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rjejr commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

I don't think enough has been said about this statement:

"In addition, I am planning to continue making posts at least until the Wii U version is released. I haven't decided if I'll go by the Japanese version release or the release of versions abroad, but the point is that I'll continue posting for a little bit longer."

And if that is too much to read here's the important part - "the Japanese version release or the release of versions abroad,"

I honestly don't care that the 3DS of SSB releases a week or 2 later in the west in late Sept/early Oct, but 2 weeks can make a difference around the holidays. I think Black Friday is a bigger deal in the US than EU so I wouldn't be surprised if the US got it first, our versions usually have less languages to translate to as well. Sony released the PS4 everywhere before it's native Japan, I wouldn't even be surprised to see the Wii U version release in the US before Japan. They already sold 1 mil 3DS versions in Japan, a week or 2 delay after the US probably wouldn't matter for the U version sales in Japan.

Point is, even if it turns out Nov 21 is correct, it doesn't seem like it will be a worldwide release on that day.

To close on a brighter note, he also wrote this - "but the point is that I'll continue posting for a little bit longer."

I like "little bit", sounds encouraging :-)



rjejr commented on Nintendo Rolling Out New In-Store Digital Dist...:

@SanderEvers - I know, and I see the ;-) but in all the years my kids have been getting GC for their birthdays they have never gotten an eShop card. Usually it's Target and Gamestop, w/ the occasional Kmart or Walmart one. And the first thing my kid bought w/ his birthday money this year - Pokemon Troize, which is DL only, and I had to type in my credit card # on his 3DS. Had someone given him an eShop card that would have been nice, then he could have typed in all the numbers :-)



rjejr commented on Guide: How To Beat Everyone At Super Smash Bro...:

@Chubblings - Yeah I know 1st half of 2015, but that's still a 6 month wide window. And it's Nintnedo, so probably Sept or Oct. ;-)

@Jmaster - "It was playable at Gamescom in August"

Glad to hear its coming along nicely. I'm always more excited for good new IP than sequels, and this one does look good.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Unleashes Wacky Super Smash Bros. For...:

Best. Commercials. Ever.

I like that they have 3 different commercials, they must be planning on running them alot. And the "first time ever on handheld" line was a nice promotional emphasis.

As for the 1st ad being worse than the other 2 - Bring on the Nubiles! (I was going to link it but the lyrics aren't exactly family friendly.)



rjejr commented on Hyrule Warriors Battles Its Way to Number 3 in...:

@Punished_Boss - "I wonder what excuse Disney infinity 2.0 has for flopping??? Cause I can't think of a thing."

Is that sarcasm? I didn't see a :-) or /s Or are you really saying it's a flop for coming in 2nd behind Destiny? Or just the last place Wii U version is a flop (which I just blame on install base)? The game sold 32% more than the first game did, I think most companies would consider that a success. no?

"The new Interactive Toys title is also 32% up on the week 1 performance of the original ‘Disney Infinity',"

As for HW, 3rd place for a Wii U game in the UK, behind Destiny on every platform for adults and DI:2.0 on every platform for kids I'ld say is a major success. Must have been a pretty high % of Wii U owners buying it.

I don't know about the US version, I can't find it advertised anywhere, so that's not promising.

@Nintenjoe64 - Dragon Quest Warriors (ie DQ:Hereos). If HW sells well enough maybe we can get it too?



rjejr commented on Nintendo Download: 25th September (Europe):

@DESS-M-8 - Thanks for posting that, now I dont have to start off my week so negatively. :-)

Seems like a whole lot going on this week - sales, a demo, DLC, VC, price drops, heck even EA - so I'm impressed w/ Nintendo. May get armillo and S&S if these sales make it stateside. I already bought Spin the Bottle when it had the DLC sale so no need for the demo.

