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Re: ARMS Version 4.0 Arrives on 16th November


I played the open Beta and though it was quite a fun and cool arcade fighter......which isn't really my cup of tea. I must admit that Nintendo is doing a great job supporting it post launch with all the new fighters and arenas. This should set an example to all those SOB publishers with their endless micro transactions.

Re: Reggie on Backing Up Your Saves with the Switch



You have to be right because there is zero complication to giving us microSD backup. I don't get the issue though because save game files on consoles have been encrypted for a longtime.

Still N is the worst of the big 3 at locking down their systems so they are probably paranoid that putting a save on SD will give hackers a way to analise it.

Re: My Nintendo in North America Adds New Sonic Rewards


Why no damned Switch discounts or free content for my points. This new rewards program sucks as we all knew it would. Club N rocked and I got so many cool collectibles over the years that were never generally sold, greatly increasing their future value. I would rarely even take software discounts saving points for the good stuff. My Switch purchased points are 100% wasted as I don't want poo for WiiU or 3DS. Give us Switch rewards big.N!

Re: Rayman Legends: Definitive Edition Update Tackles Load Times and Framerate on Switch



Guys they have improved Lego load times a lot over WiiU. I have the Switch and had on WiiU and to me it was a great but unplayable game one WiiU because of load times. On the Switch cart the initial load is still long but 20sec less than WiiU but all the other loads are trimmed by a better % and make the game playable. Now if you go digital and put the game on internal flash then it gets the same performance as PS4. Honestly other than that launch load time the in game times are pretty close across all new versions and are not terrible but I will admit are still a big weakness in an otherwise neat game.

Re: You Won't Be Able To Download L.A. Noire Without A MicroSD Card


Ok so Nintendo should really draw the line somewhere on thi scary download issue, I think it's mostly fine as long as something fully playable is delivered on the cart. So what NBA did is ok, you can play the game as delivered on cart, what Doom is doing Is OK in that th single player in on the cart, even RE Rev is going to have 1 on the cart and 2 for DL. That's less OK but you get something on the cart. This LA noire move is crap. The game can not be at all played without the DL. All the cart becomes is a DRM dongle.

I am fine with the Switch cart tax but only if it gives us something playable on the cart. Also if we get a cart tax then is LA going to be $30 on eShop like the other versions are priced at? That would be Ok and then would go digital.

Also to those whining about having to pay for expanded storage. The argument holds no water. Every device for more than a decade has required expanded storage. N did the right thing going with wildly popular SD. It's always getting cheaper so keeping up I s gonna be cheap, I got 128mb at Xmas last year for $40. That will last me a while and by that time 256 will be $40. When I upgraded my PS4 to hybrid 1tb drive in year two it cost me over $100.

Likely going to hold on LA unless digital is $30 even then might wait for an eShop sale or until the cart gets cheap because no one would buy it.

Re: Reggie Fils-Aimé Targets an "Extra Nintendo Twist" for the Switch Online Service


Hopefully they get the basics right with match making and persistent play. Then for god sakes give us both cloud saves and the ability to use NNID on multiple Switches (4 would be ideal)

Doing things different good if it's innovative.

To those clamoring for more free content (before we know what we will get) remember this Service is proposed to be much cheaper than a year of PSN or XBL like $20 or less a year.

At this point someting will be better than nothing which is mostly what Switch online is ATM.

Re: Action-RPG Blossom Tales Is Set to Bloom on Switch eShop This Winter


As much as it reminds me of gba era Zelda, it's really all about the gameplay. I, like others, see a lot of minish cap, also the capcom developed oracle games.

I just like seeing all these Indy ports coming to Switch and it's because the Switch/Nvidia architecture is very familiar and easy for x86 devs. Many have said it takes hours to get their unity/u4 game runnning non-optimized. N got it right this time with an easy to develop for platform.

Re: Video: Digital Foundry on the 'Custom' Merits of FIFA 18 on Nintendo Switch



Thank you for stating what I and others have been thinking To me (sorry Wii) the Switch is a Revolution in gaming. Anyone who owns one can see it's just something new and amazing, it's so small, can run on battery and can do so much. Best part is it's potential is largely untapped because when it gets web, streaming, decent online (I'm betting the paid will deliver) and a bevy of tablet apps it will be the most versatile device you can own at any price point let alone $300.

Games, as you said must be based on a case by case basis against other Switch games, I do think it's fair to objectively compare versions though. What amazes me is how close and acceptable many ports can be. I bought Setsuna at launch and very close to PS4. Main diff from PS4 is 30fps vs 60fps which in this type of game made zero difference. Disgaea5 excellent looks and plays just like PS4 home and away.

