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Ren commented on Guide: New Nintendo 3DS - Everything We Know S...:

I was excited at first mention but now that I see the specs it looks pretty ridiculous. for one thing... oct 2015? is that supposed to mean oct in Japan or oct 2015 everywhere? if it's Oct 2015 it better cook me a meal and project holograms on the floor to warn me of imperial takeovers.
So they've gone as far as to actually improve the CPU but it's still got the same S**T .3 mp camera and the same S**T amplifier/soundchip? Really?
I appreciate the improvements I guess (viewing angle is nicer?) but I have never once thought to myself "gosh, I sure wish it had more buttons and could recognize all the crappy marketing toys nintendo will be selling". Never once. There are 4 mp cameras in french fries these days, would that have been so hard?



Ren commented on Talking Point: Nintendo Brings Life to the 3DS...:

higher res camera? higher res camera? anyone? is it there yet? I'd pay with my arms and legs for a higher res 3d cam... just leave me a finger to take pics with.. these models look amazing but I got a biggie already so no sale unless theres a higher res camera. head tracking is sweet though if that's true.



Ren commented on Feature: The History of Super Smash Bros.:

can I just add to this discussion a sincere: yaaaawn.
I'm happy to see the series continue as an unparalleled nap producer.. heres where fans claw my face off.



Ren commented on Nintendo Confirms Two More Virtual Console Tit...:

SF2010 was a classic, if hard as S**T. kinda had a stretched out megaman feel to it.
I agree with everyone else, though, for 3ds the NES stuff is cool to have on the go but it's really time to get those snes and N64 games on there, what's the hold up?
With the slow moving WiiU theres no reason to wait anymore in releasing some of the true classics from those. Regular people have decided they don't want a WiiU, so why not go ahead and also alienate all the actual die hard fans by holding back what made us just that?



Ren commented on Talking Point: The Wii U May be Best as One of...:

The last gen xbo/ps still has so much to offer that financially it's still hard for me to justify anything new. It gives me time to save up and wait for better games. My plan is to get a PS4 for a few games I don't want to miss, and then a WiiU eventually when the library looks good and cheap (soon). Really enjoying the current prices and time suck of 'last gen' still.



Ren commented on Poll: Which Is The Best Super Mario Platformer?:

My guess is this would vary wildly with the age of the voters. There was a long time where SMB3 would always win hands down, but then SMB64 came out and destroyed everything.
Now that we've picked up our lives again and moved on it's hard to chose which because they occupy such a different space in what they've meant for gaming.
I'd argue though that SMB3 was the kind of crowning pinnacle of the old 2D platformer and still added new elements to the genre, it's like everything 2d after that could almost be 'retro' and borrowing from anything leading up to SMB3.
Then we finally got SMB64 and it sparked the beginning of true 3D platforming AND doing it so well that its stood up as great gaming for so many years beyond. (galaxy games are really great but just still just a big extension of the 64 formula)



Ren commented on Somebody At Ubisoft Really Doesn't Like Mario ...:

Wow, can't believe what branding sheep people seem to become as "gamers". It's like everyone who starts to play games more than a few hours a week somehow becomes a weird extreme loyalist willing to dive in front of a train in defense of brash, corny, opportunistic marketing ploys of whatever massive corporate entity happens to publish a game they play.

No one said it would 'break' the game or that it's hurt them physically, the point is just that it's a tasteless move for a company like this with an already solid defined property like MK, that sullies the brand and style that we're accustomed to after 20 years of success without that kind of cheap product placement.
Is it that hard to actually think outside the gaming world about the real one and the way big companies find nothing sacred anymore in the name of cheap advertising opportunities.
Is that kind of advertising grab really the right thing to shore up profits after a disappointing launch and a still underwhelming library of games based on ancient recycled Nintendo assets? No, it's not.
Totally harmless tweet, especially considering Nintendo probably isn't in love with that DLC themselves and might only utter "here here" upon seeing it.



Ren commented on Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter Pack Poses...:

plus obviously us on these gaming site are the fans who just like playing deep, fun, large console games like they were "meant" to be.
but these discussions always ignore what tablets and phones actually do overall; why people actually get them. If an adult can get one for 4-500$, use e-mail, word processing now, media stuff, surf web, camera apps, calendar stuff, apps useful for most all careers/hobbies, etc., etc. AND games good enough to entertain your young kid for 10-40 min periods how could it possibly be a bad purchase?
you have to consider why a tablet is so great for many, adding even average games to that is a good thing if you're not a total snob.



