may start asking who my suggestions are either atlus or konami,konami has a good experince in side-scrollers like castlevania which would be perfect for the traditional megaman games,for the humor and otaku style however atlus with its disgaea perks would be perfect,i know a lot of people are gonna put me down on this but i just dont have confidence in capcom anymore,which is now dubbed crapcom,to say the least i wont be buying a nintendo 3ds theres nothing on it cept zelda and thats another remake remake remake i can play that on my 64 and gamecube.