Weird to see Two Tribes name up there after they folded development and its Rominos game but at leadt were getting the sequel.



rjejr commented on Developer Profile: Masahiro Sakurai:

As much as I admire this guy and see him as the logical replacement for Miyamoto at Nintendo, his thinking on the cut scenes in Subspace Emmissary are odd to say the least. The game itself has a built in theater mode where my kids have watched the videos over and over and over and over again. They were not a reward, they are an enjoyable experience in and of themselves. I always assumed there wouldnt be a sequel in SSB U b/c of how labor intensive it was, and also it really was full enough to sell as a stand alone game which I would buy day 1. To chop out half the sequel b/c you dont want people to enjoy watching it on Youtube seems odd. Oh well, maybe its a lost in translation coupled w/ being taken out of context thing.

On the bright side, 3DS version got smash run, so U version will probably get something similar. For my money though couch co-op platforming is a hard thing to beat. We'll see. A Subspace Emmissary sequel using amiibo for extra characters would have made nice use of the amiibo though.



rjejr commented on Animal Crossing Content Is Coming To Monster H...:

I want a Mr. Resetti amiibo. If an AC game ever makes it's way to Wii U I can imagine it having amiibo support. I know they already have "The Villager" but he's too human, he just looks like Ness to me, they need an "animal" from "animal" crossing.

I don't get all the hate for this cross-over. I played MHTri on Wii and you already had that weirdly out of place burrowing helper guy, and all the cat people, so these 2 just seem like an outgrowth of them. If the Avengers or Mario showed up that would be weird, but having played Tri this doesn't seem to be glaringly out of place. Though adding this to the previous cross-over announcements I can understand if people saying "enough already".

ughh, over-ruled in my own household, both my sons watched the video said this was weird, my youngest even said "What are they going to call this "Monster Hunter Crossing"?" So it goes.



rjejr commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):

@Gerbwmu - OK, that would work. I don't get pre-ordering digital games honestly, but if I could get an entire game for free and play it 2 weeks early just for pre-ordering, yeah, that would work. I don't normally buy digital unless I have to but I would consider it for that. Though I think the US is getting 2 discs w/ 1 game on each, or maybe it's both games on 1 disc, so I would probably buy the disc. Wish they would have been clearer on that from the beginning but it does seem to be different distribution methods in different regions.

All that said, as good as Nintendo has been of late, I'ld be surprised to see B1 two weeks early. Though since you brought it up not quite as surprised now :-)



rjejr commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):

@sinalefa - "parry attacks"

Ahhh, we're not much for that in this house, no guarding or grabbing or blocking, just beat or be beaten ;-) My kids really need to learn some tactics though in SSB if they are going to keep going to tournaments.



rjejr commented on Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Speeds To Earlier Re...:

@WanderingPB - "watch ur language"

I had no idea what you were talking about until I realized somebody edited my post. There are really odd guidelines on here sometimes. I'm glad for the monitoring, my sons are on here for the Pokemon articles, but the level of obscenity seems unusual. Was I discussing w/ you the obscenity filled tirade in that video on here the other day for a SSB character unveiling. I won't say there's a double standard, more like no standard.



rjejr commented on Giana Sisters 2 In Development, Could Be Comin...:

Nice disclaimer. :-) Now if only I could remember if I've been to Hamburg or not? 14 cities in 21 days college bus tour fueled by beer took it's toll on my memory of the trip.

Nice to see Wii U in the same sentence w/ PS4 and X1. Has that ever happened w/ a retail title? Project Cars is the only other game I can think of but not sure if that's retail or DL only?



rjejr commented on Cancelled Mario Volleyball/Wrestling Wii Title...:

Mario Sports Mix - which has volleyball as 1 of it's 5 sports - came out in Japan in Nov 2010, so maybe they were already working on Sports Mix at the time and just didn't want 2 volleyball games coming out on Wii?

I don't know if I'll miss this game, but it has seemed to me like Wii U has been missing games like this and it's one of the reasons that game releases have been so few and far between. I know Wii U looks fine now (well it will after we get a couple more dates any minute now) but the Wii had several more games of this nature that we haven't even heard about yet on the Wii U. Besides Sports Mix there was Mario Super Sluggers and Mario Strikers Charged. Wii also had Super Paper Mario near launch and no mention at all of Paper Mario U or a Mario RPG. Though they're releasing amiibo so an RPG like game should naturally follow.