Ren commented on Skylanders Trap Team Tablet Starter Pack Poses...:

yeah, so weird how defensive people get about this stuff. If a game can handle a port to a tablet its just bad business NOT to do it. To ignore the tablet market is to shut your eyes really tight. Who cares that there are lots of bad games on tablets, don't buy them. there are a small few that are pretty good and with controller support and their power about doubling every couple years it's a more than capable platform for games.
I can be cynical about it too but it'd only be sour grapes because I'd be happy using a tablet and I don't have one.



Ren commented on Feature: Ten Wii U and 3DS Games That Are Perf...:

steamworld the best thing on here in my book. I really want to try Windwaker HD too, just need to get a WiiU for that.
I wish I could take things like Bravely Default seriously but there are few box art covers that are as tasteless as that. it's a fetchy, roll-some-digital-dice, rpg how the hell did they think it was appropriate to market it like it's rough Japanese Porn? I'm not being uptight I'm just pointing out what's there.



Ren commented on Poll: Is Online Co-Op a Major Miss in Hyrule W...:

What bothers me about this is only that it's been a problem with Nintendo's games for a long time. They use this weird excuse of "doing something different for a different audience" to just NOT do things that many games are doing currently. Why are people ignoring that the biggest trend right now with other consoles is to try and allow online coop games with the story campaign to further the online functionality of games in general?
Nintendo choose to ignore everything online with the old Wii and it killed the system. That's not "doing things differently" it's just stupid. You can't just completely ignore the market trends of what is happening in YOUR industry.
Anyway, it's not a huge deal but whatever online is there better be pretty spectacular. It's so typical of Nintendo to do something like that and then be defensive like it was some "strategy" (like a strategy to actually get HD games made in under 4 years). And yes I get that this is a Namco game but it's Nintendo that largely makes big choices like this for a game published by them.



Ren commented on Talking Point: Deconstructing Nintendo's Retai...:

it's not a bad idea or a good one either it's just too little too late. Nintendo has always had a lack of good marketing strategy; doing things that aren't bad, per se, but just bizarre and defy any kind of conventional marketing logic.
Often it doesn't matter because the hardware is robust and the software is designed so well that it sells itself. but when it's not up to that usual high standard things bomb pretty hard.
The other consoles often release pretty half baked or cliche stuff but actually have real marketing strategy and dollars at work so they still make the impact they need to.. I wish Nintendo could learn something from them (like get rid of Iwata).



Ren commented on Kotaku Says YES to the Wii U - Rejoicing Begins:

jeeziz people. No gaming website is "great journalism". and it's really sad and sick how many people still embody the stereotype of gross sheltered gamer who is so threatened by every mention of racism and sexism. Rampant sexist, racist, corny storytelling is still practically what defines video games, and anyone who wants to change that or at least talk about it doesn't deserve to be shat all over. Nice to be reminded of the age and maturity of people on here though.
I don't love Kotaku either but it's not that bad, they just don't always pander to 11 year old boys.



Ren commented on Movie-based Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Game ...:

"were making a game about 4 brother heroes that run around and fight bad guys together... A one player game will be great, no need for multiplayer.." how does this keep happening to TMNT games? Who are the idiots that think that?



Ren commented on Feature: A Week of Super Smash Bros. Wii U and...:

I can't wait for this game to come out!... so no one will be subjected to these ridiculous posts of screenshots for this tired overwrought fighting game anymore. it's like: take your favorite corny Nintendo characters and put them all in one more corny, button-mashing, street fighter, re-hash for brand obsessed, consumer, sheep. yay! brash capitalism and gaming unite!



Ren commented on Wii Owners Are Upgrading To PlayStation 4, Cla...:

I'm not upgrading yet but the plan was to get a PS4. Not sure anymore now. The WiiU isn't looking as bad anymore but I'd like to have the option of playing some of those multi-plat games ("dude-bro" games if you must). Now the other two are about the same price and still don't play the last gen games. I was waiting for watchdogs and titanfall but they're both fine last gen. Where are the truly great exclusives for any of them? I like the idea of that massive power but no one is using it yet so why would I dump all the fantastic 360 games I'm trying to catch up on still?
It's weird that none of them could truly respect the attachment that we all have to last gen systems that are still so good. That should have been part of the LAUNCH plan from the start; I won't spend 400+ to get something with a couple games and toss out a library, that's just stupid; do they think we're all that stupid or rich?



