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Sun 26th Jan 2014

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Rainor89au commented on Rumour: Monster Hunter 4 Delay Is Due To PS Vi...:

To be honest the ps vita int doing to bad considering its received a huge sales boost due to its connectivity to the ps4, and those fanboys that wanna talk poopie about the ps vita needing to be taken out back and shot what about the wii u that thing is dead and buried, if anything the wii u should be the one getting taken out back and put down I don't get why Nintendo dont just make the 3ds consoles, and Nintendo games for the ps4 and Xbox one, just like sega did, when the dreamcast tanked. All the new mario and zelda games should be coming out on 1080p graphics on your ps4 and Xbox one consoles.

And the reason why mh 4 will prob get a ps vita release is obvious capcom need sony's ps4 to sell there games in Japan, right now in Japan there are a hell of a lot more ps vitas getting bought then wii u's, so I wouldn't be surprised if Sony said you do us a favour with the ps vita and well do you a favour with the ps4

Watch the language -Lz