Not saying any of this has affected the Wii U's fortunes, but my kids and I enjoy all those Mario spin-offs and they are lacking on Wii U. Dodge ball is a better mix w/ wresting than volleyball though -)



rjejr commented on Super Smash Bros. for Nintendo 3DS Demo Smashe...:

@Gustoff - I recall 1144, though maybe 1044. Just over 1000 so no Vegeta jokes.

@Josaku - "the WiiU version and the extra content in it . . . "

You wouldn't happen to know what any of that extra content is, would you? My kids really want another level editor but so far nary a peep.



rjejr commented on Immediate DLC Reinforcements Arriving Soon On ...:

@Bizzyb - $20 for all of it? I can do that, my quick Yen to US had me up around $41 this morning as I was running out the door. Is Dark Link a game pre-order or a DLC package pre-order like the Yoshi in MK8? I havent pre-ordered the game, just planned on picking it up somewhere on Friday. I tried to pre-order at Kmart but their website wouldnt let me:-( thanks for the info.

OK found the NoA tweet, $19.99 for the season pass w/ Dark Link as incentive for buying the season pass. Never bought a season pass before, seems excessive for costumes but the 2 modes, characters and maps may be worth it. Gotta poay the game first though.



rjejr commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):

@Gerbwmu - I cant imagine they would release it much before 2 if its free w/ 2 but you have to pay for 1 separately. Either people would be mad if they paid for it not knowing it is coming free, or it would just be sitting there taking up space. Maybe a week before w/ the weekly update. Nintendo has been really good the past month advertising new and upcoming titles on the eShop so I expect that to be up there.



rjejr commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):

@sinalefa - "get the Moon of Maha Kahla as soon as you can."

Wow, you really are serious about your Platinum games arent you ;-) I remember it being a great game and most of the playthru and storyline but I dont recall any names of anything. Though now that you mention it that does sound familiar. :-)



rjejr commented on Review: Bayonetta (Wii U eShop):

I dont usually replay games - too much out there to get to as it is - but looking fotward to revisiting this one. I played it on PS3 after the patch and really didnt notice any problems for those concerned about such things. Not worried at all about this version.



rjejr commented on Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Speeds To Earlier Re...:

@WanderingPB - I'm starting to feel really bad for that Captain Toad game. Watch Dogs on Wii U is getting more coverage, and that's just sad. :-( SSB U will sell any day of the year, it just will, but CT:TT looks very much like a kids Christmas gift. And it's up against Skylanders, Disney Infinty, Lego Batman 3, and SSB U and probably even MK8 and SM3DW for people who will be getting a Wii U this Christmas. GameInformer mag - for what it's worth - has a 2 page ad for HW, 4 for SSB 3DS and a back page for the Wii U Gamecube controllers that loos like a SSB U ad. CT is in hiding w/o a date and it's Sept 18.



rjejr commented on Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Speeds To Earlier Re...:

@Ernest_The_Crab - The only way that game will move now is if retailers were to offer a free copy of Wii U Watch Dogs w/ every SSB U purchase. If, of course, SSB U actually comes out that day, and I'm still 50/50 on 11/21.

Personally I'm oppose to getting W_D now that Ubi has 2 versions of AC5 - Uniy and Rogue - neither of which are on Wii U but their banner ad says "on any console". Salt in the wound. And these games both release right before Watch Dogs. They deserve 0 sales at this point.



rjejr commented on Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Speeds To Earlier Re...:

@Damo - You mean the web banner advert that Nintendo said the date was a mistake about 5 minutes after you posted your article? That both the article you linked to on GoNintendo -

and the article they linked on P Nintendo

both UPDATED their articles to reflect Nintendo of France response, but you never updated your article even though I and @JJtheTexan both told you about the updated info? That banner advert? Why did you never update your article? I'm really upset and disappointed you couldn't even add in 1 simple line "Update: Nnitendo France has refuted the date." You guys update articles all the time.

So yes, Sega moving their game says more to me than a date Nintendo of France came out and said was a mistake, even if you don't want to acknowledge their response. clicks > truth I guess. Happy now?



rjejr commented on Immediate DLC Reinforcements Arriving Soon On ...:

@SavoirFaire - Good point. but how many MK games before 8 got DLC? How many Nintendo games before Pikmin 3 got paid DLC? The times they are a changin'.