Ren commented on Talking Point: Just How Similar Are Tomodachi ...:

I don't really get what it is but I kind of want it. sounds like the cool thing that should have probably been launched free with the original Wii after a couple years to get people back on; I mean really, the Miis were an amazing idea that everyone secretly hoped they would add options for in tons of games and release something just like this. Seems late now but then the 3DS has best of all worlds right now with the glut of other big stuff. Great times to be a gamer if you have some free time.



Ren commented on Ubisoft Reconfirms Watch Dogs For Fall 2014 Re...:

I'm not normally into this kind of game, and GTA5 kind of killed it's thunder. The hacking stuff adds a little bit of depth but the game itself is still pretty dull, same corny cut scenes as all the AC games; it's like being stuck playing as desmond all the time and ice skating in cars. The only thing it got right about Chicago is the icy roads yet there is still no winter in it. Get it used.



Ren commented on Video: Watch Us Rigorously Test Hyperkin's New...:

wow this is really cool. I've been getting pretty disillusioned with every one of the newer systems and I think this is exactly what I need. Clients are going to love it on the work projector too.



Ren commented on Video: This Live Action Street Fighter Web Ser...:

ok, I'm with the long name guy above, that was bad, it was not trolling. The only place for these so called "production values" was in the costumes and they are as hoaky as ever. No story to speak of and.. slow motion and a jib makes something "production value" now? Hollywood fast cutting is what makes bland material like this watchable and these guys are not that great either so doing some cool street fighter moves doesn't make them great martial arts guys.
Is it so hard to call it what it is? Cheesy fan videos are fun but they are not quality cinema by any stretch. oh it's sponsored? greeeeat. that makes it sooo much better.



Ren commented on Club Nintendo Distributing Tomodachi Life Demo...:

Interesting. So is Nintendo's marketing team like Sony/MS employees too or something? "Really, if you limit exposure it creates more buzz and then... only those people play it and then... well you can't just give a demo to all the loyal fans", nice comeback strategy. Maybe the "Quality of Life Platform" is to get less people playing video games so they'll go outside and play more.



Ren commented on Satoru Iwata Believes Nintendo Can Establish a...:

"...there is no demand for games" hmmm. I think he's missing something here. But then there isn't a whole lot that Iwata HASN'T missed in the last couple years. Well the 3ds has some life left, I'll enjoy that while it's around.
New leadership could be the last hope for this sinking ship.



Ren commented on Miiverse Update Imposes Restrictions on Postin...:

I tried miiverse once for about 10m when it finally came to 3ds and it was about as boring and over-moderated as I'd expected. Basically Jr.High-nintendo-twitter, I can't think of a thing more irritating (except maybe actual twitter).



Ren commented on Video: What Could The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward...:

there are always weird picky haters on some zelda games, I just don't get that.
The visual styles vary a little, but besides that the layout, quest structure, side quests, and items are so darn consistent between ever major game that you really have to dig to find some 'flaw' in a particular titles' take on it. If you don't like that consistency, well then you just don't like Zelda.
Oh and then some people seemed to hate the Windwaker style at first, like angrily so; what was that about?



Ren commented on Video: What Could The Legend Of Zelda: Skyward...:

wow, thanks this is so fantastic to watch. One of my favs as well.
this is the kind of thing I really hope no one walks in on me watching. It's total nerd porn; can't be understood unless you're into the game. Just the music brings a positive chill.



Ren commented on EA Boss Peter Moore Apologises For Frostbite's...:

Ha ha! the funniest part is how mad people here get over it. It's like people defending their little brother or something while being in denial about what is just the truth and accepted by basically everyone without a WiiU. "he is NOT small! He's just as big and strong as you are! leave him alone!" so what. it's a game machine; and it IS a lot less capable than the other current consoles, get used to it. You all know that's not a bad thing per se so have fun with your wii2, but clearly it's pretty silly to most other people. So what? They can say whatever they want.