I like what they did with NBA2K but am waiting for cart and patch. FIFA looks great but soccer is not it for me. I think EA made a nice smooth engine and next year they could upgrade the features and modes for parity, but still it seems so cool that you can takes your Fun to your friends.

I already pre ordered La Noire and Skyrim as I just never had the time to play last generation. Switch versions are always going to have to make some comprises but in many cases it can still pull off an acceptable version even on my 47' HDTV.

Add to that Nintendo games and unique projects (like M+RK) and Switch is the place to be gaming for anyone who wants their gaming to be 100% portable and continuous. X86 gaming more for the 'home bound" no denying it, for us with active lives that want to game Switch is a must.

Re: Credit Suisse Forecasts 130 Million Nintendo Switch Sales By 2022



Thanks for making a reasoned argument for how it could happen. People act like these firms are idiots when many of these firms have tack records of successful predictions or they wouldn't be in business.

It is possible and you hit on most of the keys. Nintendo is known for multiple iterations and I expect Switch to get them in Japan by 2019. A smaller handheld only could replace the 3DS at $199 and I want a micro console so bad and I thought $129 with Pro $149 with dual joycon. Then in 2020 why not Switch 2.0/pro that uses newer Nvidia chipset.

While WiiU was failing I remember an interesting Iwata interview stating N's direction and he said they were merging the dev teams and were interested in going to a model that allowed hardware progression with backward compatibility. Like phones/tablets. Now they have designed and established that platform and can easily have Switch 2.0 run current games carts with patched upgrades (like PS4 pro). We may even get that SwicthVR in its lifespan.

I think they need to shore many things up and hopefully they are thinking this way. Here two cents on how they can get to 100+ mil.

1. Get a proper account model that allow me to download my apps to multiple devices. I think 4 is reasonable as many adhoc games will support 4 player. I will not buy a second Switch until they allow my purchases on it. Everyone else agrees Nintendo.

2. Flesh the damned thing out. Give us a browser and all the requisite apps. I want streamers, readers, email,web, im, all of it and NOW. They have already established Switch is a game machine now show it so much more. The Switch could become the media device and its because it's hybrid. I could download series or movies when docked or sleeping and then instantly move from To the road and back. I want my xfinity app then can use Switch as a setup box and tablet. Please let this happen.

3. Educational and special needs apps. Switch and joycon could actually be used for a lot of rehabilitation applications and why not make it kids edutainment device.

4. All the different form factors mentioned plus a cellular enabled model for true mobile appeal.

5. VC and more VC. I just won't believe GC until I see it. WiiU runs GC natively and they didn't!t do it which is just senseless. Still get the back library of nes-n64 and GB-DS happening now. They also need a 'trade up' program that allows us that bought these games so many times to get them for cheap to free.

The last part is the first part and that is Nintendo makes incredible games and this year they seems to have fully recaptured their mojo.
If they can just widen the Switches appeal to compete against both streaming boxes and tablet users and and then add the best games in the world they could put a Switch in every home and every hand.

Re: Retail Version of DOOM on Switch Will Need a Download for Online Multiplayer


I am happy so many have seen this as no problem. Which it's isn't when as many have said it's for the online only so when serves die who cares if you lose the download.

As for those complaining.......come on. First off I already had to upgrade my 512fb PS4 hdd to 1tb because of massive installs from the mostly physical media games I buy. Its part of the gig now.

Nintendo didn't pull some Vita mem crap and went with good old standard MicroSD. I got a 128gb last xmas for $40 at street retail on sale. 256gb will be $40 by time I need that size,.

Stop crying we are getting AAA mulitplats on Switch and people bitching about cart size or cheap microSD. If devs we're limited to cart restrictions we wouldn't see these games.......I am thrilled!

Re: Editorial: In Praise of the Smaller New Nintendo 3DS - The Best 3DS*



Yeah if it wasn't pristine I wouldn't have done it. I got a usb charget though and a usb cable for 3ds and ds which is ahandy extra as N3DS did not come with charger. Plus they had some trade 6 get 60% poo so I got $70 for old wiiu/vita games. So that all helped. I do wish they had tried it in the USA as it has some appeal but sales in jap/eu show its wasnt that well accepted.


Even though I happily bought one recently I agree with your points. On the upside the 3D is so much better than o3ds..especially the old xl. I agree on your point on the screen in 2D but in 3D the old models lost some luminosity while the n3Ds almost appears brighter. I also hate the no wifi switch and the sd card placement is a pain as well.

Re: Editorial: In Praise of the Smaller New Nintendo 3DS - The Best 3DS*


I agree so much I finally bought one. Gamestop just dropped the used price to $140 and a store in my area had a white one that I am sure was never used. It still had the screen films on it. I love it as the smaller units are just better for the road. Already got The Yoshi euro plates and Splatoon ones for less than $10 Going for the mario wood ones next and really want the Zelda SkullKid ones but not ready to spend $50 to get them.

