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Wed 13th May 2015

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Radish commented on Editorial: The eShop's Pricing Dilemma is the ...:

If Nintendo went 3rd Party, and if there really was no NEED for Nintendo hardware, no one would NEED to buy ANY home console. We'd all be gaming on PCs because they already make Playstation and Xbox superfluous.

As for why Nintendo needs to continue making hardware- They are a toy company that likes to experiment and change how we approach gaming every now and then. Regardless of whether you think their innovations are good or not, this approach to gaming is what keeps the industry fresh and interesting--not just a simple graphics war that can never contend with PCs. I'm happy to see Sony experimenting with a virtual reality device whether or not it succeeds or flops. But that is the mindset that Nintendo has and it's good to see in an industry that is becoming more and more resistant to change.

Now to respond to the article:
As for the whole pricing issue, this is nothing new, the "digital age" is hitting every other industry as well. There is no middle class online and we all expect everything that's digital to be free. The only way it can possibly change is if we change the economics of the Internet from an advertisement-based model to a micropayment-based model where everyone is paying everyone and we cannot copy files. We may be too far into the hole we dug ourselves to warm up to that idea, but the Internet is still young. shrugs