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Mon 1st Dec 2008

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Ratengo commented on Japanese Virtual Console List: April 2012:

There is also "a third release" - the formerly Irem-published Spelunker (Famicom), which was pulled off the service Friday and returns today with Tozai Games as the new publisher.

@Bass_XO: Since Metal Slug 3 will be the 60th(!) Neo-Geo title on the service, it's probably the last one for a while. Japan better prepares for a drought if no other console returns to VC from next month on!



Ratengo commented on Europe's Virtual Console Loses 6 Games This Month:

Japan recently lost 6 Data East PC Engine games last Tuesday. Today, it's been announced that 11 Irem games will suffer the same fate there on March 30:

-Spelunker (Famicom)
-Super R-Type (Super Famicom)
-R-Type III: The Third Lightning (Super Famicom)
-R-Type part I (PC Engine)
-R-Type part II (PC Engine)
-Vigilante (PC Engine)
-Saigo no Nindou: Ninja Spirit (PC Engine)
-Legend of Hero Tonma (PC Engine)
-Image Fight (PC Engine)
-Image Fight II (PC Engine)
-Mr. Heli no Daibouken (PC Engine)



Ratengo commented on Two More Games to Leave EU Virtual Console:

Bloody Wolf, Drop Off and Silent Debuggers (TurboGrafx-16) are already gone from the North American Wii Shop! Japan will have them removed from their Shop tomorrow together with Makai Hakkenden Shada, Override and Winning Shot (PC Engine). They were all Data East games published by G-Mode. The same message in the Japanese Shop also announces the removal of the Irem games Spelunker (Famicom), Super R-Type and R-Type III: The Third Lightning (Super Famicom) on March 30.



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 15th October (Europe):

Is the WiiWare version of miffy's world purely identical to Oyako de Asobo: Miffy no Omocha Bako (released on disc by Square Enix)...? The game's Japanese trailer can be seen here. Also, note that Sweden-based PAN Vision AB is its European publisher, not Biodroid...!



Ratengo commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - August 2010:

Both Clock Tower and Miracle Adventure are out on Tuesday (the 3rd), so I'm pretty sure that we will see more VC titles to be added later this month.

@Drake: I think that Clock Tower's in-game text is Japanese-only. The menu is in English, however.



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 13th & 14th July 2010 (Japan):

I have no problem with the Japanese WiiWare drought as long as its superb Virtual Console is not affected. For example, you must get at least whole 11 Neo Geo titles at a later stage to catch up with Japan.

@Sean: Maybe Arc System Works will see fit to release 'Bit. Trip Runner' on the 3rd of August (a batch of games tend to appear on the download services prior to Golden Week and the Obon Festival respectively)...?



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 22nd & 23rd June 2010 (Japan):

After two more weeks of delay, Bokumo Sekai wo Sukuitai is ready for the WiiWare service on June 29th. Chō Wakusei Senki: Metafight will also be released next week. Does the Famicom version of Blaster Master have infinite continues or any gameplay differences...?



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 1st & 2nd June 2010 (Japan):

@Tsuchinoko: Wow! I paid a visit to the Kansai area 1,5 years ago and spend 8 nights at ryokan Heianbo (after 2 nights in Osaka). Kyoto is full of interesting cultural heritages and I enjoyed my stay very much so I want to go there again in the future! My Wii was actually bought at Bic Camera store next to the central station.



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 1st & 2nd June 2010 (Japan):

@Tsuchinoko: The WiiWare service is way more popular in the Americas (49 titles vs. Japan's 21 released so far this year). The Virtual Console service does better in Japan (27 titles vs. American 16). I want Nintendo to release even more VC games in its homeland: 10 to 15 per month at minimum, not just 5...!

Yeah, I'm from Sweden. Do you really live in Japan? Cool! I almost envy you.