Re: Rumour: Porting Steep to the Switch Is Posing a Steep Challenge


No where in this rumor has it been said this is a 'horsepower' issue but of course most will jump on it as that. It sounds like this is a gimped Nintendo online network problem, or possibly just that the game is made for always online and the Switch doesn't properly fit that paradigm. I really like Ubi and greatly appreciate their support for Nintendo. I bought a lot of their games on WiiU and considered some of them to be solid versions. AC4, Rayman, and SplinterC BL were all very well done on WiiU. I am greatly looking forward to the Mario+Rabbids game (I love SRPG) and the toys to life space game actually looked cool to me even though its aimed at the youngsters. Steep port totally baffles me. Why bother? It wasn't that good of a game and didn't sell that well. So I don't understand why, take a property that no one cares about, bring it to Switch and then when it sells like poo say N fans don't support 3rd party. It sold like crap on x86 twins 100mil install base why would it sell on Switch? I would so rather see another Zombii, or how about a new Red Steele game as 2 was very solid and they could take it further with improved motion controls and HD visuals. Also if rabbids is a success have that guy do a TC srpg follow up to ghosts on 3DS. I would rather Ubi trash Steep and give us something AC.

Also I am soo damned tired of the 'power' conversation. Too many people do not know a damned thing about system designs and scalable engines and software development. For god sakes half the games people mention ran on ps360 which was significantly less powerful than Switch. Games like X-com, and Borderlands came to the Vita for gods sakes.

Re: Majora's Mask DLC Will Definitely be Useful in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


@rjejr .........Good points on the season pass/dlc. I am somewhat excited for the travel medallion, that lets you set a warp point for fast travel. The GPS history is pretty cool as well but both that and the travel medallion could have just been free with updates. As for Amiibo's it is pay to play any way you slice it, but hey unlike a typical micro-transaction you do get a collectable figure so that's something. The Wolf amiibbo is one of the 3 must haves IMO. Be warned though the wolf only has 3 hearts by default. You have to play the Zelda_TWP WiiU game to advance him up to 20 hearts for Z_Bow. Its a very cool sidekick though as he hunts a lot for you, fights OK (he is a good distraction against a Lynel), and helps locate shrines. The other two must haves are the Smash Link which gives you Epona (easily the best hoarse in the game) and the Smash Zelda which gives (after a lot of scans) the awesome twilight bow. Which shoots its own arrows of light (infinite supply) and it shoots them straight a nearly infinite distance. It is by far the best bow to use when harvesting dragon parts, that's all I use it for. I actually have many of the Zelda Amiibo's but if you can't find them or want to cheap out the Amiibo cards on Ebay are good and their are actually some cards for unreleased figures. I got 17 cards from Asia for like $15 (took 3 weeks to get them) and I surprised that they cards were really nice quality (almost like credit cards) and nice art (totally a copy infringement) and they are actually easier to scan than the damned figures, plus the wolf came set with 20 hearts.

Re: Majora's Mask DLC Will Definitely be Useful in The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild


@NickOfTime90......Just wanted to put this out there. I have downloaded and played with most of the iPad Z_BOW apps and the best one I have found is called Breath Companion. It runs on both iphone and ipads. The base version is free but costs $1 to remove adds and $3 more to fully unlock. It allows you to download the world map so you do not have to be online to use it. Its just really nice, excellent map, full recipe book, has the full compendium, has all the Amiibo functionality, all the armor sets and what it takes to upgrade (saves useless trips to the fairies), as well as weapons data, and has an excellent completion list set that allows you to mark things on the map or on on checklists. Its just really solid and well worth $4. It also uses cloud sync for its data so if you want to use it on multiple devices you can sync your map/completion data across devices. I was over 90 shrines on my own but am using this to help with the last 1/4 of them.

Re: ARMS and Nintendo Switch Keep a Grip on the Japanese Charts


@SLIGEACH_EIRE You do understand that this is now the end of June. Summer has always been the weakest season for system and game sales. ALWAYS. So while the numbers may seem weak to you, they are probably not out of line with the norm. Granted Switch is hot as hell worldwide and I suspect if they had better supply levels it would be selling more units. They hedged their bets out of the gate because of WiiU failure (and even 3DS had a slow start) but They likely would have sold twice as many Switch by now if they just had anticipated higher initial production runs.

Re: Codemasters Hasn't Completely Ruled Out Bringing Micro Machines To Nintendo Switch


We all know the conundrum with Nintendo systems and third parties. It is multi-layered problem that is partially on Nintendo, but partially on the fans/owners of their systems.

