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Sat 7th Dec 2013

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Rai_TheNoblesse commented on Reggie Talks Up Wii U Blockbusters As Top 10 S...:

Fils-Aime talks a lot and often talks crap.. making us hype about a new announement at the VGX, but it will only be "something about a previously announced Wii U title".. (mostlikly DKCTP, Mario Kart or SSBros..,.. if it's not Zelda Wii U, we should all "BUH" him out at the VGX..., since he also upseted fans, by saying "petetions don't influence us", just shows he doesn't give a f@ck about fans..)

and he's as uasual to bold in is commments, to think that after over saturating the market with Mario games, that they'd still sell that well and be the best selling games of this generation..., on a console that's "nothing new"

(he has no idea about games, he just looks a the sales of previous games and pulls simple "child" conclusions, that they'll surlely sell as well again, without lookint at the whole picture.. and he's greedy (or Nintendo of Japanare greedy) they should have waited a bit and brougth Galaxy2 and Zelda SS to the Wii U instead of bringing them out on the Wii to get the sales bonues...)

and last but not least, if Fils-Aime really has any understanding of games/franchies, fans and the market, he'd help finance the ZombU sequal...

I wish for Nintendo and the Wii U to get off better and hope for great games.. but when seeing Nintendo "abuse" Retro Studios (for simple games like DKC TF).. and Plantnum Games with Wonderfull 101 (even if it's a good game)... that's not what will convince others to get the Wii U... it's the wrong approche. . (they're trying to play it "very safe".. but it's still wrong..., or at least have more games in parallel in development.. or they should buy studios like Bioware and Eidos...)