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I do band. And trap music.

Male, United States

I speed-run Nintendo games, specifically Metroid: Zero Mission (PR sub 39) and Metroid Fusion (PR sub 1:10) at the moment. Hoping to get rid of my Xbox and get a 3DS or something. 4 year member w00t w00t

Fri 1st May 2009

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RallyFTW commented on Wii Controller App For Android Goes Live:

Whoa, crap. Did I really talk like that back then? Geez, I don't like seeing people who did that, I prefer to act mature over the internet... And Boards of Canada is amazing.



RallyFTW commented on GoldenEye 007:

Am I going to have to stop playing my 360 in order to play this game?



RallyFTW commented on Review: Operation C (Game Boy):

Beaten without dying, I had 6 lives by the time I finished the game. My hi-score was 265,020. (I would always write it down on the cartridge)

But I would agree with the review.



RallyFTW commented on DJ Hero 3D:

It seems like an unplayable game on a handheld, much less the 3DS.



RallyFTW commented on Wild Guns:


This seems like a fun, semi-contra based game.



RallyFTW commented on Super Mario Galaxy 2:

My friend pre-ordered this game and he said I come over and play it with him, saying that I'm better at those types of games than him.

Lol, tomorrow.



RallyFTW commented on XIII: I should write the review for this..... I beat the game, so I should know what happens.