Here is where I think devs are mis-calculating. First is Switch is selling like fricking mad and with the lineup N is bringing on there own the Switch sales are not going to slow down any time soon . So this aint no WiiU and is expected to surpass WiiU lifetime sales in one year. I expect no slow down next year with the mega titles they have announced. So wait and see is just stupid at this point because by time they wait and see Switch will have 30mil install base and then they have wasted earning opportunities.

But here is the even bigger misstep. Switch is selling to a different crowd than WiiU or even past Nintendo systems. Switch appears to be selling to lapsed gamers. Those that have been sitting out recently because no system appeals to them or gives them the flexibility to play with the dense lives. Switch addresses that. Also many PC and other console players see Switch as an option not just to play Nintendo games, but as an alternate formfactor device to play all types of games.

So look if these trends are true and continue then by next year's E3 we are going to see an entirely different attitude. I understand the big houses being reluctant because of the cost of their developments and the sales thresholds that must be reached to make it worth their while, but smaller developments like Micro machines should be no brainers.

Even though the base will get bigger making success by publishers more likely, they are still missing out on this great window of when a machine is just selling out all over the world and people are hungry for content. Anything well made is going to sell right now on Switch because damn it we WANT GAMES. Look at minecraft, top selling game, and M$ is giving it full support with their new online expansion. Tell me they aren't making money on it big time when it has been at the top of eShop sales since the day it released.

Re: First Impressions: A New Style of Tactical Gaming in Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle


Everyone hates Rabbids but isn't the idea behind a Rabbid or a minion. That they are just deplorable (sorry Hillary) cheeky little bastards? So killing them should be good fun right?

I had my worries but after seeing the care put in by Ubi, the fact that the art style and animation looks as good or better than something N did and then seeing the play.....I am sold. Love it, already pre ordered.

And hey everyone is saying it borrows a lot from X-Com but the toss/throw mechanic is borrowed from Disgaea

Re: Michel Ancel Reiterates That No Platforms Are Confirmed for Beyond Good & Evil 2


Lord lf the third party dooms day crowd need to chill out. Switch is a brand new system. Many of the third party games shown are 3/4 done for existing sysyems

We all know the issues with N and third party but if Switch keeps selling strong then next year E3 will look at bit different. Publishers are shy bevause of WiiU wipeout.

The system is closer in power to current gen then last so plenty can be done with it. BGE2 could likely be trimmed to run but will they bother? Maybe if demand is high enough.

Really Ubi did more to support WiiU than anyone other than N, They signed on to the second screen concept and ZombiU, Rayman, and SplinterCell all did more to use gamepad then most things N did. I thought technically AC4 and WD showed they mastered the hardware. Ubi still has the best relationship with N of any of the western third party and mario+rabbids shows thats still allve.

Sowe may get it but if not we will likely get some other unique IPs from Ubi which is good too.

Re: Metroid Prime 4 Confirmed For Nintendo Switch, But Retro Studios Isn't Involved


This series just has such love among old school N fans. I think because this and Pokemon are so far off all they wanted to do was a soft reveal just to let us know its happening. What is funny is how this and the 2D Metroid totally stole the show. I mean they showed about 30min of MarioO in treahouse and it looks unreal, is coming this fall and most years this would be a show stopper. I am stoked as I will be going all in on Mario+Rabbids and then MarioO and then Xeno2......its going to be a great second half to 2017.

Re: Microïds Confirms Six Games for the Nintendo Switch


@mjharper Sadly I bought the Flashback remaster on PS3 a few years ago and it was pretty shabby. The best thing is the original 16bit game was available to play as an option. I also loved the original and played in on the Amiga (talk about the way back machine). If I remember the grafx in the update were eh, ok, but the controls were sloppy which is just not a good thing for a 2D platform game.

Re: Poll: What Did You Think of the Pokémon Direct and Its Big Reveals?


It was OK....I think Pokken on Switch is a great idea. I am interested to see how it will play with the single joycons. I agree with others that Pokemon on Switch doesn't quite make sense yet. Think about it most Pokemon games sell 10+ million per generation. I think it is likely Nintendo's biggest cash cow. So a better bet for a Sun/Moon port or a new game would be sometime in 2018. They are likely going to want to see the installed base be close to 20mil before releasing a Pokemon game on Switch. Sure it will push units, but really Switch is like Wii in that it doesn't need system sellers apparently to sell systems. They will have plenty of content by xmas to keep people buying so Pokemon @ xmas 2018 is the card they should play to make sure they dominate xmas two years in a row.

Re: The Witcher 3 And Assassin's Creed Devs Heap Praise On Zelda: Breath Of The Wild


This just shows when Nintendo undertakes doing a genre they can do it better than anyone. I am like others here, and old gamer, been playing since the dawn of gaming. Z-BOW has just about spoiled me for anything else at the moment. Nothing seems as vibrant, as alive, and intriguing as Z-BOW. I purchased some PS4 backlog in April for my birthday and loaded up FFXV. Sure it looked pretty, but the frame rate, load time, and lack of immersion were really annoying me. I am not a tech snob in that I still play a lot of legacy and classic games but Z-BOW to me is a straight up masterpiece, best game yet made. Now just imagine an open world first person Metroid prime game. Please N, Please.

