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RPG expert, occasional shooter

Male, 18, United States

I like to game, been a Nintendo gamer since the day i got a Gamecube and GameBoy Color with pokemon blue. I love to play The RPG's the most and will play shooter games from time to time.

Sun 10th March, 2013

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Rashirin commented on Minecraft is Just As Likely To Appear on Wii U...:

The Wii U can do a lot thanks to the gamepad. I've been playing the xbox version since release and it has gotten real good. But it still fills bland, the Wii U doesn't just has a innovative controller, it has more power. so it can do much more, like adding serves for people to play like the PC version. And for the 3DS i can see a much better version than the Pocket Edition on Android and IOS



Rashirin commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Stock Jump Bodes Wel...:

It's getting really cumbersome with everyone saying that Nintendo is the next Sega and that the Wii was the Dreamcast when in fact the Wii kicked butt. Now there saying that the Wii U is the next one. It's completel ridiculous, the Wii U is bound to have a great jump in sales this month thanks to Monster Hunter and next year to bring even more good fortune. This stock increase to only be the beginning of not there doomsday, but a successful future.