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 20th & 21st April (Japan):

@Sean: The 'Ivy the Kiwi?' game looks interesting...! The retail releases will be priced at 3,990 yen each, including 100 levels and multiplayer (+ the DS version offers downloadable contents). I think that the Ware mini versions with 50 levels (half the game!) for 1,000 points are pretty much a bargain...! Will NintendoLife readers get any impressions of this game? Here is a trailer.

Besides... Have you unlocked the Warp and Master modes of all generations in 'Bit Man!!' yet? I was able to finish the Classic 64-bit mode and submit my points into the hi-score list once (don't really know why). Now, the same problem occurs in the Master 64-bit mode (I'm still getting the Game Over message instead, after the last stage being cleared).



Ratengo commented on Japanese Virtual Console list - February 2010:

Only THREE titles? Hm…! Then, I expect the MSX titles ‘Gofer no Yabou: Episode II’ and ‘Metal Gear 2: Solid Snake’ being added to the list later during March. Anyway, I’m happy that the Japanese service still manages pretty well compared to the awful European one with crappy release schedules…!

And YAY for the action puzzler ‘Sutte Hakkun’ hitting the service! The game will be my fourth VC purchase so far this year (after ‘Kirby no Kirakira Kizzu’, ‘Quarth’ and ‘Rockman 4’). Thanks a lot, Nintendo…!



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 22-23 December 2009 (Japan):

The DSiWare update will be on the 24th of December instead due to Emperor's Birthday on Wednesday. It should also be noted that the next week's update is the last of this year. In summary: Japan got 136 Virtual Console titles and 105 WiIWare titles during 2009 to compare to 2008's 145 and 60 titles respectively. That's a pretty fantastic year and I'm already looking forward to 2010, which will hopefully even be better. Until then: Merry Christmas and Happy New Year...!



Ratengo commented on Review: Chōtetsu Brikin'ger (Virtual Console ...:

Thanks for the review, Sean! I still haven't bought Choutetsu Brikinger yet but will consider this in the future. I'm already looking forward to your further reviews on JP VC exclusive titles. Guess Space Manbow (a difficulty game, I'm stuck at stage 5!) will be the next game out?

Suggestion for future reviews: Ai Chou Aniki, Akumajou Dracula X, Ganbare Goemon 2, Mizubaku Daibouken, Phelios (arcade), Ordyne (arcade) and Parasol Stars among others. Cheers...!



Ratengo commented on Mahjong:

FYI: 東南西北 stands for the four cardinal directions: 'East', 'South'. 'West' and 'North'.



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 24-25 November 2009 (Japan):

What a fantastic update given that it's no break in the week after this. It will also mean that Japan is getting totally 14 VC titles during November, compared to Europe's.... 3 VC titles? What a poor month for the PAL regions then - how can it really be possible?!?!

@Sean: Are you aware about that Wii no Ma has been updated with a new section today? The 'Theater no Ma' allows access to movies, anime and more with content from Walt Disney Japan, TV Asahi, NHK, Toei, Pokemon, J League Media Promotion, Howcast Media, Bonus, Yoshimoto Kogyo, Warp Star, Warner Entertainment Japan, Asmik Ace Entertainment, and Sesame Workship. There are currently 100 programs available to download on a rental basis, paid with Nintendo Points (the price range varies from 30 to 400 points for seven days by so far).



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 17-18 November 2009 (Japan):

I have a strange feeling that the MSX titles will be pushed to December instead. So I'm predicting Romancing SaGa, Choutetsu Brikinger and two arcade titles (Namco Quester and Rompers?) for the 24th of November. At least three WiiWare titles are said to come during this month: Kentoushi, Ponjan (both by Takara Tomy) and Okiraku Kart Wii.



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 04 November 2009 (Japan):

Do you mean this article on Wikipedia?

There has not been any Wednesday update since the launch of the DSiWare service, so I was a bit worried about a possible break next week. Thankfully it's not the case, phew...!

During late December, let's see if the DSiWare update will be on the 22nd (same day as VC/WW) instead of the 23rd, due to the Emperor's Birthday.