Re: Review: ARMS (Switch)


@RedMageLanakyn Not wanting to get into a power of the system talk here but to me (and I played it all the way thru as well as the 1-3 remakes that came out shortly before) Uncharted 4 did not really look that great.....marginally better than 1-3 on PS3 (which really says more about the potency and job they did on that old dog). I think the point was a game that looks like ARMS (cartoon) and runs @1080p could likely be done no better on PS4 and I agree with that. The character models and textures in ARMS are truly top notch and no way those models and resolution/frame rate could be done on last gen. Personally I think the game that gets totally overlooked on PS4 in Metal Gear Solid 5. That is the first game I played on PS4 that blew me away grafx and everything. Still play it. I think its one of the best looking games yet made, incredible scenery, cut scenes, character models, vehicle models....but yeah we all know PS4pro is king of consoles at the moment and I surely don't expect a 6 inch hybrid that runs on 20watts of power to output what a full console that runs on 200watts of power can do, but when you look at that equation the Switch is really an impressive feat of engineering.

Re: Video: Nintendo Makes Pitch for the 'Switch Summer' of Major Releases


Ok just so everyone can get educated......seasons on the planet earth are determined by solar cycles.....we have the summer and winter solstices which are the longest and shortest days of the year and then we have the spring and fall equinox which are the the two days with equal length of day/night. Same everywhere in the northern hemisphere and just reversed in the southern. So yes technically Pokken DX comes out the first day of fall but here is the somewhat exciting thing....Nintendo appears to be setting and meeting an aggressive roll out schedule. This makes me think they have learned a bit from past issues with WiiU. I mean we already have Zelda, MK8D, and then quickly comes a new (and awesome) fighter with ARMS, a sequel to a very popular newer IP Splatoon, a spin off of maybe the most popular portable series Poke and then a 3D Mario and a major JRPG with Xeno2. That is how you do first party support. Someone care to remember what PS4 and XB1 got in major first party releases in year one? Nothing even close to this lineup. Also the big summer release I really want is what others mentioned and that is the new SteamWorld Dig2 game. Loved Dig1 but it was too short, really loved Heist and put a lot of hours in and then the DLC, so Dig2 with its expanded size and more metriodvania style is something I am really looking forward to.

Re: FIFA 18 is Back to Being 'EA Sports FIFA' for Nintendo Switch


Come on is way to early to say this will be the only EA game on Switch. That was true on WiiU because EA put out 4 launch titles that sold poorly. I actually thought NFSMW was awesome, ME3 was solid (I liked the intro cartoon), and the sports games were OK. But still they sold like crap and then the WiiU was just about left for dead as it was obvious it was not going to be a market hit. Every indication is Switch is going to be successful and could have first year sales that surpass WiiU's lifetime sales. EA is above all else a publisher and I hate to say it this way but they are sort of the whores of the game software world. So if Switch does super well, they are going to have a hard time not publishing on it, especially if Nintendo improves their online offering as expected when they start charging.

Also......I am neither a FIFA or soccer fan so I really could care less, but whats all the fuss about whether this game is based on current gen engine/assets or last gen? It doesn't look like the graphics, physics, gameplay has changed that much in a long time. If the game has essentially the same features and looks and plays smoothly what diff does it make? Maybe a FIFA pro could tell me what the big evolution was with FIFA on current gen?

Re: Poll: How Do You Play the Nintendo Switch - As A Portable, Home Console or Hybrid?


So far I have played it about 80/20 docked on my 47' 1080p TV. I think it was important that right out of the gate Nintendo proved Switch can provide a solid home and away experience. Zelda looks and lay still great on big screen with pro controller.

I think where N is connecting is with the fact that ppl have 'mobile' lifestyles now and the ability to Switch formats is disired by gamers. The system makes it easier to make time to game and share games.


Ohh those Vita comments so out of line. Vita a 540p system And I have several PSTV. They looked ok on small screen Tvs but no where near Switch power or I am sure you know 😂

Re: Reggie Explains the Reasoning Behind the New 2DS XL



You know I have been a gamer on both handheld and consoles since the dawn of gaming. I have always wanted what Switch offers which is the ability to continue a game home/away

Ok so I have Switch and love the concept but it really isn't IMO (and Nintendo's its creator) a handheld system. It is a portable console. I saw someones analogy I liked that Switch is like the laptop of gaming systems.