Ren commented on Capcom Cuts Profit Projections By Over 50%, De...:

yes the mobile market isn't a revenue generator for huge budget veterans in the slightest. What keeps it relevant is that it is a breeding ground for much smaller developers who are trying new things BECAuse of the limitations of that hardware which makes for some neat experiences. For big AAA companies it makes much more sense to have tiny teams and low budgets trying new things there acting only as advertising for real games on other platforms. Dumping money into anything big for mobile is just a black hole, but I wouldn't under estimate what it's done for the games industry in general.



Ren commented on New Watch_Dogs Trailer Highlights a Living, Br...:

sweet, I'm sort of suckered into it just by it being Chicago, can't wait to see if it goes out to the west loop where my office is. All these trailers ever show is stuff in the loop or things next to trains, and the loop is not very big. Hardly any games ever touch Chicago like they do NY and LA, should be fun for us here. Doesn't look like much new going on but hey, a GTA in Chicago isn't the worst thing in the world. the real choice is what next gen system to get first to play it on. Still not entirely sold on the WiiU but it's so cheap this might sell me on it.



Ren commented on Child of Light Creators Discuss Their Transiti...:

interesting stuff, I'm looking forward to this. It looks fantastic. It's weird that all this stuff is still for both new and old consoles. I haven't bought a new console yet and I was kind of thinking I'd give in as soon as lots of the great DL games were exclusive but I see no reason to as long as theres a version for old ones (ps3,360; but I guess it's all new if you only have a Nintendo) Without backwards compatibility switching consoles now is more loss than gain with all the content overflowing on those machines. Dump all of that just to see 1080? it's weird. same weird chicken and egg problem the WiiU had. Anyway just saying, it's a wonderful time for gamers, but feels like a bit of oversaturation. Theres too much great content to want to dump a library for a new one that's not that much different yet. Games like this would definitely force my hand if they were exclusive to new consoles.



Ren commented on Talking Point: Nintendo's Major Wii U Retail T...:

I don't see any argument here, really. How can there be any question that a demo will increase sales in GENERAL?
Sure, there will be the random game that confirms for someone it isn't for them or misrepresents the depth of a game but generally it will be more appealing to some of the players after having played it a little especially if the prices are a little lower to begin with, which is also something Nintendo doesn't seem to understand that everyone else on earth does.
At least for download only games, the lower pricepoint titles are a small jump from a purchase if it's even mediocre. When I finally got a 360 I played nothing but demos for a while before I bought anything and I then bought lots of games just from the demos; they're cheap and once I see evidence that it looks cool and half playable I download it (especially for the $10-20 ones). Sales, promotions, smaller games, and demos. People are all about a value proposition but Nintendo would rather sell a few 100k at full price than millions at lower price points and it's just archaic, arrogant business practice. It isn't a rolls royce it's a video game. Think it through and make some money; Nintendo has only dared to use this strategy on hardware and won every time but doesn't seem to get that this applies to every single games marketing as well. They killed their own wiiware service with this attitude. it's baffling. Give people a taste of what they want and they'll pay for the rest of it almost every time, it's not rocket science.

Then if the game sucks, you won't buy it. Don't blame the demo for that.



Ren commented on Weirdness: This Super Mario 64 Fan Remake is F...:

looks great. Tough crowd here, that takes a ton of work. And those textures don't look much worse than Nintendo' lazy HD graphics. Nintendo is so stuck on their signature, plain look they never thought through what to do with it in HD, and it shows.
This take on it is a little darker (if too shiny) a look I wish Nintendo would take on to give it a fresh modern look. It's not the end of the world to combine some realistic elements to classic cartoon models. Anyway, cool video.