Just last week I was saying that Nintendo should put out the new updated version of MK8 for the holidays w/ a picture of the amiibo on the front (see several PS3 games w/ that little Move controller and camera on the upper right of the boxes as examples). They could add photos of the DLC packs on the back w/ the usual *available at additional cost disclaimer.

So yeah, I could imagine a "special" edition next year. And plus, this isnt Ninteod's game, it's Tecmo Koie, an w/ this much DLC its going to need a complete package at some point. Don't the DW and SW games usually have several iterations each?



rjejr commented on Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Speeds To Earlier Re...:

@Grumblevolcano - The 1 week delay for the EU is to make up for the 1 week delay of HW for the US. I'ld say the EU got the better end of the deal. :-)

And the EU knows Captain Toad is coming out in Jan, the US still has "holiday", whatever the frak that means. Holiday worries me b/c Pikmin 3 was a "release window" Wii U game that came out 9 months after system launch, so who knows how long Nintnodo's "holiday 2014" window is. They've never technically said "before" the holiday.

My kids have a 2 week (16 day) "holiday" break from school (the calendar says "holiday recess", I just looked) they are off for the holiday and go back to school on Jan 5, so technically for them their "2014 holiday" ends Jan 4, 2015. So if SSB U comes out Jan 2nd (Nintendo likes Fridays) it would still be "holiday 2014" for my kids.



rjejr commented on Sonic Boom: Rise Of Lyric Speeds To Earlier Re...:

I believe this is a better confirmation of SSB U on 11/21 than any of the previous stories.

Oh, and it also makes sense both Sonic games come out the same day, even if they are different games, b/c people who want to only buy 1 of the games shouldn't have to be concerned about which comes out which day.



rjejr commented on Immediate DLC Reinforcements Arriving Soon On ...:

@Jim_Purcell - I already told my kid I would get this Day 1 for his birthday yesterday but now Im wondering if we should wait for the Collectors Ed. if there is going to be a constant stream of DLC coming out.

Im ok w/ MK8, 2 packs spread out over a year after release, thats fine, but mobthly updates is a bit much.

People are always complaing about extra cost for free-to-play games, but here we have a $60 game charging extra for all its parts. The game should be free or $10 or $20 if they are going to piecemeal it out to us.

Hopefully before next Friday we'll see the US dates and costs so I can make an informed decision, this is the Wii U after all, who knows if any of this will even come to the west.



rjejr commented on Review: Hyrule Warriors (Wii U):

Played the demo a few times and have really enjoyed it so far, well except for Midna, she seemed so slow though she does have a few cool moves but games like this are built for speed not "oh that's nice". And the lack of a jump button still annoys me in any game of this type but I guess you can't have everything.

And does anybody really think a game named "Hyrule Warriors" is going to be the next installment in the Zelda series? 1 5 second snippet of any trailer and you know this isn't Zelda, it's fun. But I do think it's really cool to be playing as Zelda alongside Link, or vice versa. I don't normally play these games - the new 1 currently being advertised on the PS4 is the brownest game I've seen since Quake - but all the fan service pulls me into this world.

7/10 for a sloppily rushed enjoyable couch co-op fan service game?
Cyrus wants -



rjejr commented on Nintendo Download: 18th September (Europe):

@RainbowGazelle - Free free, or Prime free? They used to have it free for awhile, then they charged $1 for release date delivery. Then Nintendo started releasing everything I wanted on a Sunday so it didn't matter to me. Of course they never used to collect tax either but now I have to pay 8+%. So now I usually buy everything local unless I'm shipping a gift to someone else. I'm guessing frequent game purchasers could get a better price w/ Prime.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

They'll lose the teen girl market if it comes out on the 21, that's Hunger Games 3 Pt 1 opening day.

