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randomlypikachu commented on Mighty No.9 Looks Rather Neat in This 60fps Tr...:

i'll save my thoughts till i actually play it but i gota ask one thing. what happend to the 2d style? i didnt keep too close an eye on what was going on during development so i was still under the idea that it was going to all be in 2d untill recently



randomlypikachu commented on Review: The Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask 3D ...:

@artie okhereswhyyouropinionistotalywrong err that is to say heres where i disagree with your saying bout a game with problems should fail to get a perfect score ... thing is with that logic your basicaly saying 10 should be impossible score. the idea that there is a perfect game ... actually the idea that there is a perfect anything is just silly. theres always going to be flaws theres always going to be problems even with some the greatest games. theres more good than bad (especially the bad in this case is very minor the good in this case is just wonderful) then i think fair to say that the game deserves a 10



randomlypikachu commented on Watch: Catch Up With the North American, Europ...:

weeeeeellll i am disapoint. i should be happy honestly i should i know i should. nintendo just seems to have this talent tho. this talent leaving information that ... you would think should be considered important. such as the new 3ds release date. we got the xl models release date. we found which colors, special edition xl models will be coming on release. the regular sized model? ignored completely. europes direct mentioned these same things about both models. does NoA plan to ignore the regular sized model entirely? sell the xl model on its own? does it have a reason to do this? what is the reason then? when you leave information like this it just creates confusion.
that said though i still gota say this direct was good above average still kinda below being anything amazing. we got shown a new fire emblem title which is always awesome. monster hunter 4 release date was given (hooray!) the eshop games they showed look great to. also wii games on the eshop now. done right this could be a really good thing. they got some good titles to start this to. just hope they keep the releases somewhat constant (like would a 1 ocasionaly 2 wii games every week be to much) tho i do kinda wonder why they bothered porting xenoblade to the new 3ds when they can do this much more easily. speaking xenoblade the newest game xenoblade blade crhonicles x just looks amazing. best thing in the direct was that game. then we got splatoon. what more can i say? squid people are very fashionable i guess. yea over all good direct just still disapointed about that one little detail getting ignored



randomlypikachu commented on Video: The Top Ten Worst Designed Pokémon Ever:

that number one pick and the alakazam mega pick kinda upset me... the number one spot feels like a cop out put in purely to stir up rage alakazam was never given a good explanation just ... spoons. whats your problem with the spoons why do you feel them ruin his design you said more words than "buuuuuuutttttts" about castform you could come up with somthing more about alakazam to



randomlypikachu commented on Rumour: Has Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem B...:

4chan? seems totaly legit guess the game is cancelled... seriously pretty much confirmed once 4chan has a word on it. the site is clearly has most trust worthy information available on the internet! probably better anyway now nintendo can focus on getting zelda fire prophecy zelda ice prophecy finished



randomlypikachu commented on Eon Ticket StreetPass Relay Announced for Pok...:

just do wifi distributions .-. this idea still has some merit people who arent able to get the games during event periods could just have a chance at an event item this way... the way there going about it tho by just giving a few codes letting them slowly leak out through street pass is just an awful way to do this though i sincerely hope they don't do it like this for pokemon only obtainable through events



randomlypikachu commented on Collectors Be Warned, Some amiibo Figures Will...:

if i had to imagine i'd say games that dont have much a future will be ones that stop being made. maybe games with series that cant really take advantage of them? like wii fit trainer yea i can imagine that one being out... i think pikachu might be a possibilty since i cant imagine pokemon main games supporting this maybe side games. marth is a hard call ... maybe they could make him useable in a future fire emblem game? theres also a certain cross over game that nintendos been silent on for far to long... maybe they'd do somthing with it in that assuming thats still happening. fox is also a maybe (hes getting a new game theres a chance). if they make amiibos based on the other fighters im not sure if they'll eventually discontinue little mac duck hunt. shulk im almost positive will be limited. other pokemon ... see what i said about pikachu. ness no. pit palutena dark pit probably not. game n' watch doubt it. shiek ... i dont think shiek has a chance since ya know was only in ocarina of time could be wrong of course (is shiek in hyrule warriors? i forget) ike robin see what my thoughts on marth. rob no. dr.mario i really wana say no somehow tho i bet they'd find a way to keep him around cus mario.anyone im forgetting is probably a no if i cant even remember them



randomlypikachu commented on Mewtwo Returns to Super Smash Bros., Ridley an...:

@MegaBeedrill i dont think mewtwos gona end up being just a lucario clone (at least i hope not) if he was just a clone i would think they wouldve been able to fit mewtwo in before releasing the full game that maybe he's been held back till 2015 cus he's being given a new set of moves to use. just a guess is all though



randomlypikachu commented on Mother 4 Is On The Way, But It's Not Being Mad...:

why all the rage over this .-. it looks like it could be good. they arent sapping away any potential money nintendo could gain. how is this even a rip off? because of the name? because it uses similar graphics? if they changed both of those would everyones opinion of this suddenly rise? im not gona lie say the name isn't a big copyright problem, still though to say this game is a rip-off all because they chose to use the name just dont make sense to me. also whats all this nonsense about the creators trying to pass this off as official canon

"Mother 4 is a fan-made addition to the cult-classic series Mother. We are NOT affiliated, associated, authorized, endorsed by, or in any way officially connected with Nintendo of America Inc., Shigesato Itoi, HAL Laboratory, Inc., or any of its subsidiaries or its affiliates."

i got that quote off of the first answer to the first question on the mother 4 websites. the question being if the game is official. plus they put a similiar disclaimer in the trailer, the first sentence in the videos disclaimer - "MOTHER 4 is an UNOFFICIAL fan-made game." i dont see at all how theyre trying to pass this off as an official canon anything



randomlypikachu commented on NES-Themed Nintendo 3DS XL On The Way as GameS...:

... i feel pretty upset =w= i think the nes one looks pretty nice wouldnt mind getting it .-. new 3ds is coming eventually though so nopes. you would think nintendo would hold off on making any more special editions of the regular 3ds xl till they bring in the new ones?