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 04 November 2009 (Japan):

@Sean: It has always been that if the Tuesday is a public holiday, the update will occur on Wednesday instead. The Culture Day (Nov. 3) is not included in the 'Happy Monday System'. Otherwise - after 6 months with consecutive releases of 51 VCA games in total, no new arcade titles will be released next week. Namco Bandai, where art thou? HELP....!!



Ratengo commented on Street Fighter II': Champion Edition:

@Drake: I can't imagine that any changes would be made for just the Western release of the PCE/TG-16 version, so we all must deal with the original names and I think it's great! The Japanese people are never wrong as Capcom USA was in earlier days.



Ratengo commented on Street Fighter II': Champion Edition:

The four boss characters Balrog, Vega, Sagat and M. Bison...? The correct order is of course M. Bison, Balrog, Sagat and Vega as their names are in Japanese.



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 27-28 October 2009 (Japan):

WHOA... what an amazing update! It's almost unbelievable that Nintendo would release multiple platformers like Sonic, Rolling Thunder and Castlevania at same day outside Japan any time. I second to Ren - can someone give us impressions on Shadow Walker, pretty please...?

@Sean: The Japanese can play ice hockey for sure. Here's the evidence!



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 13-14 October 2009 (Japan):

@Sean: The HO letter comes before the BA letter in the kana writing systems (ha...ho is followed by and pa...po). Thus, Hoshi no Kirby Super Deluxe may be considered the 500th game. Otherwise, it's Bakutotsu Kijuutei if we keep on the Latin alphabet instead. Ahem!

What do you think about 'tracking' titles by number - for example [#148] Amakuchi! Dairoo Castle, [#149] Calculation 100 Renutsu, [#150] G.G. Series: Shino Karakuri-den and so on - or would it cause too much work for you in every upcoming article?



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 13-14 October 2009 (Japan):

I can not believe that nothing has been mentioned in the article about the Japanese VC passing the 500th mark next week, although Nintendo doesn’t celebrate such milestones by some special title like the company does in North America. A short look at these update marks:

#99-101 (April 3, 2007):

Elevator Action, Famicom
Punch-Out!!, Famicom
Final Soldier, PC Engine

#200-201 (September 28 [an extra Friday update], 2007):

Magican Lord, Neo Geo
World Heroes, Neo Geo

#299-302 (April 22, 2008):

Hercules no Eikou IV, Super Famicom
Phelios, Mega Drive
Akumajou Dracula X: Chi no Rondo, PC Engine
Metal Slug, Neo Geo

#400-402 (January 6, 2009):

Tantei Jinguuji Saburou: Kiken na Futari, Famicom
Wonder Boy III: Monster Lair, Mega Drive
Rastan Saga 2, PC Engine

and so #500-502 (October 13, 2009)…!

Time is running pretty fast and with the releases still ongoing healthy - will we see the 600th title any time in Summer 2010 or later? LONG LIVE JAPAN’S VIRTUAL CONSOLE SERVICE!! * cheers *



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download: 06-07 October 2009 (Japan):

@Sean: Seeing that Gaplus was released on the 26th of March, Galaga '88 on the 23rd of June and Galaxian on the 29th of September, I think Galaga should be released just before Christmas if the quarterly schedule is being maintained (this year's last update is on December 22).



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download 06-07 October 2009 (Japan):

It's worthy of note that the download services will consist of 499 Vitual Console titles, 146 WiiWare titles and 147 DSiWare titles (applications included) in total after Wednesday. Does anyone think Nintendo will release at least one VC title, four WW titles and three DSi titles on the 13th and 14th of October to reach/surpass the 500th and 150th x 2 milestones at the same time?



Ratengo commented on Nintendo Download 29-30 September 2009 (Japan):

What a pleasant update after the last week's Citizen's holiday break. I will download 'HameKomi Lucky Puzzle Wii Returns' for sure...!

The title 'Sugar Bunnies Wii Yooniso Bunnies Field' should be spelled 'Sugarbunnies Wii: Youkoso Bunnies Field-e' (Welcome to Bunnies Field) instead.