Ren commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

This is the kind of internet discussion that scares me and gives me pause about the hope for the future of the world.
There are some vastly misunderstood stereotypes about "radical feminism" from people who don't understand what feminism is at all (it's not that deep/ 'activisty' thing, it's a basic idea that women should be treated equally as humans, take it as far as you want; you are probably a feminist like I am, it's not a dirty word)

the idea that men are equally mistreated in portrayals in media is ridiculous and flawed in that what matters about any fictionalized image and it's agregious nature only comes down to the real world power structure, which is one where men enjoy freedoms and advantages that are worlds beyond what any woman could imagine. If you think some tough guys without shirts on in movies is hurting mens "shaky position" in society that you are simply diluting yourself and need to get out of your house more.
Negative and sexualized portrayals of women is a constant unending thing in every corner of every society and affects every portion of womens' everyday lives since it has been the norm for centuries.
A lot of the people here clearly have just not left home and experience some of the dark realities of how the world actually works.
You need to step out of your male privilege and try to imagine for a moment what a person goes through their entire life being diminished, sexualized, pressured to put her look/image above everything else, told she is not as good/skilled as a boy, fed only toys about cooking/makeup/being pretty, shown only 'strong' women who can manipulate with sexual favors, etc. etc.

there is nothing you can say to a young white boy to make them understand that feminism has a real purpose, and is not about anyone being angry or lording over anyone, it's just about seeing everyone respected as humans. Like the ignorant video posted above somewhere people just don't know what they're talking about, and need to actually look up what feminism is, and what it stands for.
It's not a secret radical club of angry lesbians, it's just anyone who wants women to be treated with equal respect, and part of that is just recognizing some of the problems with the way we treat people everywhere, still (yes, the patriarchy; the world that has been dominated and brutlized by men for centuries; it's not a myth). It's just pathetic to see people (like the woman in that video) spouting random defensive jargon about 'free speech' and entertainment and 'this is how capitalism works'.
So great, basically as this article poses; ignore it all, and accept it as it is (stay on your couch gaming); or actually get out into the world and think about how maybe the world can actually evolve beyond what your tv feeds you.



Ren commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

Jesus, has anyone read even so much as the title of this article? "Ignoring The Objectification Of Women In Games Won't Make the Problem Go Away". That is the thesis in question. No one has said it should be banned or not be allowed to exist, or that it's any better or worse than whatever random other japanese sex game about guys you can come up with. The point is only that it SUCKS.
That this game is clearly and openly about these women being sexy and shtupable and they are designed in a way that looks as though that is why they exist. And that is downright reprehensible and we should all think about why that is and why maybe it would be cool if that didn't happen SO damn often in games. The above comments are exactly why this hasn't changed in over 30 years in this industry. Isn't it about time some of us consumers thought about why we like games and if this the kind of constant representation we want for ANYBODY?!
This isn't about XXX games, which may even have a place in some market, it's about the portrayal of women and girls in just any old regular game (sometimes for young kids) as buxom, dripping wet sluts that exist to serve men. That isn't ok to me and it's worth discussing why. It feels just shameful to be among peers who are so ignorant and arrogant.



Ren commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

clearly this is just not the place to expect serious informed discussion about the still vast objectification of women in games, movies, TV, print, everywhere.. And what Feminism means, about how privilege and patriarchy play into these depictions and problems. It's ceaselessly amazing how many young men like to fly into defensive rage and dismissal about anything that calls into question the clear privilege that men enjoy in societies around the world. I'd love to come back in 20 more years and see if anyone has learned anything. Just the mention of Anita Sarkesian is depressing as she endured totally unjustified rage, denial, even death threats for her thoughtful work in discussing the most obvious of trends in gaming.



Ren commented on Soapbox: Ignoring The Objectification Of Women...:

Nice that people can at least acknowledge that this is indeed an issue. The point is not "should we censor it?" it's about a larger scale problem that men; people to understand why it's not ok to just ignore it forever so the impulse to create games like this just isn't as strong and accepted.
Stuff is ridiculous and embarassing; Sex is normal and it does sell; I like sex as much as the next person but this doesn't make it just fine to have every fictional female character wearing lingerie and tits popping out as their only "personality trait". The RPG stuff is sometimes the worst in that there are these female "warriors" running around in armor with a g-string and cleavage hanging out; it's just dumb looking and immediately tells me that the creators have not moved an inch from the minds of the sheltered hermits that have historically created most video games.
I actually believe that there is a massive market for "adult" games of this sort, and actually pornography is not fundamentally wrong in that it can be a healthy outlet for some people. but Video Games are still stigmatized by adults as a thing for "kids" at their core. Even obviously adult themed games like Last of Us are viewed as just more violent outliers in a kids format. If society could treat gaming as the mature, diverse medium that it is there would surely be a place for a properly regulated XXX adult set of games.
That's a different issue than this here but I only mean that this kind of obviously aimed at kids game that makes ALL women look like sex toys is horrible and that's a problem with gaming over all but a different kind of industry on the publics eyes could also support a properly rated and regulated adult games industry; I'm surprised it hasn't happened already.



