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Sat 17th Jan 2009

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Quarob commented on Over The Top Games Interview - Icarian: Kindre...:

Hello guys! I'm Rob, the guy that is interviewed here. Thanks for the neat comments. Our team is working very hard to make this game enjoyable and a fun experience for all of you/us.

About game length...let me talk a bit more about that.

It's not easy to give you a rough estimate of the amount of hours that will take you to finish the game. The start of the game is of normal difficulty but as you advance, the difficulty increases...It will not be a piece of cake

We are currently doing some beta-testing, and the duration of a level varies a lot depending of the player. New players usually take about 15 minutes to complete a level...I've played the first level so many times that I'm able to finish them in 3 minutes or less.

Another thing, the game has some "replay value". This is the type of game that you will enjoy playing a second time finding all the secrets hidden in a level.

Thanks again!