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Tue 31st December, 2013

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Quirky commented on Iwata: Embracing Smart Devices Has Made Us Eve...:

The worst thing this can do is to scare off third parties - "if not even Nintendo believes in their hardware, why should we make games for them?".

I play very little on smartphone games, they are so frustrating. Touch is a terrible input system for games, even the good ones.

Why now Nintendo? Why? :-( Just when Amiibo was giving them a cash boost, the New 3DS, and some great new games recently.. Things were really looking up for dedicated portable gaming hardware. Then this bombshell ;_;



Quirky commented on Capcom's Ryozo Tsujimoto Feels Monster Hunter ...:

The MH4 demo is much better than the MH3 one. I know too much now after playing MH3, but all the n00b help at the start is far better than the 3 demo. That really threw you in at the deep end with no clue what to do. Starting with Jaggies is a good idea, because that's what the main MH3 game did anyway (well, you start picking mushrooms or something, but that would be a terrible demo!). I'm really glad I got MH3U despite the demo, so I hope 4 doesn't have the opposite pattern - great demo, bad game! :-)



Quirky commented on Stats Suggest That UK Kids Are More Likely To ...:

Stats in my house suggest that the 3DS is more robust than a tablet. Bought a Nexus 7 about 18 months ago, broke this week by running out of batteries (now will no longer turn on or charge!). Meanwhile, a 3DS from 3 years ago is still going strong.



Quirky commented on Nintendo Download: 29th May (Europe):

Yeah, 60€ is pretty pricey for the download copy. I'm tempted because I'm sick of (little) fingerprints on CDs making them unreadable. But it's 10€ more than an online physical copy. I guess Nintendo do this to not annoy their retail partners - if you buy MK8 in a shop it'll be at least 55€, so a discounted dl version would mean shops may tell Nintendo to take a hike.



Quirky commented on New 3DS System Update 7-2-0-17 Now Live:

@Silent as a parent of 2 lads I use parental controls primarily for 2 things: to prevent 3D and to prevent accidental deletion of system data. 3D has always been declared as bad for kids under 7, and I always play myself in 2D anyway as I find 3D to require no reflections (darkness), a spotless screen as fingerprints and dirt really show up, and I can't really make it out at the best of times.

Back on the DSi, my eldest son deleted all the system data, which included photos, wifi settings, the browser and downloaded games. I had backups of the photos, and restoring the rest was easy, if a bit of a pain. On the 3DS there's even more stuff in there to restore after a wipe, so I'd rather be safe than sorry. On a related note, I wish game makers wouldn't make it so easy to wipe game saves. The Dempa Men, I am looking at you.



Quirky commented on Video: Capcom Unleashes a New Monster Hunter 4...:

@3dcaleb the demo doesn't do a good job as it throws you in at the deep end with little idea what to do. I did not really like the demo too much, but got the full game anyway and after watching a few youtube beginners guides I think MH3U on the 3DS is my fave game ever. I hope MH4 is as good, meanwhile I might be still playing MH3U until 2015.



Quirky commented on Super Mario McDonald's Happy Meals Hit the Fla...:

I'm pretty sure these are the same ones that were available from McDonald's in Spain about a year ago. At home we have the Yoshi, a Mario and a Luigi. They're surprisingly well made and have taken quite a beating.



Quirky commented on Monster Hunter Producer Ryozo Tsujimoto Emphas...:

@WillhamBoyGeniu I hate online too, but offline single player or offline local multiplayer is good. I've beaten most of MH3U solo and it is one of my all time fave games. I hope MH4U isn't entirely focused on multiplayer - a bit of balance when played solo would be good too (G Rank Jhen springs to mind, or some of the 4-hunter max arena quests)



Quirky commented on Nintendo Switching Off Wi-Fi Connection Servic...:

Heh, just this weekend I dusted off my Nintendo Wifi USB Connector to get the DS's Pokémon Diamond online and try and get a few missing 'mons (last time I played it was in 2007 according to the in-game diary). Twitchplays got me in the mood :-)

From a techincal POV, limiting the DS hardware to just WEP connectivity was a really bad idea. It was outdated back when the console came out. I bet most modem-routers from ISPs come preconfigured with WPA nowadays - mine did and I don't fancy downgrading the security to WEP just for the DS. Besides, I doubt many people still play DS games online.



Quirky commented on Etrian Odyssey Untold: The Millennium Girl Com...:

I loved the first couple of EOs on the DS, but couldn't get on with EO3 or EO4 - the external maps made it less focused I think. On EO4 the edge-teleport trick made it frustrating to create a nice map, and I stopped playing after getting to about floor 3 of the 2nd main dungeon. This game's an enhancement of the original EO, so hopefully it'll be more back-to-basics.



Quirky commented on BBC is "Working to bring iPlayer" to the Wii U:

I guess this is UK only, right?

TVii in Europe in general is more or less impossible, as Nintendo would have to make dozens of deals with all the different channels. Then who'd do all the coding to get a channel up and running? Nintendo? Seems like a logistical nightmare.



Quirky commented on StreetPass Games Producers Tell Origins of Mii...:

@AlexSora89 I live in a major city in Spain, get the tube/train every day (with the 3DS on, obviously) and still have only finished a handful of puzzles. I see about 1-3 people per day. Plus my son at home most days, but he has even fewer pieces than me! It is a slog. I wish spending play coins didn't repeat pieces, it seems for every one I buy I get at least 2 dupes.