Should make for some interesting conversations among the dating scene:

"But you told me you'd go see Katniss w/ me opening night."
"But it's Smash Brothers. SMASH BROTHERS!!"



rjejr commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

@JJtheTexan - Told him that 4 hours ago - see posts #27 and #37 - but glad to see I'm not the only 1 paying attention. :-) (Actually I didn't see the GoNintnedo website, just the original one.) Might as well link to that one also:

Well I've done my part and putting my money were my mouth is so to speak and just purchased 4 pre-order cards for SSB U, SSB 3DS, Omeaga Ruby and Alpha Sapphire at Target, so I hope didn't jinx anything.



rjejr commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

@WanderingPB - ""SSB demo fiasco" for the WiiU"

Well the Wii U would need to actually get a demo for that to happen. They had a huge E3 event so presumably they could put out a demo if they wanted too. Who knows? HW demo in Target makes me feel they haven't abandoned the concept entirely. Not expecting 1 for B2 though, too risque`. Captain Toad could use one, I feel he's getting lost in all the SSB U smoke. Not even rumours for his release date. Doesn't a presumably aimed at kids game deserve to be out and advertised before Black Friday?

I'm probably getting B2 for Christmas. Or a "new 3DS" depending on when it releases in the US. I'm not above getting myself a Xmas present a couple of weeks late :-)



rjejr commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

@SanderEvers - Yeah, I always try to add - "it could still come out on 11/21" - to all my comments. Where there's smoke there's fire, and it's been hard to see in here lately. But the title of this article says "Confirms" which seems a bit misleading, no, especailly in light of Nintnedo's denial?

I think Nintnedo intended for the game to release 11/21, but we've seen so little of it since E3 I'm just not sure they can make it. Would be nice though.

On the bright side, if it does come out the 21 maybe retailers will give us a free copy of Watch_Dogs w/ a SSB U purchase, it's the only way they'll unload those boxes now ;-)



rjejr commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

In case people don't want to read my really long (short by my standards) post above:

Nintnedo itself has apparnelty confirmed this was an error according to the original publisher here:


Contacted for clarification, Nintendo says that the release date specified in the advertisement is a mistake and that the output window remains end 2014 so we will have to wait a bit to get a date officially official release on Smash Bros Wii U!"

Yes, I know Nintneod coudl be lieing to keep a lid on things, or just to save face, but I'm still not circling the date on my calendar just yet, sorry.

@Damo - maybe a "rumour" on top would be appropriate? If you are going to report on the rumour maybe mention the rumour being debunked by some non-specific Nintnedo person?



rjejr commented on Nintendo Advert Confirms November 21st Launch ...:

@OorWullie - Thanks for the heads up, I'm placing you in charge of all my good news delivery.

@BensonUii - You win gif of the day.

So, is it too much to ask for an officially official date from Nitneod now. Here in America we have a thing against the french (I don't know why, we just do.)

I know I should just accept this at face value b/c its an official Nintnedo ad, but I'm a NYer, jaded by nature, AND we just had Sakuai hint at a NON worldwide release. And the UK is getting Captain Toad in Jan, what if the US gets SSB U in Jan to balance things out? And it's SSB U, don't we at least deserve a Tweet or something when they reveal the date? I don't need an entire ND, just a Tweet from Iwta or Sakuai. Sakurai really does deserve to be the one announcing this offically on Miiverse w/ his Pic of the Day.

I know, I know, it's just been so long waiting I don't want false hope being popped.

Oh, and since I'm being such a Debbie downer anyway, where's the link, I've been all over the website - thank you googl etranslate - but I can't find it? I'm wondering if France has taken it down yet.

Edit - and in my never ending efforts to be a jerk, Nintnedo itself has apparnelty confirmed this was an error according to the original publisher here:

Contacted for clarification, Nintendo says that the release date specified in the advertisement is a mistake and that the output window remains end 2014 so we will have to wait a bit to get a date officially official release on Smash Bros Wii U!"



rjejr commented on Feature: We Go Hands On With SteamWorld Heist,...:

@Spoony_Tech - Bioshock music w/ that shot up metal sign, no way that's just a coincidence. I'm about halfway thru Infinite now. Well have been since PS+ got TR, now I'm halfway thru that as well. And stopped playing that and started Sly Cooper but I'm sill near the beginning of that :-)

Had no interest in Dig, but this caught my attention- Awesomenauts artwork/storyline w/ some Child of Light gameplay? Count me in.