If you listen to Nintendo in recent years I think Switch is more a platform than a system. I think eventually we will get a Switch handheld and other form factors as well allowing Nintendo one unified platform across multiple form factors to push their awesome software on.

Re: Reggie Explains the Reasoning Behind the New 2DS XL


I think this is a great idea and bet by xmas its $129 with digital game bundle. I may get one because I have a launch 3DS and then XL but never went for N3DS. Like others in the USA am honked regular N3DS never came here.

Nintendo is actually in a great market position. Switch is a hit and the hybrid concept has legs, unlike WiiU and like Wii people 'get it' and want one. But the under $200 and under $100 market is Nintendo's alone. Cheap tablets and phones are not game machines. The 3DS library is super and honestly I am not sure why N should kill the line. Sony pushed both cheap ps2/ps1 itterations close to 10yrs after launch. How long till N2DSXL is $99.

Last point. 3DS/2DS is handheld gaming and that is a different concept than Switch I think N should ride 3DS/2DS as long as they can keep making it cheaper and I would like to see smaller models. Again what elae exists in its market space? When Switch gets established and cheaper then push it into different formfactors like a Lite (true handheld) and a micro console. The future looks good, now bring is a new 2D metoid on 3DS and prime on Switch and I would be ecstatic.

Re: Nintendo Highlights Recent 3DS Success and Talks of 'Flexible' Hardware Lifecycles


Others said this but 2DSXL is like gba micro and dsixl.....just a late run. Ppl should not be too upset or worried about development in that Nintend isnt putting thayt much in as withthe crazy big library already driving sales.

Purely 2DS was a kids system and xl is a final hurrah. They need a cheaper option for 'entry' level gamers. The clamshell design really is superior for portables so why not a 2DS in tha format. I am quite sure the 3DS will not have an evolved sucessor. Much more likely we get a SwitchGo next. Switch is a more powerful portable so what would a 4ds do better than Switch? Ultimately I like Nintendo at 2 price points because Switch is a bit much for kids to handle on their own.

Re: Nintendo is Still Targeting Switch Sales to Match the Wii


I really hope, and believe that Nintendo is considering Switch a platform and not just a single system. Meaning we should see a SwitchGO portable with integrated controls and no dock/clock up support. Then why not a Switch Home micro console which would be so cheap to make and sell, then when X2 get cheap a Switch Pro and Switch VR system. All of these iterations could play the same games/carts.

With this model I could see Nintendo cresting 100mil units across the multiple form factors. I personally believe this is the way to go. Any way you slice it if Switch does even 3DS (70+ Mil) numbers then it is going to be a big success.

Re: Nintendo Switch Smashes Target With 2.74 Million Hardware Sales in March



Ahh Jaxon you know how Nintendo haters are........its interesting because other 'systems' dedicated gaming sites really don't get a 1/10 of the forum action that Nintendo specific sites do. And on these sites we always have these 'trolls' that act like they are some kissed off, disappointed Nintendo fans who have all the reason in the world to female dog and moan. Hermione and Gatorboi are two of the big one I see all over always RAWR!!!. What a bunch of losers is all I can say and that if you don't like a system or game then no one is holding a gun to your head and making you buy it.

By all accounts the first year lineup is strong and first year lineups always include a lot of ports or directors cuts of top selling last gen games. MK8 is one of the best racers made and add the battle mode, all DLC, new karts and tracks and why shouldn't it get re-released to a much larger audience. Plus its a perfect game for tabletop (two joycon) play with friends away from home.

I purchased Zelda, Setsuna, FastRMX, and Snipperclips at launch. Played almost nothing but Zelda since March3. I just bought Wonderboy (awesome remake), Puyo (always loved puyo so nice it gets a tetris twist) and MK8D is in tomorrow. There have been other solid releases is well for those with differing tastes.

Overall I think this year will be awesome. I am super jazzed for the next Steamworld game as I loved the first two. I am not much of a Splatoon fan but if we get both a 3D Mario and Xeno2 this year then I will be plenty busy with Switch. I fully expect 3rd parties to come along to the level and style the have on Nintendo's past 'successful' systems. We are going to get plenty of Japanese support and soon Switch will be the haven for localized JRPGs and other hit portable series. I don't really want every AAA multiplatform game. I would prefer if devs/publishers choose creative originals and selective ports (like DuesEX on WiiU) and directors cuts. I never really put the time in on Skyrim so a game like that definitely interests me. If Ubi announces BGE2 for Switch @ E3 I will be ecstatic!

Re: Stardock CEO Says Nintendo Switch Doesn't Need Third Party Support To Succeed


Wow.....Ii knew this OP would draw some comments. So I have to add a few myself.