Ren commented on Electronic Arts CEO Discusses The Company's Pl...:

yeah there seems to be a disconnect between what a cool demo is and what this actually means for sitting and gaming through a long adventure. What this offers is basically like the ability to look around at stuff (that isn't there) and wave our arms around at said stuff. In a demo this feels really cool and immersive but poses that same problem that all the lazy gamers complained about the wiimotes with. "I don't care! I just want to sit on my couch and kill stalfos'!" . I've been saying forever that there are indeed really cool ways to draw people into more interesting experiences and make them more physical but it's not necesarily about hardware inventions, it's about designing good deep software for any of it (i.e. the wasted potential of the wiimotes, until maybe skyward sword; and even then...). fine, get your panties in a bunch about glorified head tracking mini screens but until the software can really deliver stuff to match it won't mean much (1 year to buggy launches, 3-5 years to really good software, maybe longer for innovative, creative indies to do the same)



Ren commented on Soapbox: The Nintendo Wi-Fi Disconnection Remi...:

Nicely written article, I agree on almost all fronts. Some of my fondest memories stem from the classic 007 (goldeneye) N64 days when local 4 player was everyones obsession.
I only see a hint of some paranoia in the part where there is mention of this "remotely locked from our devices to force us...".
That is an entirely different issue than online multiplayer and reveals the basic paranoid, 'old mans' take on all of this. The idea that publishers will retroactively lock down random titles in the distant future for unknown reasons is ridiculous, even if technically possible. It hasn't happened to date and I couldn't see it ever happening for anything but legal reasons. And if it does, so what? Part of the online experience is about speed and convenience, and in many cases costs/prices. By it's nature that's because of it's fundamental lack of physical storage, thats just how it is.
The license that we use is ALWAYS the publishers whether we have a cart or not. Surely no one will show up to confiscate the game cart if there is a legal or even promotional issue with it, but there are fundamental ways that the consumer experience is changing and that just comes with the times. Buying/keeping really old used games (that were never retailed to you) can only really be equated in a modern context with owning bootleg digital copies/torrents/roms and this is no small phenomenon, obviously. I won't take a stance on that per se but I'm just saying that if the usefulness of your 20 year old copy of Ace Attorney is at issue you just can't blame Capcom if they wanted to pull it it's their right, and the digital world means that it's likely you could still get it somewhere on the internet rather than paying $200 for it used so you can have that piece of plastic to sign and say that it's all "yours"; it means nothing, it's not yours, it never was. If either solution (ROMS, ancient carts) works for your archive in 20-50 yrs, that's great but it's not an internet conspiracy, its the changing nature of media.



Ren commented on Former Criterion Boss Alex Ward Laments Issues...:

firstly this is this guys twitter, he doesn't owe anybody any kind of 'professional' calm, he can say whatever he wants and it's not going to ruin his life or his company; it's twitter.
No one is OBLIgated to market anything but when you release a system that no one has heard of than you market everything that comes out for it that is even half playable whether you made it or not. This is how we've gotten to where we are now. Nintendo has decided that they don't need to listen to anyone including the market for the machines that they sell so they will just pay the price in a failed console. So sure, you can't 'blame' them, but it's not selling and any special 'come back' is just not happening. This lack of support is what he's mad about with the publisher, and on a larger scale overall, Nintendo who have made this 3rd party non-support happen by arrogantly ignoring everyone in favor of trash like 'NintendoLand'. Just saying 'you may have games on our glittery console' isn't enough anymore, it never has been really.



Ren commented on Refurbished Wii U Deluxe Systems Now $200 on N...:

it's people who haven't bought refurbed before that scoff at it for no special reason like it's a garage sale item. You can't get a better deal on something than refurbed. From bigger companies it's a better guarantee of it's operation than a new one, since it's been heavily cleaned and tested, usually more than a new unit.
A WiiU, though. Well at this point it does look pretty pathetic so it'd still have to be cheaper for me to get one since they really erodded my confidence in them by how badly they bungled the launch and slow sales even now. A cheap dead horse is still basically a dead horse.