@TheAdrock my guess is that they want to release it along with monster hunter 4 (which will use the second circle pad) thats the only reason i can think of that would make them hold off on giving them to us this year



randomlypikachu commented on Shiny Gengar and Diancie Pokémon Distribution...:

@ColdingLight you dont have to buy a thing, if someone at gamestop tell you otherwise they either dont know what theyre doing or are blatantly lieing

why gamefreak never considered this possibly i'll never know. i'll get these (especially diancie i need her for my dex) would rather it be wifi though. heck even just going to gamestop to download it would be fine with me. i dont like this serial code thing at alls because then you gota deal with employees who are either mistaken in how the distribution works (honestly thinking you need to preorder the game or something like that) or willingly lie to rip a customer off .-.



randomlypikachu commented on Guide: New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know S...:

@Ren i think your misreading?
11th October (Japan), 2015 (North America and Europe / PAL regions)

that little coma there seperating the japan release (which is october of this year) from the year 2015 (the year for our releases which i imagine is gona be much earlier than october)



randomlypikachu commented on Heracross and Pinsir Distribution for Pokémon...:

diance will probably come when the movie comes. also ... kinda anoyed at how theyre going about this =w= i dont even care that i have to go to the nearest stop n' game just wana know why they dont put the megastones as their item for the distribution ... seriously just make me goto gamestop and get it or make me connect to my wifi and get it but dont make me have to do both just to get freaking mega pinsir =w= also better idea since im already on a rant why not just give us the opposite legendary for each game instead of giving us two random exclusive pokemon that can mega



randomlypikachu commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

@NINTENDCHIP im just gona chime in with my problem with that. a competitive player takes time to master these advanced mechanics and tricks for competitive play. they aren't doing it to completely destroy casual players and friends (unless that friend happens to be another competitive player xP ) so they most likely aren't gona be doing any of these advanced mechanics during a casual match (unless of course theyre playing with friends who are also competitive and they choose to play a competitive match). also as i stated before that way of thinking is made even weaker with the for glory and for fun mode



randomlypikachu commented on First impressions: HD Brawling with Super Smas...:

i dont see what the problem would be of allowing things to be geared more towards competitive play why alienate a whole group of fans in favor of "casual players" when really doing things to get the competitive audience back isn't going to affect casual could make the argument that with online play its necessary to hinder competitive play to give normal players a better chance, but thats still a really poor excuse to do that to so many fans, especially now that we have a for fun and for glory mode.

also i understand the comments about respecting what sakurai wishes to do with the game, believe me i get it. the thing is that respecting what someone wants to do doesnt mean a fan can't complain or make criticisms. criticizing and complaining can actually help a game get better and shouldnt be completely ignored because its not in line with what "insert any name of any person making a game here" was originally thinking.or intending.



randomlypikachu commented on E3 2014: Ubisoft Admits to Holding Back Comple...:

whaaaaaatan honest statement from a CEO that doesnt have even attempt to put blame on nintendo or wii u owners. o.o the people commenting here are responding pretty reasonably (mostly) ... this is crazy...

covering myself
i know someone is gona make some kinda angered response to this, but i dont feel like coming back here so im just gona cover myself on what i said now. what i consider blaming might be something very different to you. when i said they didnt blame anyone here i meen they didnt say something along the lines of "its nintendos fault for handling the wii u so bad" or "its wii u owners faults cus they wont buy our games!" next when i say people are responding pretty reasonably (for the most part) that isnt me taking a jab at people who aren't reacting positively to this. someone could be talking negatively about this issue and still be making a perfectly reasonable response. the people who i am taking a jab at are people who talking about ubisoft like their company is the plague.



randomlypikachu commented on New Mega Evolutions Revealed for Pokémon Omeg...:

@Kaze_Memaryu ok i can understand why your upset. i just gota say though i think its a little unfair of you to lump fans who actually wanted these and are happy to finally see that these are coming with "beggars" who want stuff just to have stuff. i think its also pretty unfair to say gamefreak is at a low point for doing what a lot of fans have been asking for.



randomlypikachu commented on New Mega Evolutions Revealed for Pokémon Omeg...:

ok something i'm not clear on is this whole preshistoric primal primeval thing. are these just interchangeable names all being used because the person who translated the scans could'nt figure out which one was right? if not then does that meen that devolution is going to be in three stages like a regular evolution? does this meen that devolved pokemon won't go back to normal like pokemon that mega. barring that chance, then does this meen that they can only enter a certain stage of these devolutions and will never be able to change the stage at which they can be. then if thats the case what devolution stage will they end up at when devolving and how does each one effect a devolved pokemon. what would determine what stage one pokemon will be at in a devolution? lets also say that wont happen either, then what about this. could devolution be something that occurs based on a pokemons condition in battle, and depending if that condition is worsening/bettering will it cause them to progress through the stages of devolving or will it even possibly cause them the start evolving until they reach their normal undevolved stage again



randomlypikachu commented on Reaction: Mario Kart 8 Accused Of Poor Sales P...:

... that last part about racism really got to me. really upsetting to hear something so ... painfully stupid. i dont know what to say. someone got paid to write that. i need to let that sink in too. someone got paid to write that. someone wrote that of their own free will because they honestly think it ... and they're getting paid money for writing it.