1. You know there have been some good 3rd party games on Nintendo systems so it is unfair to act like they are always trash. Ubi has a number of good efforts like BGE on GC, RedStl2 on Wii and then Raman, Zombi, and even Ac4 and SplinterBL were good ports with good gamepad support for WiiU. WiiU had other very good ports like NFSMw and DeusEX.

2. Why does everyone act like Jap 3rd party doesnt matter or exist for Nintendo? They have aleays gotten goos support from the homeland. Capcom, Sega, Namco, Square, Hudson, Level5 and now Platinum are all in the fold on Switch and will likely bring popular ports and remakes as well as a new IPs and series entries.

3. Indies are all over Switch and N has a number of top notch ones in the stable. Fast Racing and SteamWrldHst to me were AAA games @ $20 and another $10 for excellent dlc. This is already underway on Switch with excellent RMX at launch and SteamDig2 on yhe way.

Look 3rd party will essentially come if Switch sells robustly from now until whenever. Thats what Wii, 3Ds, DS, GB have all done. 3rd parties are dumb to avoid large markets if there is a chance a game will sell decently against the base.

Do I think N needs not really. Nintendo consistently makes great games that are worth owning a system to play. Eerything else is gravy. As 3DS fades and N consolodates around one system their flow of games will be great and if Switch sells Wii like then they will throw more money at projects.

What I think is most important abut Switch is that I think N views it as a platform not a system. Next year I think we could see a $200 SwitchGo with integrated controlls and no dock support, then Switch home micro console for $149. All playing the same games and offering a very wide audience for N's games. I hope they are thinking in those terms but statements in recent years indicate they want a consildated scaling platform. If it sells even 3DS levels (10mil year) we are gonna see plenty of content.

Re: A New Patch Is Available for Breath of the Wild on Switch


Ok so I have actually played Zelda on both Switch and WiiU. More on Switch but I wanted to see the tech difference and get WiiUs last and greatest AAA game. The game is so varied playing two runs at once is actually fun.

The game is amazing on both systems but Switch has a clear edge in fidelity and performance. I am just amazed N made this and Xeno run so well on WiiU.

Why is it that framerate issues are so heavily whined about on Nintendo sites? Amost all large scale open world games have framerate issues on consoles. Sometimes they get meaninful patches but sometimes not. Zelda on either system is not as bad as many 3rd party AAA games are (looking at you Ubi) at launch. Load times are also good. I am playing cart on Switch and digital on a fast usb stick on WiiU. WiiU holds up suprisingly well but I wonder how disc does?

All I can sa is this is one of the best games ever made on either system and if you have a WiiU gathering dust then get this game and get one more play from the old system.

Re: Video: Digital Foundry Highlights the Nintendo Switch Boost in FAST RMX



I think you under estimate the benefits to some users of Switch it's form factor versatility. Also its power use docked (less than 20w) is very low and portable is (less than 10w) even lower, especially for the visuals it can deliver.

Have you even played Z-Bot yet? It is to me one of the best games ever (wiiu as well). Visually it is impressive as anything on ps4, and yes I have ps4. But thru unique art direction N has created a visual and gameplay masterpiece.

Also Z-Bot shows that Switch can offer a compelling home/away game that looks and plays great in both formats. Other launch titles also do that well. Fast RmX impressive docked or portable. Setsuna same.

I think Switch is going to do well with the on the go crowd. I already have played zelda docked for dozens of hours on 47' hdtv, then played a lot of Setsuna handheld and Fast RMx and snipclips tabletop co-op while sharing joycons. It really is a versatile system and this is just the beginning.

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In the USA you can't even do the link to your NNID or whatever on the Switch. I had to go to the my Nintendo account page and there I was able to link my accounts and all my funds came over. It was easy so if you are having problems try doing it thru the website.

No problems with Wifi here and finally a N product that support 5GHZ connection so I can finally get really good speed.

Really enjoying the Switch. Had some joycon sync issue but honestly it was when sitting 15ft from the console. Joycons working fine in the grip at that range. Did the desync, power down, sync and now had no problems. I just want to say the pro controller is awesome. IMO it is one of the best controllers ever made. The weight is perfect, the stick and button placement. The shoulders, while not analogue (really N why?) feel really good. The D-pad is not at all stiff, actually feels well worn. All in all its a great controller. Played FAST RMX with a pal in table top mode yesterday and the individuals joy-cons work pretty well for two player games. Not realistic for long sessions but for quick play of a racing game they are great.

Zelda is a masterpiece. I have it on WiiU as well and while it is an amazing feat that the got it running nicely on WiiU it is much better on Switch. The resolution jump helps, and FR is more consistent, but there are other subtle differences that make it superior, including enhanced sound, better lighting, and even more particle effects and such. Switch is the superior version, but its an awesome game and if you have WiiU then play it there for heaven sakes.

