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Sun 27th Oct 2013

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RainRook3454 commented on Rumour: Cryptic Messages In Pokémon X & Y Hin...:

I started with R/S/E and I loved it. To such an extent that I stuck around up until now. But I don't think we need a remake but a revisiting would be better. Is it necessary? Arguable. Is it what's best for the fans and the company. Not sure. I think Game Freak could go three ways with this. 1. Stop making Pokémon games.(With the money they make, probably not) 2. Keep making new regions. (And in turn more Pokémon, and from what I've seen there's a lot of hate for this) 3. Remake the old ones. Maybe two and three mixed together too. Even I have to admit that Hoenn was kinda lacklustre when compared to the other instalments but this could be a chance to improve it. Gen I and III are also the only main games to not be found on the 3DS or the DS and its variants.