Honestly the launch is like most others, not perfect but solid enough. I don't care about the meek lineup as honestly ZeldaBOTW is one of the best games ever made and its a launch title. Fast is also a great launch title, nice eye candy to show off the system and fun as a share you joy-con co play. Its $20 and if it was a launch title on $ony is would have been wipeout and cost $ if you like arcade racers at buy the game and enjoy until MK8D arrives (which NOA is now showing @ TBD).

Re: Nintendo Provides Official Advice for Switch Joy-Con Connection Issues



About the same here. I have a big media room and the sofa is about 16ft from the dock. When in the grip no problems at all but when detatched I had issues that were mostly just body obstruction.

This really does not suprise me as even with an extra range sensor bar WiiMote never worked past about 12ft. Ppl making a big deal are silly. They work great on grip at distance, they work great attatched, they work great at close range which is all you need in tabletop (like you could see it from more than a few feet away) and for motion control on your tv just move closer or move the dock closer to you.

BTW the pro controller is incredible and well worth the price. Ppl who never touched it were saying its build quality was below ps4/xb1 and that is total rubish. On day one it is my favorite controller yet made. Build is solid and weight is perferct. They were saying the ones at events had a stiff d-pad but not the one I got at launch d-pad feels like a worn NES pad its the opposite of stiff so maybe that was a late change. Sticks, buttons and triggers and top notch as well and my only issue is the ongoing,since Wavebird ,which is 'why won't N add damned analogue triggers'.

I love this system and hope we do get wiiu pro controller an wiimote as well, hell if they bring GC Vc then support the GC USB adapter as well. It may take time but knowing N we will likely get it at some point.

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I am gonna try this as USA user to get on EU eShop. Didn't you guys get NeoGeo at launch? We didn't get poop but retail and a few others. Truly its embarrassing that NOA is the lamest of all N arms. I know it will grow and improve and was just happy to have Fast RMX and Snipclips to buy at at launch alongside Zelda on cart but once again N in USA comes up short with no demos or VC. I hope we do get some demos as I would love to try a 'new' game like Arms before buying it.

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I too got both versions and agree with your assesment. Its is an unreal swansong for WiiU but even better on Switch. Its just an awesome game and even looks plays well on gamepad @480p.

Think about this though. Devs on ps and xb have been making and refining their engines for more than a decade. This is N's first ever dev of this type and this engine is incredible (esp. when conidering both these systems have modest cpus). It renders so impressively near and far and has so much going on. On Switch docked the lighting as it relates to color is the best I think I have ever seen. Have you noticed that when the weather changes it effects the 'color' of the entire landscape which is uber-realistic. First open world eninge, took them 4 yrs but look at reult. This game has evolved and matured N and shows they can create AAA games with the scope of any major western dev. Please N bring us an OW Metroid game and I would love to see an OW Starfox that merges GC SFA elements with OW land/air vehicle combat like WiiU version.

I have played about 9hrs on Switch docked and 3 on WiiU on gamepad. I may actually play it on both as it can create such different experiences on different play thrus. Easily the best Zelda and maybe best game yet made, but I gotta go finish it before I claim that.

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@rjejr Yeah fully agree. Too high a cost of entry and $ony now washing out of handheld isn't give others much hope to get on it. I am not sure the market is growing as they sold 150mil DS and 80mil PSP but only will get aout held thay on 3DS and Vita tanked at 13mil or so. I think N is hoping to merge their own base and then could get Switch to that 80mil type number. Sony fans didn't care enough to buy Vita even though it had good convergence features with ps3/ps4 including cross play/buy and MS fans have shown Zero interest in portable. The hybrid and portable market are N's alone to dominate now and thats why I think Switch is going to sell well.

Re: VOEZ Is The First Nintendo Switch Game You Can Only Play In Portable Mode


Look build it and they will come. The Switch can accomodate many play styles and I hope we see it all be taken advantage of, unlike the WiiU.

Why are so many people dogging this? I would like the ability to play 'good' tablet games on Switch. I love card rpg, and there have been some good interactive novel games on Vita I would love to see as well.

N has actually said a game can be defined as 'docked' only. This is also a good things as it may attract some 3rd party that just won't run at 40% gpu speed.

One concept I have seen few talk about would be games that support dual play modes or styles for home and away. Some would say NOOO.....but as someone who has always gamed alot on both home/away platforms this appeals to me. I point to Mario golf and pokemon on N64-GBC. It was pretty slick using the N64 transfer pack. I would love to see something like this as I don't fully believe all home play styles fit on the go and even more believe most on the go styles don't translate well to couch play. But a game that has both then gives me what those old N64/GBC examples did which is each format pushes you to want to get back to the other to advance your characters.

As I opened with Switch can offer it all so be happy. If there are some touch only, some docked only snd most support both then good us for owning such a swiss knife system. I want it all!